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Tondemo Skill – 182 – Early Summer Sweets Fair

Chapter 182: Early Summer Sweets Fair


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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“Hello, is everyone there~?”

The voices of all the gods and goddesses answered with a loud cheer.

“Well then, let’s get on with everyone’s request. Shall we start with Ninril-sama first as usual?”

When faced with this kind of situation, it’s best to be firm and get straight to the point at the beginning and take control of the conversation.

“Ooohh~ I’ve been waiting for this~ Naturally, I, the oldest goddess shall have the first turn. The Fujiya Cakes [1] from last time was the best! So of course, I want more Fujiya Cakes ~ Hurry, hurry~”

What’s with all the ‘Hurry, hurry~’ and in that weird tone of voice?

Anyway, I’ll send it after taking down everyone else’s orders.

“Would you like to continue from where you left off?” If I’m not wrong, there were 15 different types of sliced cake from the Fujiya Cakes menu. I had made a note on which ones she had tried last week. Let’s see Deplorable-sama had these 7 types the last time so…

That means there were 8 more types of cake she has not tried yet. 

“Ninril-sama, can you see the menu? From the standard menu, you’ve had the cakes from here to here. There are still 8 other types of cakes left, but what about the rest? Fujiya Cakes seems to be having an ‘Early Summer Sweets Fair’, how about ordering those instead? These are limited menu items that are only available this time of the year.”

“Whaa-? Limited item you say?! Quick, show me, show me!”

As Deplorable-sama requested, I showed the menu to her.

Muhooo, they all look so delicious! I want them all~”

Choosing everything on the menu would break the budget.

“If you choose the remaining sliced cakes and the limited edition items, you will go over the budget. My advice is to reduce the number of cakes you wish to order. How about it?”

Muu, is that so? Well, I want it all, why can’t I have them all?”

“No. I cannot just give special treatment to Ninril-sama.”

Nuuu~ How stingy. I guess there’s no other choice. Very well, give me everything from the limited item menu first. After all, these special sweets are only available now.”


I proceed to send everything from the ‘Early Summer Sweets Fair’ to the cart. There were things like Salted White Rolled Cakes, Mont Blanc as well as various fruit jelly cakes that looked really cool and refreshing.

Salt in sweets? At first, I was surprised but salt-based sweets were quite popular nowadays and I do understand the idea behind it.

Adding a bit of salt enhances the other flavours of food, including sweetness, making it even more delicious. There was actually enough budget to fit in 7 more standard menu sliced cakes.

The last one will have to wait until next week for its turn.

“The next one is Kishar-sama, right?”

I’ve finally memorized the order of gods and goddesses to make offerings. It’s best not to mix them up to avoid conflict. Conflict among gods and goddesses are bad for my continued existence.

“That’s right~ This time I want some face cream. The one I asked for last time is nearly gone now.”

The face cream from last time… Ah, yes, it’s that expensive one. If I’m not mistaken, it should be this brand.

“I understand, would you like anything else? How about facial cleansers from the same series?”

“That’s a good idea, yes, that one too.”

I added facial cleanser and face cream from that same expensive brand into the shopping cart.

The cleanser cost 2 silver coins, so she still has 1 more silver coin.

“Kishar-sama, according to my record, you still have 1 silver coin left to spend. What would you like to add? How about some bath salts?”

“Bath salts, that’s a good idea. Not only do they smell nice, but they also have the added special effects of getting rid of fatigue as well, right?”

There were a lot of different kinds of bath salts, so I figured things would go faster if I just show her the product list.

“Can you see the listed products?”

“Yeah, I can see it~”

“I strongly recommend these Carbonated Bath Tablet types. If you enjoy a good scented bath, how about this set of assorted herbal scented tablets?”

“Sounds wonderful~ I’ll have that one.”

“You may choose another type of bath salts, which one would you like?”

“Hmm, do you have anything that will make my skin silky smooth?”

“Bath salts with skin smoothing effect, let’s see… here you go, please choose from this list.”

“Oh, there are quite a lot, how should I choose~ Hmm, which of these have the best scent?”

Well, even if you ask me, the question of scent depends on the person, you know?

“Ah, how about this one? It says that it’s good for dry skin and it has a sweet fruity scent to it.”

Ara, that one sounds good. I’ll have that one, too.”

With that, the bath salts ended up in the shopping cart.

“Let’s see, the next one is Agni-sama, right?”

Ou, yup! That beer from last time is damn good! Six pack of mixed beers, wasn’t it? I’ll have another of those, as for the others, I’ll leave it to you to pick out a bunch of things for me.”

Oh, it looked like this goddess really enjoyed my recommendations from last week.

Well, as expected of the Premium Beers from Company A, Company K and Company Y-bis [2].

I bought a six-pack beer from each company. Since Agni-sama was such a fan, getting her bigger amounts seemed like a good idea. Oh, and Company Y-bis seemed to have come up with some new products. Hmm, they were a bit expensive but the descriptions looked promising. Let’s put a six-pack of these as well.

Let’s not forget the dark beers either. Let’s see, there’s the dry beer from Company A that I had last time, one dark beer from Company K, and a dark foamy beer from Y-bis as well as a premium black beer from Company S.

I chose several other alcoholic drinks, and some craft beers. Got to support the local businesses after all. Finally, I rounded off the purchase with a bottle of Chilean wine and that was it.

