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Reborn-Super Chef – 052 – Master, Please Accept This One as Your Disciple

Chapter 52 – Master, Please Accept This One as Your Disciple

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That morning, when Ye Chui came up to the second floor of their rented building he was struck dumb by what he had seen. What had been a bare and simple apartment was transformed. There were new furnitures in the rooms, scenic oil paintings on the wall, and there was even a fluffy sheepskin carpet on the floor. There was also a television set, a refrigerator, and all kinds of home appliances that hadn’t been there before.

He by passed the well equipped living room and into the bedrooms. There was a large new bed, wardrobe, dressing table and the scent of expensive new wooden furniture permeated the air. Ye Chui scratched his head, if he hadn’t passed by his own dining room just now, he would have suspected that he had walked into someone else’s house.

Just what is this Han Yuyan woman planning now?

“Master, you’re here!” Han Yuyan’s excited voice came from behind, and Ye Chui turned to see the elder sister bouncing up the stairs in a white jogging suit.Coupled with the shine of perspiration on her forehead, it was clear that she had just just came back from a vigorous jog. At the sight of Ye Chui, she grinned, “I’m pretty good at decorating, right? I worked all night on it and hadn’t slept a wink.”

Ye Chui, “… …”

“Aiya, Master. There’s no need for you to be so speechless with happiness, I am your disciple after all, it is my job to renovate your rooms properly.” Han Yuyan was grinning as she waved at the two rooms like a magician. “I’ve put two beds in the biggest room, that’s for An Jing and Little Rain, the other room will be mine.”

“Hold it!” Ye Chui interjected, “where am I supposed to sleep?”

“Here, ah!” Han Yuyan waved at the sofa. “I got this sofa bed just for you. It’s super comfortable!”

Ye Chui, “… …”

He had spent majority of his life in this other world sleeping on sofas. It was with much difficulty that he managed to move into a bigger house in order to have his own room, only to have this shameless self declared disciple kick him out of his own room to make him sleep on the sofa?

Where’s the justice in this?!

Ye Chui shook his head, and said solemnly, “No, I never said anything about taking you in as a disciple. I’ll pay you the renovation fee, but please leave now!”

Han Yuyan blinked, “Master, please accept this one as your disciple. Otherwise, I will not be able to rest easy, and neither will you!”

… miss, where is your sense of shame, ah!

“Is that a threat?” Ye Chui rolled his eyes, there’s something wrong with this woman’s head. “Go away, before I kick you out myself.”

“No need to get so excited, master. I’ve just gone for a half an hour run and am all sweaty now. Let’s talk after my shower, alright?” Han Yuyan steam rolled over his arguments, skipping nimbly passed him as she unzipped her shirt with an audibly suggestive sound, she made her way into the smaller bedroom, smoothly pulling her clothes as she went. She even have the cheek to smile seductively over one bare shoulder just before closing the bathroom door.

Ye Chui, “… …”

Was she trying to use a honey trap strategy on him? You think I’ve lived over 30 years of age for nothing? You think it’s so easy to trick me? Wu… but, though Ye Chui’s mind remained clear, his youthful body was still a hormonal mess, damn this spring of youth business!

He shook his head violently, whatever, he didn’t care anymore. That Han Yuyan must have been too bored and was just out to mess with him. She’ll probably stop once she got tired of this game, or when the old man decides to go back to Beijing.

He still had lots of other more important things to think about, the class trip for one. He will give that brat Zhao Hongyu a warning, and of course, he plans to use this opportunity to get closer to Lin Wei too[1].

… please read this at …

Within a villa just at the outskirts of Xizhou city was the home of one Lin Wei. This morning, she got up very early and began to prepare for the impromptu spring trip. She was really looking forward to the unexpected holiday, especially since Ye Chui had promised a gourmet feast… after a simple breakfast, she went back to her room and scooped up the little backpack she had prepared. She was just passing the living room when a sight stopped her in her tracks.

