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Little Cooking Saint – 0142 – Dry Hotpot (a)

Chapter 142 Dry Hotpot (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu had been crouching motionless within the dense forest for a long time now. After searching in her area for what seemed to be ages, the people finally moved to a different area.

The plan was to quietly sneak away once these people moved on, but the moment she crept out of her hiding place. One of the seekers suddenly ran back for no reason. By then, it was too late to hide herself.

When the man caught sight of Shiyu, glee filled his eyes.

[1] Though they had been sent into the forest together to capture this little brat, the merit one could claim as an individual is obviously different from a group. Therefore, instead of calling for his companions, he decided to make his fortune in silence.

Shiyu realised that running would only attract the attention of others, therefore she stayed in place, looking at her would-be attacker with a frightened face. The moment that person moved for the kill, Shiyu activated Chasing Clouds & Moon. She flashed behind her would-be murderer. A hand slapping the chin up, while the other hand swiped efficiently with her knife.

She held on until the body stopped twitching.

A flash of fire later, the body was destroyed.

Even before the last bit of ash settled to the ground she was gone, running in the direction where the seekers had already searched.

However, as time went by, more and more people came into the forest. Shiyu became more proficient at hiding, but with so many people stumbling about, her position would inevitably be revealed. If she could hide, she would hide. If she was discovered, the person who found her would die. Triumph fading from their eyes.

It was all thanks to her self-imposed training on the way to Xuan Chu. If she had not polished her skills against those thieves and assassins, she might have turned into a dead soul under someone’s sword by now.

However, no matter how well she concealed her movements, the people soon discovered something wrong.

“What happened to Lao San? Why haven’t I seen him?”

“Ah Yuan is gone too,”

“Didn’t those two went to the east side? Did something happen to them?”

“Go! Let’s go have a look,”


From the sound of footsteps, Shiyu could tell that about five or six people were coming. Moreover, two of them has higher Cultivation level than herself, which made her nervous. She could not help but tensed up as the searchers approached. She had exhausted her mental strength and was currently depending on the tree’s foliage to hide her body.

“Strange, where are those two?” one of them said, looking around carefully.

They were stepping closer and closer to where Shiyu was crouching in the tree. Right now the top of their heads were just a few inches below her feet. Go away, thought Shiyu: Go away nothing to find here.

The group searched for a little longer but found nothing. They were about to leave when an errant breeze broke a leaf off the tree that Shiyu was hiding in. [2] As the leaf fell, it spiralled slowly in the air and landed on one of the searcher’s head. The person automatically looked up and locked eyes with Shiyu.

[2] That was enough.

Five golden flames shot like arrows from her hand and engulfed the men, turning them into human torches. The three Core Transformation Cultivators were quickly overwhelmed turned into ashes almost immediately. However, the two Core Condensation Cultivators managed to resist a little and screamed a warning before they died.

Their screams reverberated through the dense forest, causing everyone to rush towards the area. Hearing the thundering noises of people rushing in, Shiyu knew that she could no longer keep hiding. Using the tree as a shield, she faced the side with fewer people and got ready to fight.

As long as she did not die, she would not give up hope. After all, as long as there’s hope, there’s a slim chance a miracle could happen, right?

As the people surrounded her, Shiyu no longer cared about conserving her Spiritual energy. Ocean Heart Flames flared on her palm and those who were even grazed by the flame were reduced to dust.

Ocean Heart Flame was indeed a powerful tool. However, the Spiritual energy consumed was correspondingly high. After taking out seven or eight more people, she was starting to tire out.

As for the other side, the Qi Clan people never expected a Core Transformation little girl to have such powerful martial arts at her disposal. They stared fearfully at the flames still burning between themselves and her, fear shadowing their eyes.

Shiyu took advantage of their stunned moment and fled.

As Shiyu did her best to escape from her pursuers, Fat Cat suddenly sighed, “And here’s that stupid, powerless feeling again. Back then, I had the strength, but not the seniority. Now I have seniority, but no longer have the strength. Never mind, I shall block them for a bit. You do your best to escape.”

