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Little Cooking Saint – 0143 – Dry Hotpot (b)

Chapter 143 Dry Hotpot (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Patriarch Qi nodded solemnly, “She must have received assistance from our Venerable Ancestor. That is why her Cultivation is higher than regular people. If she had admitted it openly, I would not have made trouble for her. However, look at her nervous and secretive ways! If that’s not the guilty conscious of a thief, what is it?” Patriarch Qi thundered righteously. [1] Then, he added in a low voice, “Who’s to say she’s even a human?”

“If that’s the case, Grandfather should be the one to capture it!” Qi Chuyun said in an eager voice. “Our Qi Clan never had a clan member in Divine Transformation Stage since our Venerable Ancestor. If we could capture that Beast, perhaps we might even find a breakthrough.”

“No need to worry,” Patriarch Qi said magnanimously. “After all, it doesn’t matter whether we bring it back dead or alive. I naturally have a way to make it useful to us.”

Just then, a maid came in to report that a subordinate had arrived with a message for the Patriarch.

When Qi Chuyun tucked her hands onto her sleeve to hide her clenched fists.

Patriarch glanced at her once, before giving the order to let the messenger in.

The subordinate came into the courtyard and saluted the Patriarch, “Reporting to the Patriarch. The person you have sent us after has escaped to the border. She’s currently hidden within Linjiang City.”

Qi Chuyun privately breathed a sigh of relief.

Grandfather’s explanation of why he attacked the girl was very weak. Regardless of how she came by her abilities, the Qi Clan should be grateful that the girl took the trouble to traverse over 100,000 miles to send their ancestor’s bones over. So what if she had received the Venerable Ancestor’s treasures? They ought to reward her handsomely for her trouble. Moreover, who’s to say she would have made the journey if not for these treasures?

“You’re telling me you know she’s in Linjiang but could not track her down?” Patriarch Qi’s voice was flat, but the slight trickle of blood dripping from the corner of the messenger’s lips showed that he was angry enough to use his Cultivation to suppress the other

“There are nearly one million people in Linjiang City. There are too many mortals around to track her down through qi…”

Linjiang City. Qi Chuyun recalled in a daze that that was where she first saw Xiao Shi. At a little tea stand just outside the border city of Linjiang.

The borders of Xuan Chu was just a little beyond Linjiang City. Once she crosses that border, she would be in a different country. Not even Grandfather would dare to openly pursue her outside of Xuan Chu.

Run quickly, Qi Chuyun prayed.

However, it looked like Patriarch Qi was taking no chances this time. He immediately sent someone to invite Zhang Gongfeng, one of the three elders of the Qi Clan over. This Zhang Gonfeng was a Divine Transformation Stage Cultivator.

With a Divine Transformation Master on her tail, it would a miracle if Shiyu manages to escape.

Seeing her grandfather getting ready to leave, Qi Chuyun hurriedly said, “I’m coming too!”

Patriarch Qi did not stop her.

It did not take long for Zhang Gongfeng to arrive. The elder nodded coldly at Patriarch Qi before grabbing both grandfather and granddaughter with him and flashed towards Linjiang City.

The speed of a Divine Transformation Master is beyond belief. Within an hour, they sighted Linjiang City.


Linjiang City.

Shiyu had tucked herself away in an unoccupied corner, doing her best to restore her Spiritual powers. There were too many people coming after her and she could only hide among mortals within a large city. She was running out of tricks and companions. Whether she survives this encounter or not would depend on luck.

If she’s lucky, she could get out of Xuan Chu once she leaves this city.

To think, that after surviving all the ambushes and assassins all the way here, she would be bitten in the back by a descendent of Mister Qi.

Human hearts are truly incomprehensible. No wonder that Beast could stay within that Qi Clan undetected for so many years.

Shiyu leaned back against the wall. Suddenly, a chill shook her out of her meditation.

A powerful consciousness swept over her and for a moment, her heart stopped.

It’s over.

They have sent a Divine Transformation Master!

The chilling feeling of someone else’s consciousness dragged across her very existence once more.

She had been discovered!

A figure landed where she been just a second ago. However, this kind of speed was useless against a Divine Transformation Master. Shiyu sped desperately through the streets heading for the city wall when suddenly, her body was thrown into the air. [2] There was a moment of unexpected weightlessness and then suddenly, her back struck hard against an unyielding surface with a powerful ‘Pa!’

There was a suffocating weight on her chest and at first, she thought it was just a stitch from running too quickly. Then, she noticed the long handle protruding from her chest.

“Ugh,” those bastards have nailed her with a spear!


Imperial College, Eastern Martial Empire.

Xiao Qi and Lao Er suddenly felt the soul jade on their chest heated up. When they took it out, they saw a crack in the pattern that represented their older sister.

There were six members in their little family, therefore each soul jade was imprinted with six consciousness. If any one of them was injured heavily enough, the soul jade would crack. [3] If that bit of pattern broke off, it meant the person had died.

