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Reborn-Super Chef – 056 – Little Sisters Fell Easily into Enemy’s Hands

Reborn – Super Chef – Chapter 56 – Little Sisters Fell Easily into Enemy’s Hands


“Isn’t this a little too soon?” Ye Chui asked Lin Wei with some amazement. While he had met with Lin Zhengdao before, it was under unique circumstances. Right now, Lin Wei had personally invited him to meet with her mother. The significance between this meeting and the previous on was definitely different. For any Chinese person, meeting with a potential mother-in-law for the first time was naturally nerve wrecking.

“What’s wrong with being soon?”Lin Wei asked curiously. When she finally caught on to what Ye Chui was thinking, her cheeks turned red. She faked a glare at Ye Chui and said, “Where have your thoughts gone to? I just want you to have a look at my mother’s illness,”

“Your mother’s illness?” Ye Chui really didn’t understand this part, “I’m just a chef, what would I know about illness, unless she’s anorexic?”

Ye Chui had just mentioned anorexia off-handedly, who knew Lin Wei would actually nodded and said, “Yes, it’s because of mother’s anorexia that my father brought her back to Xi Zhou. This morning she showed some interest in the chicken nuggets you made, so I thought it would be good for her to see you.”

“… …” He really did not think his guesses would be so accurate. Ye Chui sweated a bit before saying to Lin Wei. “So it’s like that. Then, how about I come over to see her tomorrow? I’ll have some free time then.”

Ye Chui had signed up for the Chef’s Qualification Certification exams which would take place the day after tomorrow. So he would have some free time tomorrow.

When Lin Wei heard this, she nodded continuously, an expectant shine sparkled in her eyes as they stared at Ye Chui. “Mother’s appetite has been getting poorer these days, everything she ate tasted bland. Since Ye Chui’s cooking is so delicious, I’m sure you can entice mother into eating and getting her back into a healthier weight again!”

“Thank you for your confidence, I won’t let you down.” Ye Chui said with a smile. Anorexia is classified as a mental disease, however, once it reaches a certain stage its effects could be seen on the way the body resist food. Those suffering from an advanced stage of the disease would sometimes get through the day with only a small piece of bread. Naturally, before the absolute deliciousness that is gourmet food, anorexia is nothing [1]. Especially against dishes from the Manchu Han banquet, which is the best therapy for anorexic victims.

The picnic outing at Ma Lan Hills was filled with fun and happiness. In the end, it wasn’t until 2 o’clock rolled around that the festivities finally started to die down. Everyone had eaten their fill. Little Wang Shiyu had eaten to the point of bursting and was lying down with her head on Ye Chui’s stomach unwilling to move. Everyone around Ye Chui were all sprawled on the ground, idly chatting and staring at the sky.

“Elder bro, when is your restaurant opening? Once it’s open I will eat there everyday!” One of the little brats [2] declared when his digestive system finally allowed him to think properly. That ‘elder bro’ was also excessively familiar.

Others started to chime in their questions.

“That’s right, that’s right, after this we’ll go to your place to eat every day!”

“Me too, me too, from the fragrance of this grilled fish I knew that big bro’s restaurant would serve really delicious food.”

“This is definitely more delicious than the food from our canteen.”

Hearing everyone asking so earnestly, Ye Chui said with a smile. “Our restaurant will be in operation in 2 days time. I still haven’t gotten my Chef’s Certificate yet. The exam will be on the day after tomorrow, once I have my certificate, the restaurant will open.”

Actually, with Tian Xiaoduo as part of his staff, the restaurant could start operation any time. However, the extra 2 days did not really impact Ye Chui too much, after all, he had promise to visit his mother-in-law for the first time tomorrow.

Zhao Hongyu who had been sulking on the edge of the circle of people was just clearing up his belongings. This morning he had cheerfully convinced his dad to make a whole banquet, intending to use it to create a sensation among his classmates. Sadly, it had not been well received and a lot of the food had not even been touched…more importantly, Zhao Hongyu glared at the people surrounding Ye Chui with a resentful heart. He was supposed to be the core, the centre of his classmates’ attention, but now everyone surrounded Ye Chui instead.

“Isn’t it just a little family restaurant? How could it be compared to our family’s corporate canteen…” Zhao Hongyu muttered in a low voice. It was at this point that his ears picked up information about Ye Chui’s Chef Certification Exams. His heart suddenly thumped. “Chef’s Certification Exams? My dad has a good friend in the Fine Food Association who’s an officer in charge of the Chef’s Certification Exams… when I go back, I’ll ask dad to say something to his friend. Let’s see how you intend to open a restaurant without a Chef’s Certificate!”

When he thought about this, a thread of smile crept up Zhao Hongyu’s face…

By the time everyone made it to the bottom of the hill, it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. They dragged their exhausted body’s into the large tour buses and went back to the city.


