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Reborn-Super Chef – 058 – Bring a Jar of Pickles to See Mother-in-Law

Chapter 58 – Home Made Pickles vs Special Sharks Fin


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The next day, when Han Yuyan’s preparation for her early morning jog woke Ye Chui up, there was a trace of red veins around the whites of his eyes. He had not slept well the night before.

“Good morning, master.” Clad in sports clothing with her hair up in a pony tail, Han Yuyan greeted Ye Chui while jogging in place. “Come and go for a run with me to train your body, ba.”

“No!” Ye Chui was in a bad temper as he harrumphed. His heart filled with resentment against Han Yuyan — who ask her come into his dreams and disturb his sleep last night?

Han Yuyan felt Ye Chui’s reaction was a little odd, but this elder sister did not think too much of it. She merely waved a hand a Ye Chui and jogged away.

Ye Chui rubbed his face tiredly, while it was only 6:30 in the morning, he could no longer go back to sleep. Thus, he got up and went to the bathroom to slap water onto his face, and got started on breakfast. Since he won’t be back until late afternoon, he prepared lunch as well for his two little sisters and that one elder sister. A little after 7am, An Jing and Wang Shiyu also got up, ready to begin their daily routine. Naturally, for Ye Chui, today was a little more meaningful: It was the day he will meet his future mother-in-law for the first time.

Yesterday when Lin Wei brought this matter up with Ye Chui, An Jing had also overheard it. This morning, as An Jing helped Ye Chui set the table, she asked curiously, “Elder brother, you’ll be going to elders sister Lin Wei’s house, ba. Shouldn’t you prepare some small gifts to bring over?”

This little sister was certainly thoughtful, Ye Chui nodded with a smile, “Naturally I’ve prepared the gift, I’ve given it a lot of thought, actually.”

“Master, what do you plan to give?” Han Yuyan who had just came back from her morning exercise was now seated at the table eagerly waiting for breakfast — Ye Chui frowned to himself, wondering if she could actually be an effective wait staff. This elder sister continued with a laugh, “Would you like me to provide some good gifts? I’ll definitely be able to guess what a rich madam like her would like.”

“There’s no need. I have the most suitable present.” Ye Chui said with a perfectly neutral expression.

“Elder bro, just what is it, ya?” this time, even Wang Shiyu was curious.

Ye Chui pointed at the little dish of pickled vegetables he had just placed on the table, “This thing.”

Little sisters and Han Yuyan, “… …”

Once the meal ended, they watched as Ye Chui unearthed an empty glass jar and began to earnestly clean it. Then, he went to the earthenware pot and began to fill the newly cleaned jar with pickles. Once it was full, he screw on the cover with a satisfied smile and placed the jar in a plastic bag. It was then, that Han Yuyan, Wang Shiyu and An Jing realised that he was not joking. He really was planning to bring a jar of pickles as a first meeting gift with his potential mother-in-law…

“Master, I suggest that when you have more time, please watch some popular family drama to learn about family ethics…” Han Yuyan said seriously to Ye Chui.

“Thank you for your advice, however, I have my plans.” Ye Chui felt himself sweating a little. So this world also has things like family drama shows. How curious. However, he’s really confident about his choice of gift.

Pickles may be considered an minor dish, however, in order to make really delicious pickles, high level skills are required. As a god level chef, Ye Chui’s pickling skills have reached its peak level. An Jing and Wang Shiyu were both used to its flavour and did not feel that there’s anything special to it. As for Han Yuyan, despite having a super gourmet grandfather like Old Man Han, did not actually possess a sophisticated palate. However, if Elder Han were to eat Ye Chui’s pickles he would probably lavish it with praises.

When he thought of this, Ye Chui turned to Han Yuyan and said, “Oh yes, when you visit Elder Han, please bring a jar of pickles to him.”

Han Yuyan, “… there’s no need, thanks.”

