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Tondemo Skill – 319 – Outrageous

Chapter 319: Outrageous


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Once I got back home, I quickly worked out how to place the Water and Fire Magic Stones into the baths for the servant quarters.

Nice, I got it right the first time when hot and cold water gushed out at the proper command. It was then I noticed the lack of soap trays, buckets and washing towels. Well, that was quickly solved via [Net Super]. In the end, I got a set of individual wash towels and buckets for everyone.

Once I was done equipping the bathroom, Tony happened to return with the idiot twins. Hmm, looks like the large scythes and stepladders would arrive tomorrow.

Anyway, since tomorrow isn’t here yet, I started preparing dinner. I still have all those leftovers in my [Item Box] after all. Ginger-grilled Orc, Miso-grilled Orc and Blue Bull slices stir-fried with green peppers. All perfect for rice bowl dishes.

Halfway through making various ‘don’, I wondered if everyone would be fine eating rice. [9] It turns out that while they weren’t familiar with these white grains, Fer & Co. ate their rice dishes so deliciously that everyone was willing to give them a try.

[9] In fact, some of them were just a little too enthusiastic… [5]

“You two idiots! That bowl belongs to Fer!”

Yes, the twins were currently courting death by eating a heaping bowl of Steak Don flavoured with Fer’s favourite Steak Soy Sauce that I had set aside for the inevitable ‘seconds’.

“Ah? Really? Wow, sorry, sorry, but hey, this is delicious~~!”

“Apologies, apologies, ah, but since we’re already eating it, can’t we just keep going?”

Bam! Pow!

And so the expected Fist of Fury came down upon the heads of the idiots, courtesy of Tabasa.

“I’m so sorry, Mukouda-san. Fer-sama, please accept my humblest apologies. Hey, you two rats! Apologise too!”



The twins clutched their heads where the Fist of Fury had struck them, bowing and apologising to me and Fer.

Unfortunately… [5]


[9] A menacing aura flowed around Fer as he stared down at the two culprits who had the guts to dare snatch his food.

“How outrageous. To dare take my food. I should devour rude creatures like you…”

“C-calm down, calm down, Fer! Those two already apologise. Please overlook it this once.” [5]

The twins were already huddling on the floor, clutching at each other fearfully.

“Master, why would you protect vermins like this?”

“Th-that’s not what I’m doing. Anyway, the important thing is that they already apologized and I still need them to work. H-how about this. I’ll make you another Steak Bowl, okay? A more delicious one? How about it?”

Through telepathy, I said, ““I’ll make the Steak Bowl with dragon meat!!””

[9] Finally, the menacing aura subsided.

Whew, luckily that did not end in bloodshed. I really do not want to have two dead people in my house barely a week into owning it.

Fer was still glaring at the trembling twins. Finally, he said, “I supposed it cannot be helped. Very well, I shall refrain myself today. However, the ones who robbed me of my meat will pay, eventually. Humph.”

Really, please leave my slaves alone.

At least don’t go too overboard.


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The next morning, the 14 people who assembled before me barely looked like the pitiful people I had first encountered at the slave trader’s barely a week ago.

Overall, they looked much better in their new clothes, shoes and neater hair. As expected, a bath refreshes people most wonderfully.

“Alright, as mentioned yesterday, the garden will be managed by the commoner men, headed by Tony. You will also be in charge of refilling the soaps and shampoo, so do allocate the work as you see fit. The main house will be maintained by Aiya and Teresa. Tabasa will lead the guards. I want one person stationed at the gate at all times with the others spread out across the rest of the property. Please pay more attention at night and watch the house carefully, is that alright?”


After dinner yesterday, we had a little meeting about the work division. [5] Aside from deciding who would be in charge of what division, we also talked about working hours. Children will only work mornings. It will be a 6-day working week with a free day on the 7th day. The pay would be 1 gold coin per family.

This had all been stipulated in the slave contract.

Personally, I thought it was too little but Radoslav-san said that it’s quite generous. In his words, “Exceptionally generous, in fact.”

Well, considering how I’m also covering both food and housing, that may be true.

As for the guards, considering how most of them consisted of wilful men and one responsible woman, I know who to put in charge of the circus. [6] Tabasa has already shown herself quite capable of using violence to discipline her brothers, so I don’t think she’ll have trouble managing easy-going Peter or apathetic Bartel.

Speaking of which, my requirements for the guards are pretty basic. [2] One person is to be stationed at the gate at all times while the rest patrol the grounds. I let them organise themselves as they please about night shifts etc. The only thing I insisted on is a rotation system so that everyone could at least take a day off every 10 days or so.

With the defences properly set up, the guards will receive 1 gold coin each.

Again, [5] I thought that was quite little but Radoslav-san assured me that ‘Even this is too much.’

Anyway, work soon got started after all this had all been decided.

Oh, I also provided the ladies with plenty of cleaning tools, courtesy of [Net Super].

Rags, brooms, dustpans, mops, hand-held dustpans, lint rollers for carpets with plenty of refills as well as environmentally friendly detergents. [1] Naturally, I taught them how to use everything before letting them go crazy with some of the less familiar tools.

Lotte-chan is still young, so it’s fine to let her play around for now. She seemed to like the lint roller though and was having fun with it even now.

I had provided enough cleaning tools for the main house as well as the servant quarters. It would not do to clean all day and come home to a dirty house, right?

Anyway, once everything had been set up, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild with my familiars.


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  1. Philip

    As usual, a normal interaction is made interesting by the duo of lucky idiots. Who knows, maybe they really intended to steal Fer’s food to have a taste, not just by mistake, but man they can be stupid, stealing food is probably the number one reason an animal goes berserk. Oh well, they have a big garden, a couple graves there might go unnoticed.
    Thanks for the first chapter this week! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. SFcipher

    Those dumb and dumber twins…😩 Sooner or later they will facing a pay back from Fer.
    Thanks for the treat.

  3. Hamster

    Considering how valuable a single gold coin is based upon Mukouda’s entry into the story, the slaves are definitely far overpaid.

  4. Gackt1

    How those two idiot still alive until now ??? Their Luck stat must be very very high

  5. Felipe

    Wow, I knew the twins were idiots but to steal fer’s food?! That’s just suicide, I think they only survived so far thanks to their sister

    1. Gumihou

      Bless be the sister.
      I’m sure it’s been hard on Tabasa.

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