Tondemo Skill – 283 – Ridiculous Amount of Money
Treasure: wooden chest with golden coins, gems, rings, e.t.c. isolated on the white background

Tondemo Skill – 283 – Ridiculous Amount of Money

Chapter 283: Ridiculous Amount of Money


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Elland-san and I went to the Adventurers Guild the next morning for the Drop item trade.

We left Fer, Sui and Dora-chan at home with plenty of snacks since I’m a little worried about staying too long. Surely they’ll be fine for a while?

Anyway, it did not take us long to walk from the inn to the Guild. I spoke to the receptionist and we were quickly ushered towards the Guild Master’s room.

“Sorry for the trouble. Anyway, this is the Guild Master of Avering Merchant’s Guild, Hanson, [5]” Nadiya-san quickly introduced us.

Hanson-san turns out to be a little old man of about 60 with a head of beautiful white hair. After the introduction, Hanson-san smiled and said, “The name is Hanson. I represent the Merchant’s Guild of Avering. It’s an honour to meet you,”

For a Guild Master of a big city, his attitude towards a younger person like me was very polite and low-profile.

“My name is Mukouda, pleased to meet you. This is Elland-san, Guild Master of Doran Adventurer’s Guild. We challenged the dungeon together.”

“Good to meet you, I am generally in Doran. However, certain events led me to accompany Mukouda-san in his dungeon challenge,” said Elland-san enigmatically.

Haahh…  I guess ‘certain events’ is a better explanation than ‘I’m stalking a certain Pixie Dragon’…

“I’m sorry for rushing you,” said Nadia-san. “However, we are very busy. If it’s alright, I’d like to begin our trade immediately…”

With the combined purchasing power of both Adventurers and Merchant’s Guild, they managed to purchase the following items: 

Corrosive Liquid, Skeleton Bone Fragments, White Caterpillar Threads, Grey Caterpillar Threads, Paralysis Poison, Killer Ant Jaws, Killer Ant Knight Shell, Killer Mantis Sickle, Giant Killer Mantis Sickle, Killer Hornet Poison Needle, Killer Hornet (Special Monster) Poison Needle, Killer Hornet Queen Poison Needle, Venom Tarantula Thread, Venom Tarantula (Special Monster) Thread, Giant Centipede Shell, Killer Camel Cricket Teeth, Giant Cockroach Carapace, Giant Cockroach Claw, Ghoul Venom Claw, Big Bite Turtle Shell, Big Bronze Iguana Skin, Red Killer Crocodile Teeth, and Red Killer Crocodile Skin.

They also bought 30 x Dark Spheres, 30 x Black Serpent Skin, 15 x Black Anaconda Skin, 5 x Red Serpent Skin and 10 x Crimson Cobra Skin.

All the small and medium magic stones, as well as gems such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

Avering was also interested in purchasing the Magic Bag (medium), though I had to tell them that it wasn’t from the dungeon.

I was quite surprised by the amount of stuff they were buying. Looks like the collaboration between Guilds that usually oppose each other was quite successful this time.

“We don’t have the opportunity to buy so many good things like this at once, so it makes sense to buy as much as we can,” said Nadia-san. [5]

Hanson-san nodded in agreement.

[6] Making money was an important part of guild maintenance too, I guess.

Anyway, while the Adventurer’s Guild was more interested in stocking up on insect parts that could be used to craft weapons and armours, the Merchant’s Guild was more interested in thread, skin, and jewellery that could be further processed into something even more valuable.

Both guilds were interested in the magic stones for various reasons. As for the Magic Bag (medium), both guilds wanted it but Nadia-san won the negotiation in the end.

“Magic Bags don’t often appear,” said Nadia-san with a chuckle.

The little bags looked like plain dirty little cloth bags, but they are really valuable since they could store so much.

At any rate, I’m happy that the guilds could buy up so much stuff from me. Otherwise, they would just sit in my [Item Box] and serve as fertilizer. Without actual fertilizing effects.

“Right, I think that should do it,” said Nadia-san finally. “You okay with our purchases, Elland?”

“Oh, yes, I’m fine with it.”

“Right, time to inspect the goods. Shall we adjourn to the warehouse?”

With Nadia-san in the lead, we headed towards the warehouse.

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At the warehouse, staff from both Guilds were already waiting for us.

“Alright, shall we have a look at the goods?”

At Nadia-san’s prompting, I took out the items they wanted and placed them in indicated locations.

It did not take long for the staff to check the goods and make their reports. “Guild Master, everything is all accounted for. In fact, I must say everything is of great quality,” said an older looking staff from the Adventurer’s Guild.

He looked like the lead staff member. Someone from the Merchant’s Guild was also giving their report to Hanson-san. “As expected of dungeon goods. The quality is excellent, especially the gems.”

“I see,” [7] Nadia-san nodded. She turned to Hanson-san. “Well, everything seems to be in good order. Shall we go with the amount we’ve discussed?”

“Of course,”

At Hanson-san’s polite nod, Nadia-san beckoned some of the other staff over. “Mukouda-san, Elland-san, I shall explain the breakdown of the purchase now.” [5]

“Well, first:

Corrosive Liquid (7s x 34) = 23g8s

Skeleton Bone Fragment (5s x 13) = 6g5s

White Caterpillar Thread (2s x 138) = 27g6s

Grey Caterpillar Thread (4s x 30) = 12g

It went on and on for some time…

Opal (medium grain) = 260g

Amethyst (medium grain), 150g x2 = 300g

Aquamarine (large grain) = 290g

… and that’s all. So the grand total for everything is 21,200 gold coins.”

[4] “… wait, what? T-t-twenty… haaahhhh????!!”

“That’s a pretty impressive amount…” even Elland-san was shocked.

“Hahaha, looks like Doran’s Guild Master is also surprised. Well, opportunities like this are hard to come by so we went all out,” [7] Nadia-san laughed heartily.

“Exactly, [5] how could I call myself a merchant if I miss out on this opportunity?” [7] said the dignified Hanson-san.

Too bold!

21,200 gold… [1] I already have a lot of unused gold coins in my [Item Box] and now here’s another huge bundle…

Oh well, at least there’s plenty to share with Elland-san.

[8] “For that kind of amount, I shall pay in platinum coins. Here’s a total of 212 platinum coins, would you please confirm it?”

A large hemp bag filled with platinum coins was dropped onto the table with an audible thump.

“Uh…” [7] It looks rather intimidating.

Still, I muster my courage to open up the bag and counted the coins together with Elland-san. [5]

As expected, “Everything’s in order,” I said as calmly as I could.

“It was an excellent deal, thank you for the opportunity to trade.”

“Please accept our thanks on behalf of the Merchant’s Guild as well.”

[7] Nadia-san grinned, “I expect we’re going to be really busy from now on!”

“The Merchant’s Guild as well. With so many wonderful items in our inventory, I have members on the sidelines just waiting to join in the fun,”

The two guild masters laughed harmoniously as they made plans for the future. Ahh, it’s great to see two people so dedicated to their work.

Unlike a certain someone standing right next to me.

After the transaction was over, Elland-san and I returned to the inn.


[Gumihou: Wait, just like that?]

[Eguchi Ren: Total money in Mukouda’s possession = 64,280 gold. Some of that gold will go to Elland-san, of course. Still, Mukouda could certainly be called a very rich man. Some big developments would be coming… soon.]


[Gumihou: Eguchi-san is a tease. Next chapter, please!]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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