Once back in Xi Zhou, the 32 students stepped out of the bus in front of their school, and saw a large burly man waiting there. It was Yu Yan, he was here to pick up Lin Wei. Lin Wei paused for a while to speak to Ye Chui about tomorrow’s visit, before happily bouncing off towards Yu Yan’s direction. Ye Chui led his two younger sisters home — and used the time to collect all the rest of their belongings from the old home to move them to the new place.

After all, it wasn’t like the 3 siblings had a lot in terms of possessions. So moving house was no big deal. For Wang Shiyu and An Jing, the excitement of moving to a new place was enough for them to ignore their tired bodies and cheerfully pack up their things. Once everything had been tidied up into a few bundles, they used Ye Chui’s little three wheeled cart to move their things to the new restaurant area.

It wasn’t until they were trundling along the way that Ye Chui suddenly thought of an important matter— “Don’t know whether that annoying Han Yuyan had left or not?”

When he reached the entrance of the restaurant, he face turned pale. “What happened here…did someone set fire to the restaurant?!”

The only thing he could see was the originally neat and tidy family restaurant blanketed by a cloud of smoke. Even the walls were covered with soot marks. It was at this moment when the shrieks of a female suddenly burst out from a nearby window. Clearly, it was Han Yuyan, and the smoke was from the window where the kitchen was situated.

Ye Chui frowned and stormed into the kitchen, and he saw what actually happened, he had to laugh. This elder sister was actually trying to cook a stir fry. However, it looked like she really had no talent in this field. There was a black thing in the middle of the wok, which was cheerfully puffing out more black smoke. Who knows what it had originally been. As for elder sister Han, she was wielding a spatula like it was a spade, trying with all her strength to scrape up whatever was in the wok and keeping her body aimed away from the wok at the same time. Clearly afraid of getting splashed by hot oil, her mouth issuing random screams now and then…

Seeing this show Ye Chui could not help his laughter, he coughed and reminded Han Yuyan of his presence. When Han Yuyan finally looked at him, he asked. “Why are you still here in my restaurant?”

Han Yuyan hastily turned off the kitchen stove, she wiped her face with her sleeves, leaving a large black mark on her forehead. She said with forced cheer, “I want you to make me your disciple, ah.”

Ye Chui pointed at the mysterious black thing within the wok. “You still have the face to say this to me?”

Han Yuyan, “… …”

This morning Ye Chui had taken advantage of the time when she was showering to leave, and did not come back for quite some time. Elder sister Han Yuyan had, with great difficulty, found some chicken nuggets in the kitchen. After she had fought with Tiger Li and his thugs, she became even hungrier. Seeing that there were no restaurants nearby and she could no longer suppress her hunger, had decided to cook something in the kitchen—the mysterious thing that she was trying so hard to scrape out was actually tofu. However, would anyone ever believe her?

At the restaurant’s dining hall.

Ye Chui, Han Yuyan, as well as An Jing and Wang Shiyu sat around a large table. This was the first time An Jing and Wang Shiyu saw Han Yuyan. The two of them stared curiously at this pretty sister whose beauty would not lose to elder sister Lin Wei’s. Naturally, Han Yuyan’s image was quite degraded at this point: hair all mussed up from the frantic ‘cooking’ experience. There were black streaks on the originally pale and delicate face. She cut quite a sorry figure as she stared at Ye Chui with a woebegone face.

“This elder sister, please don’t bother us any more, okay?” Ye Chui was sincerely begging the other to not bother him and his restaurant. Goodness knows what kind of unique smoke she had created, even the exhaust hood in the kitchen had broken down before the restaurant had even started operation.

“I don’t care, my resolve is clear, I’m staying.” Han Yuyan had already made up her mind. She crossed her arms in a ‘Do whatever you like, I will never leave’ kind of attitude.

Ye Chui was about to lose his temper.

However, this sister suddenly sent a cheerful grin towards An Jing and Wang Shiyu, “You two are Ye Chui’s little sisters, right? An Jing, I’ve especially bought some really beautiful clothes for you, oh. It’s all fashionable brands, designs that are all the rage in Yan Jing now. As for Little Rain, I’ve especially ordered a complete set of battery powered toys from Yan Jing, cars, dinosaurs, robots, and all kinds of other toys. They are all in your rooms now!”

When he heard Han Yuyan’s words, Ye Chui gave a cold smile. Think my sisters are so easily bought over? He was about to tell Han Yuyan to rethink her strategies again when he heard a loud [Ge Deng] sound. It was Wang Shiyu pushing her chair back in excitement, in a flash the little thing had ran upstairs…

An Jing had not move, but her little face showed an expression of suppressed excitement and joy.

Ye Chui, “… …”

Had his little sisters have been bought over?


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  • I can’t really condone this. Anorexia is a serious mental health disease, if you really manage to entice the victims to eat delicious food, there’s a possibility that the anorexia might morphed into bulimia from guilt eating. Anorexia is too complicated to be solved with just ‘delicious food’. However, this is fiction and Lin Wei’s mother had been a foodie once, so this therapy might actually work on her.
[2] Again, it was a tong xue = tong xie pun, but this time it was affectionate so ‘Little Brat’ instead of ‘Sticky Shoe’


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