“Next is Ruka-sama, right?

“The food you made just now looks good, but… the Fujiya Cakes looks better. I shall accept the same offerings as Ninril-sama. I wish to have the limited items as well.”

It’s rare for Ruka-sama to speak up like this. Looks like the charm of Fujiya Cakes was too attractive. Their marketing ability was certainly strong. Limited edition items are a powerful way of attracting customers’ attention.

Anyway, I did as Ruka-sama requested and placed the orders for the same items as Ninril-sama.

Finally, it was the liquor-loving combo’s turn.

“Hephaestus-sama and Vahagn-sama, it’s your turn now.”

Umu, so it is.”

“That’s right.”

“So, what will it be this time?”

“That world’s best whiskey from last time? That was just beyond amazing.”

“Oh yeah, best I ever had.”

Ah yes, our local Company S whiskey.

“We must have that one again, one bottle each.”

“Yeah, I want to savour one all by myself.”

Looks like the two of them were becoming addicted to Company S’ whiskey.

“Alright, is there anything else?”

“I’d like more whiskey, but we don’t have much of a budget left, do we?”

As expected of the Company S whiskey to turn even gods into addicts. I had better not say that the whiskey I had recommended to them was the cheapest in this line-up.

“Apologies, there really isn’t much of a budget left.”

“What do you wish to do, God of Blacksmiths?”

“Since we don’t have much of a budget left, how about trying something new? What say you, God of War?”

“Sound’s good, I’m always up for new things.”

“Very well, I shall choose a whiskey that neither of you has tried yet.”

Hmm, I really can’t recall what kind of whiskey they have tried and which one they haven’t… oh, how about this one? I don’t think I’ve bought this one yet. The bottle has a picture of a certain famous mountain on it and was produced by Company K.

“Have you tried this one yet?” I asked, just to be sure.

“Let’s me have a look, hmm, I don’t think I’ve seen this bottle before. War God?”

“I don’t recall this picture either.”

“Very well, we shall have this one.”

Right, there’s just enough budget for one more. Oh, this American whiskey with a red rose label. I don’t think they had this either. But just to be sure-

“How about this one?”

Umu, I must say I don’t remember this label. You?”

“Aah, we haven’t had this one yet.”

Alright then, it’s all settled.

There was still barely enough budget to fit one more cheap whiskey. Oh, this American whiskey with a yellow label seems to fit the bill, and I haven’t bought it before, so that’s even better.

“There’s just enough budget for this one. I’m fairly sure you haven’t had this one yet?”

“Oh, definitely can’t remember that one.”

“Same here”

Good, we’ve reached the end of the list.

That should be all for now.

After the order arrived, I placed everything on five cardboard box ‘alter’ and clasped my hands in prayer.

“Everyone, please accept my humble offerings”

With that, the items on the cardboard boxes disappeared in a flash of light.

Cheers from gods and goddesses alike rang in my ears.

Well, now that’s over and done with, let’s go to bed.

I was about to leave the room when a deep voice spoke directly to me in my head.

“Oh, by the way, you there, how’s your level now?”

That voice, it sounded a lot like Hephaestus-sama.

“‘How’ you ask me? I don’t think anything has changed since I haven’t been involved in any fighting since the last time you asked me.”

Nuu, is that so?”

“All my familiars are way too strong so there’s not much for me to do. Oh, but there’s something I want to try tomorrow. So I might end up getting some action.”

Since we’re subjugating the Evil Plants tomorrow, I have a plan that might work against them.

“Is that right? Well, do your best!”

“Even so, I don’t think my level would go up drastically even if I did get involved in tomorrow’s fight.”

Wait a minute, why are they so interested in my level? Didn’t I say that I am in no hurry to level up?

Maa, it’s your choice so we won’t force you, but you should get involved in a little fighting or you might find yourself at a disadvantage in a dangerous situation.”

Is that Vahagn-sama’s voice?

Well, he does have a point, all the battles thus far were left to Fer and the rest, but I should at least be able to protect myself or have the ability to run away at least. Otherwise, I could lose everything in this battle crazy world.

Maa, just do your best. Laters.”

And with that, communications with Vahagn-sama ended.

Haa, I guess those gods were very interested in the tenant shop, but it’s not like my level is going to shoot up just because I involved myself in the subjugation of Evil Plants.

Whatever, tomorrow’s problem will be taken care of by tomorrow. For now, let’s sleep.


[Conversation between the God of Blacksmith and the God of War]


“Did you hear that, War God?”

“Gahahaha, I can’t wait to see how many levels he’ll gain from this.”

“Ahahaha, indeed! After all, we did secretly attach a special skill, didn’t we?”

“Yes, the [Double Experience Points] skill.”






[Gumihou: Fufufu, I hope someone recognises that certain mountain?]

[1] Fujiya Cakes – Translated as Sanke by Albedo back in chapter 173, but I checked and since the author likes to base his shops and products on the real thing I found that Fujiya Cake Shop actually exists. Meanwhile a Google search for Sanke Cake only got me ‘snake cakes’.

[2] Company A, Company K and Company Y-bis are probably the biggest beer companies in Japan: Asahi, Kirin and Yebisu. There’s also a Company S, that one’s probably Suntory.


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