You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 524 – Leviathan vs Ancient Dragon

Tondemo Skill – 524 – Leviathan vs Ancient Dragon

Chapter 524 – Leviathan vs Ancient Dragon


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Gumihou: Gumi recommends you watch the VIDEO first before you read the chapter. Also, redid the scene for maximum DRAMA! 


“O-oi! I-is this really the end?!”

The wind accelerated into a roar.

Rain began to pound down on us. The waves were so high and fierce that they crashed over the [Mizumaru] at one point.

The only way to tell the difference between rainwater and seawater was the saltiness level of the water pounding atop the poor souls clinging to [Mizumaru’s] deck. While I and the [Ark] huddled upon the deck and trying not to be shaken off the boat, Fer and Grandpa Gon were perfectly calm. Dora-chan had taken shelter under Grandpa Gon’s wing and Sui… well, if the ‘weee~~~’ that echoed in my head was any indication, she was having a great time now.

““It’s coming over, we shall see it soon.””

““Umu, I can’t wait!””

“”H-hey! At this rate, we’re going to die before we meet the final boss!”” I shrieked through telepathy.

I can’t imagine what would happen to us once we fall off Sui!

“”Goodness, humans are really weak. Why don’t you just enjoy this atmosphere?”” Fer snorted.

I could feel the disdain radiating through the telepathic lines.

“”Oi! Is this something that can be ‘enjoyed!?’ Only idiots would enjoy this!!””

“”I-idiot? You… humph, I thought of putting up a barrier for you pathetic things, but now I refuse!””

“”Now, now, Fer. The people are fragile, it is normal for them to be fearful. It is our duty to protect the weak. Especially our weak and fragile Master.””

“”Gunununu, e-even so, to call me an idiot…””

“”There, there,”” Grandpa Gon was now patting Fer on the back. “”Think how disastrous it would be if something were to happen to Master. Is this truly worth losing your temper on?””


“”Instead, just think of the meat that is about to fall into our hands.””

“”Umu, indeed, that is a more pleasant thought, kukuku~””

““Shall we put up the barrier for our weak companions?””


Ugh, I don’t like being labelled as one of the ‘weak companions’, but considering that they included the entire A Rank party in this… I don’t feel too bad…

Once the barriers were up, we could still feel Sui churning and moving along with the waves, but at least the rain and seawater no longer hit us. With the wind gone, I could open my eyes beyond a squint.

Beside me, [Ark] also breathed more easily as they slumped flat on their bellies.

“W-we’re saved…”

“I-I thought I was a goner…”

Umu, this is my first time experiencing such a storm…”

“I saw the face of deceased first husband…”

Wait, first husband??

“”Aruji~~ a big, big, biiiiig thing~~””

““What? I, what the heck—-!!””

“It’s here!”

“We meet at last.”

My heart began to thump again. I looked up, and up, and up and…

The creature that loomed over us reared up its long body like a gigantic spiked snake, coils of its body could be seen looping around the island as though it was protecting it.

“A Leviathan.”

Fer sounded very satisfied.

“The so-called emperor of the sea.”

There was a hint of disdain in Grandpa Gon’s words.

“Sui, Dora-chan, you are no match for this one, so stay here and protect Master.”


“”Ehhh~~ Sui wants to pew pew…””

No, wait, Sui! That’s not the correct reaction!! That thing, that thing is huge!!

That island is not small you know?

But this thing is big enough to circle around the island with coils to spare!!

It was particularly scary when they started saying things like ‘why can’t I fight that just because I can’t beat it?’

“Stop it! Stop it! All of you!!” I shouted. “Stop quarrelling over who gets to fight that thing!!”

Umu, Master is right. We should just go and see the situation up close. Move forward, Sui!”

I made a shrieking sound.

“Are you trying to get us killed!!!??”

“Do not worry, Master. The barrier set up by Fer and myself will protect everyone,” said Grandpa Gon soothingly.

“Ugghh, can your barrier protect against mental attacks?!” I shrieked.

“Mental attacks? Hmm, I do not believe that Leviathans are capable of psychic attacks, so Master may rest assured.”

