Tondemo Skill – 181 – Bath Time at the Palatial Residence

Chapter 181: Bath Time at the Palatial Estate


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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After dinner, it was time to clean up the place. Of course, I can’t leave messes around in such a nice place. Once everything was properly tidied up, it was time to enjoy the bath.

Since we have such a splendid and luxurious bathroom with a large bathtub in the house, I was determined to make use of it every day.

Ah, that’s right.

“Fer also needs a wash-”

At that, Fer suddenly stiffened.

“Wh- why? Didn’t I have a bath just a month ago?”

“Well, since we had curry today, the smell is sticking to everyone. Don’t you want to wash it away?”

Fer sniffed himself with a little [kun] [kun] noise and said, “Now that you mentioned it, there is a little bit of the food smell. It isn’t very strong, but it’s there…”

“Isn’t it? The bathroom in this house is pretty big, so even you can come inside and wash up. Let’s go.”

“I guess I have no choice. However, I refuse to enter the bathtub.”

“Yes, yes.”

Everyone trooped towards the bathroom.

As I had mentioned before, the bathroom of this house was really huge. It was about 8 tatami mats wide and made of smooth marble-like stones. Long, vertical windows on the upper part of the walls allowed sunlight in during the day and steam to escape whenever the bathroom was in use.

However, rather than the nice bathroom architecture, the thing that made me catch my breath was the centrepiece of this room. A medium-size bathtub with all the bells and whistles attached. However, it was getting a little dim since evening has fallen. I searched the wall next to the door… Let’s see, if I allow my magic to flow in here…

“Woah, it’s glowing-”

Sui, stimulated by the glow from the ceiling and wall scones, was now bouncing around excitedly.

As expected of a palatial estate, it was filled with all kinds of magical tools that lit up.

Of course, the bathtub was one such magical tool as well. After feeding little magical power to it, little balls of light floated up like light bulbs around the bath.

Hum, according to Domenico-san, if I do this here…

I released some magical power onto a stone situated over a tap and hot water splashed out.

“Ooh, this is amazing. So there are magical tools that worked like this. As hot water collected in the bathtub, I first ushered Fer over for a wash.

I’ve already taken my clothes off so it would be fine even if Fer decides to be an ass and shake his fur out after his bath.

Since it had not been too long since his last bath, there was barely any tangled fur for me to comb out. Right, next was to wet my companion down.

Just like we did last time, I asked Sui to help me transfer the hot water from the bath and spray it all over Fer.

It did not take long for the Sui Shower to properly wet his fur down.

Next was to thoroughly soap up his fur with the veterinarian recommended shampoo bought from [Net Super].

Wishy washy ♪ [washing sounds]

The last time I did this, I kept getting orders to use more strength when scrubbing through the white fur, so this time I went with my full power right from the beginning.

“Umu, the service is not bad this time”

Ah, is that so? I’m so glad customer-san is happy.

Wishy washy, scrub-a-dub ♪

“Nn, scrub that part a bit more.”

Yes, yes.

It’s probably itchy there.

Wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy, wishy washy, scrub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub ♪

I scrubbed and washed and massaged according to Fer’s directions. Finally, “Alright, that should be enough. Sui, hot water, please.”


The warm Sui Shower proceeded to rinse off the shampoo and dirt out of Fer’s fur. Once his body was cleaned, it was time to deal with his face.

“Fer, I’m going to wash your face now.”

Nuu, do it fast!”

I rubbed soap into Fer’s face while Sui sprayed the hot water from above. Since we had curry today, I was especially careful to wash the area around his mouth.

“Alright, it’s over now. Please shake and dry your fur here. Since this is a rented house, we must make sure not to make messes wherever we like.”

“I know, I know.”

Fer grandly shook his body, sending droplets of water and loose fur all over the bathroom and the rest of us. Then, he conveniently used his wind magic to dry off his magnificently white fur.

“Oh, if you want to sleep, feel free to pick any room you like from the second floor.”

Umu, understood.”

As for the fur that had been flung all over the wall, floor and ceiling, I asked Sui to use her [Multiplication] skill to help clean up the mess.

Once the bathroom was nice and clean again, I was able to relax and take time with my bath.

“At last, a bath~”

“A bath~”

Dora-chan’s ‘A bath~’ was particularly enthusiastic, even though he had been soaking himself in the bathtub while I was busy washing up Fer. I said nothing, merely giving the little dragon the side-eye.

