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Tondemo Skill – 183 – Evil Plant

Chapter 183: Evil Plant


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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We came to the Western Forest to fulfil the subjugation request against the Evil Plants.

According to Yoran-san, for some strange reason, an outbreak of Evil Plants would occur in this forest every decade or so.

He also mentioned that this year’s outbreak was unusually serious. Considering the number of enemies we have to deal with and the size of the forest, I think it would be more efficient to divide ourselves into two groups so that we could cover more ground that way.

“Fer, can you sense where the evolved monsters are?”

“They are scattered all over the place, but most of them are roaming in the deeper areas of the forest.”

Deeper in the forest, is it? Well, then…

“There seems to be a lot of enemies this time, so let’s divide into two teams. Fer and Dora-chan will take care of those deeper inside the forest, alright?”



Since there were more evolved monsters in the deeper parts of the forests, it would be best to send Fer and Dora-chan to take care of them.

I had better just stay out of the way and take care of small fries…

“Sui, you’ll come with me, right?”

“Eehh, but Sui wants to ‘pew pew’ lots of enemies to death…”

Sui has a powerful skill called [Acid Bullet] which could take down enemies from a distance, but level-wise, she was still way below Fer and Dora-chan.

It’s better to have her deal with the enemies around the fringe of the forest with me. In any case, though she might be considered weak when compared to Fer and Dora-chan, she’s definitely stronger than me.

Sui could double as my bodyguard too.

“You can ‘pew pew’ as many enemies as you like. But I will be glad to have Sui by my side to protect me since I’m the weakest in the group. Can I count on Sui to protect me?”

“Understood~ ! Sui will protect Aruji~ !”

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s something I wanted to try out this time, so I’ll be seriously fighting too.

I have the [Perfect Barrier], so my life probably won’t be at risk. However, I am still not at all used to fighting. So, it will be very reassuring to have Sui with me.

“Fer, I’m going to give this magic bag to you, alright?” I placed the magic bag on a string around Fer’s neck.

According to Guild Master Yoran-san, the Evil Plant withers as soon as it dies. C Rank Evil Plants were too low ranking to leave anything behind, but B Rank ones might drop magic stones.

“Fer, Dora-chan, since there seems to be a lot of high ranking Evil Plants, make sure to collect all the magic stones and put them in that bag.”

Yoran-san told me they were prepared to pay money for magic stones at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Understood, let’s go, Dora.”


Fer and Dora-chan headed towards the deeper parts of the forest.

Meanwhile, as for me…

“Fufufu, I really hope these things are effective.”

I brought out the weapon I had prepared against the Evil Plants from my [Item Box]. My weapon was the ‘Herbicide’.

When I realised that our enemy this time was plant-based, I’d looked through [Net Super]’s gardening category for something that might be useful against it. This morning, as I was browsing through the options I had found the herbicide section.

In fact, there were all kinds of herbicide, going from mild to very powerful, some had to be diluted and there were different kinds of sprays for sale too. In the end, I settled on something called ‘Herbicide’. I picked out one of the more expensive spray machines with a long-range, targeted spray nozzle, and user friendly. My weapon had already been prepped this morning, and I could hear chemical inside the bottle slosh as I slung it to my back, my spray nozzle gun at the ready [1].

The nozzle was the point and shoot type, which was very easy to use and the chemical was made from edible products, so it’s perfectly environmentally friendly. Still, I want to make sure to shoot at Evil Plants only and not deprive the forest of its weeds which may or may not be important to the ecosystem.

When I used [Appraisal] on the ‘Herbicide’ this is what came out.



Spray type herbicide from another world. Environment-friendly.


The plan was to spray this ‘Herbicide’ on the Evil Plants and see if it works on plant-type monsters. If it does work, I’ll have a handy weapon against all future plant-type monsters.

“Alright, let’s go Sui.”


Sui and I headed into the forest.


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“Aruji~ something weird is coming over~”

It’s an Evil Plant.

It looked exactly like how Yoran-san had described it. A carnivorous Venus flytrap with jagged bi-valves. The Evil Plant was about two meters tall, with ivy-like things freely moving from the stem, a tangled root system and the ability to move.