“Sister is in trouble!”

Lao Er rushed out of the Villa. The only thing he could think of now is to beg Elder Liu for help. Elder Liu is so powerful, surely he could think of something?

Wen Xian was still staring with shock at the person his blood recognised as a close relative. He was still in a daze when Lao Er came running down the path with a panicked expression. Having known Lao Er for so long, this was the first time he saw him so flustered. Glad for a distraction from his own issue, he quickly stopped Lao Er and asked, “What is it? Where are you going?”

“Something happened to my sister. I’m going to find Elder Liu,” Lao Er was in a panic, his hand clutching at the cracked soul jade. He was so flustered that he did not even notice the stranger in the middle of their garden path. [3] Xiao Qi was nearly hopping in place with impatience.

“Sister Shiyu?” Wen Xian sucked in a breath. “I’ll come with you.”

He had barely taken two steps when Sister Shiyu’s words echoed in his head.

[3] “Your brother is more powerful than anyone else, 10 of Feng Luo’s grandfather can’t beat him,

He grabbed Lao Er’s arm and snatched Xiao Qi up by the back of her shirt. He turned determined eyes at his brother, “I- I want to ask you. Can you help me save someone?”


Linjiang City.

Blood dripped from Shiyu’s mouth and splotched onto her dress as she fixed her gaze on Patriarch Qi. The old man was hovering arrogantly in front of her, showing off his power by floating in the air. She hated that she couldn’t just call down a thunder down to smite him.

The pain in her chest was so strong that it nearly paralyzed her limbs. She could only stay in place, obediently nailed to the wall like a pinned butterfly as Patriarch Qi casually strolled over with sedate steps. Shiyu panted for air as she maintains her gaze with the old man.

“Ungrateful thing,” Patriarch Qi said indifferently. “After receiving our Qi Clan’s favour, you still dare to steal the Qi Clan’s heritage? Do you think that if you do not speak it, none would be the wiser? Well, since you refuse to answer me, die!”

Patriarch Qi raised his hand to strike her down. Shiyu, who had been leaning passively against the wall suddenly activated Chasing Clouds & Moon. With swift, fierce movements, she wrenched the spear out of her chest and thrust it towards Patriarch Qi.

Patriarch Qi instinctively dodged the thrust, [4] bending backwards in a way that belied his age. He sneered, to think that this dying brat still has the cheek to attack him. He grabbed the spear as it passed him the second time. Stupid brat, the blunt end was towards her enemy! Even if she struck him, the worst he would suffer would be a bruise. With a malicious grin, he tightened his hold on the shaft and thrust the sharp end of the spear forward. Stabbing the brat once more in the chest.

[4] There, see how this wretched brat intends to struggle now.

[4] Slightly feverish eyes stared into his.

[4] Shiyu’s grin was more like a grimace.

[4] She had achieved her goal.

[4] Golden fire raced up the handle of the spear and engulfed Patriarch Qi’s disbelieving face. The next instant, he turned into a human torch. Golden flames howled for a few seconds and disappeared almost as quickly as they had come. Where Patriarch Qi had been, nothing remained but some drifting ashes.

“Hah-” Shiyu gave the dissipating dust a mocking smile.

Want me to die? Pay the price.

[4] The spear holding her in place was burnt to ashes. With nothing to pin her against the wall, Shiyu began to fall. Her body tumbled through the air in seemingly slow motion. The sky had grown dark without her realising it. The stars were pretty tonight.

Too bad I’ll never see it again.

Death is coming for her, she could feel it.

She had felt it when her bones cracked under the wheel of a car. The despair of things falling out of her reach, of missed opportunities and broken relationships passed her by.

This time, I probably won’t get the chance to open my eyes again.

Shiyu closed her eyes and let the world fall away.

Just as her body was about to hit the ground, it halted in mid-air. Beside her, a figure suddenly appeared…


[Gumihou: (⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


*Previous ‘missing stage’. Now it re-appeared as Stage 5. Eh, whatev…

[1] Additional Details for Logistic Purpose: Something was missing after the first paragraph. Added a line to ensure that the second paragraph makes sense.

[2] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Err, the original was “..she rushed to the city wall at high speed when she suddenly stiffened, and then her body was thrown high. A spear pierced through the air with a “puchi”, penetrated her chest and nailed her to the city wall.

No, nah, not gonna use that.

Also ‘puchi’?


Did you just fart?

[3] Change Detail for Logistic Purpose: Like… I don’t know how soul jade works, but if ‘saw a crack on the pattern that indicated their older sister’, then how would ‘the jade would be broken’ let you know that a specific person had died? Isn’t that too inefficient?

Changed detail to ‘that bit would break off’ instead of ‘the jade will shatter

Also, added a few more details to increase the length for Dramatic Purpose

[4] Additional Detail for Dramatic Purpose: It’s a life and death battle, of course, Gumihou is going to take some creative licence.


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