Well, it’s not like it matters anyway.

The water we used for Fer had disappeared, via some kind of magic, probably, and the bathtub was now filling up with fresh hot water.

While that was happening, I started to soap myself up, beginning with my face and hair, before washing the rest of my body. Must make sure to get squeaky clean before we go for a nice hot soak in the bathtub.

Dora-chan was also covered in foam and seemed to enjoy sliding through the slippery soap going “weee…” Sui was always clean, but she enjoyed playing around with the soap bubbles too.

Once we washed off all the soap, the bathwater was ready.

Just as we were about to enter, I suddenly recalled the tablet form Carbonated Bubble Bath Salts [1] in my [Item Box]. Since the bath was so big, I decided to indulge myself and throw two tablets of bath salt in.

Uwooh, watching it bubble up was really satisfying~

“Alright, it’s time to get in.”

I entered the bath with Dora-chan and Sui. The bath was so full that water spilt over the sides when we settled in.

“Fu~ baths are the best.”

“Ooh- it feels good…”

“Feels good–”

Dora-chan and Sui were floating on the water as they relaxed. Since this bathtub was way bigger than mine, we could all float nicely in it.

Haa~ as expected, a bathtub is the best.

All my fatigue is melting away…

“Let’s take a bath every single day while we’re staying here,” I muttered to myself.

“I agree~”

“Sui too~”

It looked like Dora-chan and Sui had both become bath lovers.

Soaking in a bath while inhaling the healing scents of bath salts and steam is one of the best indulgences a Japanese person could imagine.

How nice it would be to soak in a bath every day.

In fact, let’s use different bath salts every day too.

It’s so good to take a bath every day.

Aah, let’s use the OO Hot Spring salts and experience the joy of OO Onsen right here in this otherworld bathtub.

There are endless varieties of bath salts out there now.

Before we go for our soak tomorrow, I’m going to look through all the bath salts on the [Net Super].

Uwooh, I’m really looking forward to it!


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When I got out of the bath, I went up to the second floor to check on Fer.

I had been wondering where he ended up sleeping, but I soon found him snoozing on the floor of the master bedroom.

Of all places…even though the carpet was very plush, there was an actual king size bed right over there, you know?

When I pointed this out to Fer, he said that the bed was too small and he could fall off at the slightest movement. Well, I don’t think this would happen since Fer has good sleeping habits, but hey, whatever.

“Take out my bed, I want my bed now.”

Aah, it looks like Fer wanted his futon. Well, I can understand. I opened my [Item Box] and took out Fer’s futons and laid them out on the ridiculously lush carpet.

“Sui will sleep here~” Sui bounced onto the king-sized bed with a decisive [pyon!].

“I’ll be sleeping here too.” Dora-chan landed on the bed and snuggled against one of the many pillows.

“Master, come and sleep here too ~” I thought about sleeping in a different room, but Sui-chan had already invited me to sleep here.

Since it’s Sui, I can’t refuse her.

In the end, though I had rented a huge, luxurious mansion with seven bedrooms, we all ended up sleeping in the same room. It was the same as usual.

Oh well, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that anyway.

There’s just something I must do before going to bed.

Let’s do this in a different room since it’s bound to get noisy. No sense disturbing my resting companions.

As I moved towards the door, Fer raised his head to ask, “Where are you going?”

“I need to make my offerings to the Gods.”

Mu, I see. Well, pray hard and give good offerings.”

For some reason, Fer seems to respect that Deplorable Goddess, but I’d be damned before I’d pay that much respect to that huge sweet-toothed goddess with almost zero self- control.

The other gods and goddesses were also unexpectedly greedy and materialistic.

Though, to be honest, it was because those gods and goddesses were rather flawed and easy-going that I dare to badmouth them like this. Moreover, they gave me divine protections as well as blessings to Fer, Dora-chan and Sui. So, in some ways, I’m very thankful to them.

However, I refuse to spoil them because of this either.

Alright, let’s give our 6 silver coins worth of offering per god(dess) for the week, shall we?


[Gumihou: I’d be more excited about the gods and goddesses, lol. Ah, but I guess Mukouda san is all =_= about them by now…]


[1] Bubble Bath Salts – It really exists!

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