“Sui, that’s the Evil Plant, let’s take it down!”

“Sui understand! Sui will beat it up~”

Pew pew pew ♪ 

Sui’s [Acid Bullet] hit the Evil Plant and it started to wither almost immediately.

“Well done Sui!”

“Ehehe~ Oh, over there master! A lot of weird grasses are moving just like the one Sui had killed.”

Looking at the direction where Sui’s tentacles were pointing, I counted nearly ten Evil Plants approaching at the same time.

This was a lot to deal with in one go. Looks like the info about the unusually large number of these plants appeared to be true.

“Yes, there are a lot of them, let’s get them, Sui!”

“Yes, Sui will pew pew lots of moving grass~”

Sui proceeded to shoot her [Acid Bullets] indiscriminately against all the Evil Plants.

Alright, I can’t lose to Sui now.

Time for my anti Evil Plant weapon imported straight from Japan, the Herbicide.

Eat this!

Swish, swish, swish!

I began to spray herbicide on all the Evil Plants that were coming over. Well, it looked like the ‘Herbicide’ was amazingly effective. First, the ivy leaves on the plant turned brown. Gradually the withering effect reached the core of the plant, causing it to tip over and die.

I have no idea whether the effect stemmed from its ingredients or the fact that it was an other world product. Regardless of the reason, it worked just as planned.

“Awesome! It worked!”

“Aruji, that’s amazing~! Sui won’t lose either~! Sui will beat up more~”

Pew pew pew ♪

Swish swish swish ♪

Sui and I handily defeated all the Evil Plants that came to prey on us.

“Phew. Is it over?”

Just as that thought crossed my mind…

“Aruji, more of them are coming. This time, there are big ones too~”

I looked over at where Sui was pointing with her tentacle and saw looming up behind the now tiny looking Evil Plants, were the Giant Evil Plants. Twice as large with jagged vines, stems, roots and of course, the evil-looking bi-valves.

“They are h.. huge…”

The nearly four metres tall plants towered over us. However, since the herbicide worked on the Evil Plants, I figured that it would work just as well on these.

The Giant Evil Plant’s roots wriggled and slapped its way forward, a fat green, jagged tentacle reached over…

“Take this!!”

Swish swish swish swish swish swish swish —♪

I began spraying the herbicide at maximum capacity at the plant.

Thud thud flop crash

Bits of the Evil Plant was actually starting to wither and collapsed at intervals, but scarily enough, it was still moving closer, and closer…


I avoided a falling bit of vine by jumping sideways.

“Damn it, hurry up and die!”

Swish swish swish swish swish swish —♪

I decided to concentrate my attacks on its roots. That seemed to cause it to turn brown even faster. I suppose it made sense since the root was where plants absorbed most of their nutrients from?

Excited, I turned to tell Sui about it when the sight of plants being turned into pixelated mush flashed across my eyes. Yeah, I guess since her speciality was [Acid Bullets], it would melt any parts of the plant whether it was stem, leaf or root, weaknesses like this meant nothing to her.

Anyway, I’ll just continue to do my best.

It was a good idea to buy lots of Herbicide as a precaution. I took out another set of Herbicide, slung it up to my front and wielded two spray guns at the same time.

Clank ♪ Herbicide, Dual-Wield Style!

“Hyahaha, Matchless Herbicide!”

Due to the Herbicide’s super effect, I got all fired up and plunged into a group of Evil Plants.

Swish swish swish swish —♪

I sprayed the Herbicide at all the Evil Plants that came at me.


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Three hours later –

“Ahh, I’m tired”

I sat down and collapsed backwards onto the forest floor.

“Aruji~ are you okay~?”

“Yeah, I’m okay, just a bit tired. Still, I’m surprised that you’re still bouncing around after defeating so many enemies, Sui.”

Even though she defeated way more Evil Plants than me, Sui was still energetic.

“Ehehe~ Sui is still filled with energy. Sui can still defeat way more of those weird moving grasses~”

Sui and I have defeated all the Evil Plants that came after us one after the other.

Evil Plants have a habit of gathering around things that move, so more and more came, attracted by the commotion we made.