That morning, she had some milk and reheated chicken nuggets for breakfast. Though the refrigerated chicken nuggets weren’t as tasty as last night, it was still quite delicious. She happily ate most of them, leaving only two pieces on the plate in the living room. She was about to leave the house when she saw her mother, Wu Haimei, with one of the chicken nuggets in her hand.

Because of her severe anorexia, it had been a long time since Wu Haimei had any appetite for any kind of food. In the morning, the most she would have was a few spoonfuls of congee. She had very little appetite for other see her mother show interest in the chicken nugget made Lin Wei flush with excitement.

Sadly, Wu Heimei merely look at the nugget for a while, before replacing it on the table.

“Mother, that Little Chui Chicken Nugget is really tasty you know, why don’t you have a nibble?” Lin Wei hurried over to say.

“Little Chui Chicken Nuggets? It smelled really good, but it looked too oily for me. I don’t feel like eating it.” Wu Haimei shook her head, then she smiled at Lin Wei. “You say your friend made it?”

“Oh, yes.” Lin Wei was a little disappointed that her mother did not even try any.

“Do be careful when you go out today.” Wu Haimei smiled at Lin Wei. She then made her way to the kitchen and bade one of the servants to serve her some of the watery congee. It was made from water and a little rice, and nothing else and therefore very bland — As an anorexic sufferer, she could only stand to eat this kind of bland and tasteless food.

Suddenly, her brows wrinkled, as though struck by some thought. After some hesitation she turned to Lin Wei and said, “Wei wei, when you have time, do invite your friend over. I want to try his cooking.”

Lin Wei immediately lit up, and nodded emphatically, “En, en, mother, Ye Chui won’t let you down!!”

When she arrived at An Jing’s school and come face to face with Ye Chui, Lin Wei was clearly very excited and happy. This made Ye Chui curious, but when asked what made her so pleased this morning, she demurred and said only, “Hehe, that depends on your performance today. You must serve me something wonderful before I can tell you anything.”

“Why the mystery?” Ye Chui was even more curious now. After some time, he dismissed the thought. After all, this little gluttony kitten came with him for the sake of delicious food, ah…

Two large buses parked just outside the school gate. Students going on the trip milled about in loose groups, there were about 50 to 60 students. Ye Chui and Lin Wei were  in their teens and did not stand out with this crowd. On the other hand, Wang Shiyu stood out from the crowed as she skipped about with glee in her red dress and cartoon patterned book bag.

When everyone arrived, they climbed into the bus and set out for Ma Lan Hills.


=== Meanwhile, in Ye Chui’s house ===

Han Yuyan walked out of the bathroom in a luxurious stretch and called for her Master, but there was no reply. She was disappointed. Just where did her cheap master go anyway? Han Yuyan rubbed her tummy as she made her way downstairs, looking for something to eat.

Luckily, she found the chicken nuggets that Ye Chui made yesterday tucked away in a plastic container in the brand new refrigerator. It was stone cold of course, but somehow still looked good to eat, so she tipped them out onto a plate and sat down to enjoy her breakfast.

She had just opened her mouth to take a delicate bite out of her first chicken nugget when a whole hoard of men barged into the diner. They were fierce and rough looking men, some were even armed with baseball bats — they were clearly not here to eat, but to smash up the shop.

The leader of this group was none other than Tiger Li, the men who tried create trouble at Ye Chui’s mutton skewers stall. They had received instructions from Cao Kang to create trouble in this restaurant. Tiger Li stalked towards Han Yuyan and with one sweep of his hands sent this elder sister’s breakfast to the floor.

Then he yelled at his cronies, “Smash this place!”

“… …” Han Yuyan stared at the chicken nuggets on the floor. Only the piece in her hand was spared. This elder sister’s brain finally rebooted: You dare mess with this elder’s breakfast…


Next issue: Han Yuyan vs Tiger Li and a group of men armed with bats. + what happens on the school trip date.

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