It was no use, there was no way I could get them to understand the emotional damage that I am currently taking from the terrible sight of the monster from the deeps rearing into the sky and baring its teeth at us.

My heart had already kicked into high gear long ago and I could barely feel anything but the thumping in my veins, the knots in my stomach and the dizziness in my head…

I looked wildly around, should I get members of the [Ark] to back me up? At the very least, we could huddle together in solidarity against the insanity that is my wretchedly powerful familiars.

The [Ark] were all sprawled together in a heap, their existence completely whited out.

“!!!” did you guys die from shock or something?!

“Gaudino-san, Gideon-san! Siegwald-san! Feodora-san!”

None of them answered me.

Wait, are you guys dead?

Have you seriously died from fright?!

I tried poking them and found that all four were still breathing. However, not a single one of them responded.

“Oi, don’t tell me you guys have fainted with your eyes open…”

Phun, how pitiful, to think that they actually fainted at the sight of some creature.” Fer snorted.

“I must say, our Master appears sturdier than these people in comparison.”

Grandpa Gon, thank you for the compliment, but somehow it doesn’t make me happy…

Suddenly, an unusual light caught my attention. I looked up and found that the source of light was concentrated right inside the Leviathan’s mouth.

I have been around dragons long enough to recognise this.

“Gyahhhh!!!! D-d-d-dragon B-b-breath!!”

“Kuuhhh, it’s because Master attracted its attention,” said Fer.

“Don’t blame me!!”

“Looks like I have no choice but to act. A dragon should be dealt with by another dragon. Let us compete and see which of us is the stronger one,” Grandpa Gon rumbled and flew off the [Mizumaru].

“Unfair! Grandpa Gon!!”

“I believe that Master is nervous because he is unconvinced of my power. Fer, do allow me this opportunity to demonstrate my ability.”

“Tch, fine. I’ll allow it this once!”

With that, Grandpa Gon soared to the sky, his powerful wings easily cutting through the howling windstorm.

Then, he revealed his true form. All twenty-storey tall of him.

A solid black Ancient Dragon faced off against the Leviathan. Truly a figure of the legends.

“Humph, you cheeky brat.”

Grandpa Gon flew forward and unceremoniously threw an uppercut at the Leviathan’s chin.

The mouth that had been gathering power for the ultimate Dragon Breath was suddenly bashed shut. The fangs crashed with a dull sound. Before my very shocked eyes, the Leviathan slowly tipped backwards and fell into the sea.


A huge wave swelled up in its wake.

“Oooff!” I threw myself to the deck and clung on to [Mizumaru]. “Noooo, don’t let me fall!!”

“There’s a barrier around Sui, so it’s impossible for you to fall,” said Fer. He didn’t even take his eyes off the battle between Grandpa Gon and the Leviathan as he said that.

“”Ou!! Yes! Take that! And that!””

“”Grandpa Gon is strong~~””

“… …” personally, I have no words for the epic kaiju fight happening in front of me.



The Leviathan had risen from the sea once more, roaring its anger into the air.

“Humph, you may be the emperor of the sea, but I am the king of land, sea and air!!”

With a roar, Grandpa Gon rushed forward and bit down on the Laviathan’s long body just behind the head. It was like watching a giant lizard attacking a huge snake. Then, Grandpa Gon shook his head like a dog.


The roar of anger eventually tapered off into a tragic death rattle. Blue blood poured from the wound and the Leviathan’s head flopped down at an unnatural angle. It was only then that I noticed that the creature was missing a large chunk of meat where Grandpa Gon had bitten down.

The head was barely attached to the body by a thin flap of skin.

As I watched, Grandpa Gon took another bite out of the Leviathan and kept chewing…

“Humph, what emperor of the sea? Clearly, our side is the stronger one.”

“”Hooohh!! As expected of Grandpa Gon!!!””

“”Grandpa Gon is amazing~~!!””

As my familiar cheered and congratulate each other amidst the metallic scent of blood, around us, I stared up at the sky.

How odd… to be envious of the [Ark] for having the good sense to faint away and thus, saving themselves from this horrible sight…


Gumihou: Hang in there, Mukouda-san

Eguchi Ren: The last boss of the dungeon is the Leviathan. As expected of a sea challenge

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