I had probably defeated about a hundred Evil Plants just by myself. In that number, there were about 10 Giant Evil Plants. Even though all I did was point and squeeze the spray trigger, it was still quite tiring. I actually ran out of herbicide at some point and nearly panicked. I had to open up [Net Super] and get some ready mix herbicide already set in smaller spray bottles and managed to stay safe.

Even so…

A quick look around and all I could see were withered Evil Plants. A quick estimate told me that Sui had to have defeated at least twice as many as I to create such a big number of corpses. Could we really call them corpses even though they were not made of meat?

Pyon, pyon, Sui bounced happily beside me. Ah, just looking at her cute appearance, one would never think that she has such an incredible fighting ability.

“Un? What’s up, Aruji~”

“Oh, I was just thinking about how amazing Sui is to defeat these many.”

“Ehehe~~ , is Sui amazing?”

“Yes, Sui is very amazing.”

“Fufufu, Sui is happy.”

Sui bounced happily around me.

“Oh right, Sui. Can you find the magic stones and collect them for me?”

The Giant Evil Plants were B-rank, so they should have some magic stones in them. Yoran-san did say that he would buy them if we find any.

“Magic stone… are these smooth ones magic stones?”

“Yep, the smooth stones that come out of the monsters we defeated.”

When the Evil Plants die they will wither away. When that happened, any magic stones inside them would fall to the ground.


“Thanks, Sui!”

While Sui was busy collecting magic stones, I decided to take a break. As expected, I’m really tired today. After all, since the enemy kept coming towards us, we can’t stop and take a break. Furthermore, Fer was not around to use his wind magic to help us get rid of multiple enemies at once.

Not only that, without him around, my mental stress skyrocketed. 

As Vahagn-sama had said, I should get more involved in fighting or I’d find myself at a ‘disadvantage in a dangerous situation’, and he’s right. I really should start thinking about getting involved in as many battles as I could from now on.

When I can participate safely of course. 

And not get in the way of everyone.

Otherwise, I won’t take part.


“Aruji~ I’ve gathered up the stones~”

“Ooh, thank you.”

Sui had collected 16 magic stones. Since not all Giant Evil Plants would drop magic stones. That means the number of evolved Evil Plants were not that many around the edges of the forest. Majority of the monsters we fought were the standard Evil Plants.

Eventually, Fer and Dora-chan returned.

“How did it go?”

Umu, there were a lot of them.”

“They were nothing special, but ut was quite a lot. On top of that, the Evil Plants like to converge on moving things, so it’s super annoying. But of course, I kicked their asses!”

It looked like they had a lot of enemies to deal with too.

“It’s okay though, Dora and I took care of everything.”

“You mean, not a single one was left?”


As expected of those two.

Yoran-san had told me that it would be impossible to subjugate every single Evil Plant in the forest because of their large numbers. Evil Plants usually lived in the West Forest, so the request is just to reduce the number of enemies rather than a complete subjugation.

“Well, Sui and I took care of this area, can you sense if there are any more Evil Plants nearby?”

“Hold on… hmm, no, there doesn’t seem to be any of those monsters any more. I’d say this part of the forest is pretty much Evil Plant free.”

“That’s good to hear, that means our mission is completed.”

I feel relieved to know that we managed to pull off everything without a problem. It’s always good to finish a mission without a hitch.

“Eeeh, is it over already? Sui wants to pew pew pew some more.”

Ah, Sui-chan was still filled with energy as usual.

“Oh Sui, there’s another request to subjugate monster from this city, please defeat him when the time comes.”

“Alright, Sui will do her best~!”

I’m sorry Cyclops, but please, prepare to take on a lot of [Acid Bullets] from Sui.

“Fer, Dora-chan, did you pick up the magic stones?”


“Of course!”

When I removed the magic bag from Fer’s neck and checked inside, I saw about fifty magic stones.

…… I had to wonder just how many enemies Fer and Dora-chan defeated.

“Well now that the mission request has been completed, shall we get out of this forest and have some food?”

Umu, I’m hungry”

“Food, let’s go eat~”

“I’m hungryy~”

I placed the magic stones and the magic bags in the [Item Box] and left the forest with everyone else.


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