Hearing Han Yuyan said this, Ye Chui shook his head. This woman couldn’t recognise a good thing when it’s placed in front of her, what a pity. Once An Jing and Wang Shiyu left for school, Ye Chui went for a thorough shower and searched through his clothes for something suitable. He was actually a little nervous about this trip. Though he had lived for over 30 years in his past life, it would still be his first time meeting with a potential mother-in-law, how could he not be nervous?

When he was about to leave the house with his plastic bag of pickles, Ye Chui noticed that Han Yuyan was sitting around the restaurant with nothing to do. Thus, with a serious expression, he approached her, “Big Rain, today I have a mission for you.”

—-Since Wang Shiyu is Little Rain, naturally Han Yuyan will be Big Rain. Ye Chui was thinking that if another person appeared bearing the word ‘Rain’ or ‘Yu’ in their name, their nickname will be ‘Torrential Rain’…

“What mission, ah?” Han Yuyan’s eyes sparkled. She didn’t seemed to mind being called ‘Big Rain’. She thought that Ye Chui was about to impart some valuable basic skills training for her to become a chef, her face brightened considerably. Then, Ye Chui place a rag in Han Yuyan’s hand and pointed at the kitchen that she had covered with black soot and cooking oil from her little project yesterday. “Please clean up the restaurant properly, especially the kitchen. I don’t know what you did to the cooker hood, but I don’t wish to see a single trace of soot or oil when I come back!”

Han Yuyan, “… …”

Ignoring Han Yuyan’s stricken face, Ye Chui marched out of the door, hailed a taxi and made his way towards the outskirts of the city where the rich mansions and expensive houses were situated.

It was the first time Ye Chui came to this part of the town. The neighbourhood was uniquely graceful. Neat rows of villas lined a perfectly straight road. Further in the houses became more unique and spaced quite far apart, clearly showing a rich and imposing air. The taxi finally stopped in front of of a gate. Normal cars were not allowed in without registration, Ye Chui even have to call Lin Wei to confirm his identity before he was able to enter on foot.

Though Ye Chui felt all these little obstacles quite annoying, he could only hold his temper and endure it patiently. Presently, a car came up, and was waved through the gate without the guard asking for proof of identity or even stopping. The car and its occupants just went in directly.

This clearly caught Ye Chui’s attention, the guard who was standing next to him explained, “Because this is a rich people’s neighbourhood, cars that are clearly expensive like that one just now which cost no less than 800,000 would be let through. Surely people with bad intention will not be able to drive an expensive car like that, right? The likelihood of him belonging to this neighbourhood is high, therefore we don’t usually check them.”

“I see,” Ye Chui shrugged. A random thought popped into his mind from a movie he had seen in his past life. Does it takes a good person to drive a good car?

However, this was only a fleeting thought, that quickly fell out of Ye Chui’s mind. After getting past the gate, he made for Lin Wei’s house with his jar of pickles.

At the same time, that 800,000 car had just stopped in front of Lin Wei’s house. It was actually young master He Chengfei from Yan Jing. Young Master He had just arrived Xi Zhou the day before yesterday and had planned to look up Lin Wei on the same day. Unfortunately, he only met with Lin Wei at the gate as she was preparing to leave and could only send her off. Yesterday he was busy with some business and could not arrange his time to meet her so had to delay his visit till today. Who knew he would actually encounter Ye Chui today.

“Interesting.” He Chengfei had recognised Ye Chui just now but did not rush into Lin Wei’s house. He deliberately waited in the car for Ye Chui in order to enter the house with him — isn’t this way more meaningful? He had also seen the pitiful plastic bag in Ye Chui’s hand. Could that plastic bag contain a meeting gift? He-he, just what sad gift a poor wretch could come up with, He Chengfei glanced at a beautifully wrapped box on the passenger seat and laughed to himself.

“I’ve spent a lot of effort getting this special sharks fin that not everyone could afford to buy or have the connections to get their hands on..”


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