Little Cooking Saint – 0215 – Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple (g)

Little Cooking Saint – 0215 – Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple (g)

Chapter 215 Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


At San Pang’s sudden enthusiasm, she fetched three stalks of the flowers from her space and handed them to the stunned radish, “For you, let me know if you need more,”

San Pang’s eyes were so wide his eyeballs looked like they might fall out.

“So… so many!” San Pang exclaimed. “Se- seven days! Give me seven days and I’ll be all grown up!” He grabbed all three flowers in his arms and leapt back into the flowerpot, transforming into a radish midway.

While the radish was drilling himself back into the pot with his flowers, San Pang suddenly stopped. The radish twisted around to face Shiyu, “Erm, once I grow as tall as you, I’ll be leaving. Um, is it still alright to give me these Jade Petal Flowers?”

“You want to leave?” there’s that stricken feeling in her chest again. Is this what parents with grown children felt like?! She didn’t like it at all. “Where are you going? I’ll be leaving soon anyway. Don’t you want to travel with me?”

She had San Pang by her side almost constantly after her first visit to the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. That radish might be lazy and greedy, but he was not a bad person. Though they might quarrel or mock each other now and then, it was still better than being alone.

Back at Xuan Chu, this greedy and cowardly little thing had even tried to stick with her despite the danger surrounding them.

“I’m sorry,” San Pang’s eyes were a little red. He bowed and said, “Before I encounter you in the mountain range, I had been searching for someone. I did want to explore the Eight Realm with you, but, I can’t wait anymore.

You’ve always wanted to know why I know so many things, right?

I’ll tell you. Within the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, there are many plants and trees. [1] Though we cannot move as freely as beasts or humans, we could chat and exchange information with each other while absorbing the essence from the sun and moon. [1] Let me tell you, plants are serious gossipers! Our favourite topic are humans who explored the mountain range. I got bored squatting in one place. After 300 years of just listening to them talk. So, I got up and walked away.”

Shiyu had no idea that vegetation could develop enough consciousness to actually gossip about the human world.

“So, who are you looking for?” asked Shiyu?

“The one who awakened my consciousness,” said San Pang. “I was one of those random plants without awareness when this human sat by me and accidentally dropped some blood on me. After gaining consciousness, I wish to meet him face to face at least once.” San Pang said wistfully.

Shiyu sighed, “You’ve been waiting for 300 years. How can I stop you? You sit here and focus on growing. Once you’re bigger, we can talk about your plans later.”

San Pang said, “Alright, I just want to see him once. After I’ve met him and repay him for this kindness, I will return.”

“Alright,” Shiyu patted his frondy head, “good.”

Shiyu left the sunlit loft and was walking downstairs when a soft, ‘Wuwu’ called to her.

She looked up and saw the wispy figure Cloud Beast drifting anxiously in front of her, “Wuwuwu,”

“Will you be leaving with him when the time comes?”


“Alright, you’re his friend after all. Make sure to stay safe and run away together if there’s any danger, alright? Don’t fight enemies who are stronger than you. Come back safely.”

Cloud Beast did not make any more noise. Instead, he wound his soft body around Shiyu’s arm and squeezed gently. Shiyu patted the fluffy thing a little sadly.

So, after Wen Heng and Wen Xian, San Pang and Cloud Beast will be leaving too.

Who else will leave next?

Shiyu turned and looked out the loft window. The sky had turned red with the setting of the sun. It was as though heaven itself was telling her that nothing lasts forever.

Especially not for those struggling to reach the peak. Those who have reached the pinnacle of strength could pick out a small town they like, build a modest villa and live in quiet peace.

That’s right, for the sake of a peaceful life, one should strive to gain as much strength as possible. One day, far into the future, you could rejoin with your scattered friends for a reunion banquet.

Until then, they must all work hard.

Taking in a deep breath, Shiyu faced the setting sun once more before making her way back to the kitchen.


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The Imperial College, public square.

Champions sat in the middle of the platform, as usual, forming a circle facing outward. Their eyes closed as they meditated. One would think that an hour’s worth of Cultivation may not increase one’s Spiritual powers much, but that was before the rift opened over the Imperial College. They could feel their Cultivation base improving even as they did nothing but breathed in the air. Therefore, everyone developed the habit to Cultivate whenever they can.

The Challengers were not the only students near the platform. Other students sat as near as they dared, hoping to gain as much spiritual power as they could from the rift. Some came especially to look at these College representatives who were given the right to meditate directly under the rift. Some were envious, others were contemptuous, some were angry and so forth. After all, it’s only natural for geniuses to be a little proud or even arrogant.

However, one thing puzzled them.

[2] “Why are there only six of them? Where’s the seventh Champion?”

“Who knows, I haven’t seen her these few days.”

“What are you talking about? We rarely see her at all. I mean, we always see Lin Fan on the platform and most of the others now and then, but that seventh person… Ever since the tournament started, I’ve only ever seen her once or twice.”

“So rarely?”

“Isn’t it? I mean, sure, she might [2] be Cultivating outside. However, seeing how dense the Spiritual aura of our College is, you’d think we see around more often. What idiot would Cultivate outside when the Spiritual power is 10 times denser than anywhere else? Is she even a College student?”

“Why do you care whether she’s around the school or not? Her strength is the real thing. Even though we diligently attend classes every day, our strength still can’t be compared to hers. Even Lin Fan had been overtaken by this Core Condensation 6 girl. Tsk, tsk, how envious, ah!”

They were still gossiping when they felt someone walked past them.


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Shiyu had spent the whole night working into the wee hours of the morning. Her whole body felt stiff and a little unnatural. Bringing breakfast for Lin Fan and the others was more of an excuse to move her limbs and worked off the stiffness in her body.

When she came nearer to the centre of the platform, she lightened her steps. Since there were so many people meditating, it would be impolite to make too much noise. Although Cultivators could theoretically meditate under any circumstances, it was better to do it in a quiet environment.

She stopped next to the circle of meditating people. Since they were clearly immersed in their Cultivation, Shiyu did not bother them. Instead, she tipped her head back and looked at the jet black whirlpool slowly rotating in the rift directly above this spot.

Compared to everywhere else in the College, the concentration of Spiritual power here was particularly high. She had only been standing around for a couple of minutes, not even doing any active meditation, but could already feel the energy washing away the fatigue in her body.

It would be strange if people don’t start fights for the right to meditate under the rift…

Suddenly, she thought of Wen Heng and Wen Xian.

What are those brothers doing now?

Where are they?

Is it possible to one day catch up to Wen Heng? Or perhaps, even surpass him…

“Hah!” a snort of laughter escaped her lips.

How presumptuous, to regard Wen Heng as a goal!

“What are you laughing about?” Lin Fan and Qing Chen opened their eyes. Both were clearly wondering what Shiyu was thinking about with that strange expression on her face.

“Nothing, nothing,” Shiyu waved her hand. “I’m just here to send some food to you. Let’s wait for the others to wake up first.”


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjusted Information for Dramatic Purpose: San Pang is talking about his past, rearranged some information and added embellishments to make it more exciting and San Pang-ish. No dry delivery, please.

[2] Adjust Information for Dramatic Purpose: author immediately revealed there were only 6 people on the platform, which is not wrong, but along with all that information about them cultivating all the time etc, the impact was reduced.

[3] Added Detail for Clarification: I had to read this sentence a few times before understanding it, so just put the clarification in. Also, I’m guessing this person was not around when Shiyu helped out Uncle Gan in the kitchen?


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