Without waiting for Shiyu to agree or disagree, Fat Cat leapt into the sky. Suddenly, the entire world was blotted out by a black mist. The minute water droplets were as black as ink and the mist rolled across the area very quickly. Suddenly, a sharp wind blew and the black mist expanded even faster.

Everyone who came into contact with the mist suddenly found their five senses scrambled. They lost their sense of direction and even their mental powers were messed up. As for the people on flying mounts above the forest, they all thought that Shiyu had been discovered and immediately flew into the black mist.

While everyone was being distracted by the black mist, Shiyu moved east, running forward for some time before switching direction.

She did not stop running until the sky turned dark and the gates of a small town appeared. That’s right, it’s better to hide her qi amongst ordinary people. Shiyu found a corner to catch her breath and recover a bit of her power before leaving just as suddenly.

She had to escape Xuan Chu as quickly as possible.


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Meanwhile, back at the Qi Estate.

Patriarch Qi entered Qi Chuyun’s courtyard after having dealt with the day’s affairs.

In the end, they were grandparent and grandchild. Blood ties cannot be severed over trivial matters like this. At the end of the day, the future of the clan would fall into the hands of the next generation.

After having been confined for most of the day, Qi Chuyun had long since calmed down. She spent the time analysing Grandfather’s actions and realised that he must have known that their Venerable Ancestor was fake. Once the matter is exposed, the Qi Clan would suffer great humiliation.

After all, the reason Qi Clan could become such a great powerhouse was entirely due to that fake ancestor of theirs. If it was not for him, Qi Clan would continue to be one of those shabby Cultivating clans clinging to the memory of their past ancestor’s achievements.

Grandpa must have wanted to keep this a secret, why else would he send people to have Xiao Shi killed?


Just who is the person wearing their Venerable Ancestor’s face?

Why would a powerful person like him stick to the Qi Clan?

No matter how hard Qi Chuyun thought, she could not figure it out.

When she saw grandfather coming into her courtyard, Qi Chuyun felt awkward. However, her desire to find out what happened to Xiao Qi was stronger than her desire to avoid her grandfather. Therefore, she came to the living room to meet with her grandfather and said, “Grandfather, are you here to tell me that the girl is dead?”

“No news as yet.”

“What?” Qi Chuyun was shocked. “How is this possible?!” So much time has passed and the girl is only a Core Transformation Cultivator. Considering the number of people and resources sent to hunt her down, how could there be no news?

“That is a very good question, how can this possible?” Patriarch Qi’s voice was very solemn. “[3] According to the wench, she travelled alone over 100,000 miles to Xuan Chu. How could a slip of a girl like that travel such distance without meeting an accident? I sent over 20 people after her. 8 of them strong Core Condensation Stage disciples and yet…” his brows drew together, “and yet, they are unable to get rid of her. Can you escape these 20 people?”

Qi Chuyun shook her head, “How can I?”

“However, she managed it. Our great ancestor is greatly skilled and talented. He must have accumulated all kinds of Martial Skills and Spiritual Weapons, even rare medicines! However, the only thing she returns to us is his bones. Not a trace of other items to speak of. Where do you think they have disappeared to?

Moreover, how old is that little girl? Not yet 15 or 16 but already broken through to Core Transformation Stage. Is this truly possible for such a young girl to achieve such a level without exceptional assistance?”

Qi Chuyun’s eyes widened at her Grandfather’s words.

“Grandfather… are you saying… she snatched away all the treasure Venerable Ancestor left for us?”


[Gumihou: … what kind of broken headed explanation is that? Miss Qi, if you believe your shifty grandpa and his badly constructed argument, Gumi will have to rub her forehead until it shines.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


*Previous ‘missing stage’. Now it re-appeared as Stage 5. Eh, whatev…


[1] Union in Support of Minor Characters: He was going to die in the next paragraph, gave him a couple more lines.

[2] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Moment of discovery must be dramatic

[3] Creative Adjustment for Dramatic Purpose: Author failed to convey the sneering and putting down that Patriarch Qi must have used to discredit Shiyu and placed themselves on higher moral ground.  It’s fine, Gumihou fixed it. It’s still kind of dodgy though.


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