Little Cooking Saint – 0141 – Plum Wine (f)

Chapter 141 Plum Wine (f)

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The moment Shiyu got away from the tavern, she made like an arrow and fled Wuhan City in a straight line. The past two months of flitting around with Chasing Clouds & Moon showed its result here. Though there were a lot of people chasing her down, none of them could reach her speed.

Unfortunately, she was only a Core Transformation Cultivator. This skill was dependent on her Spiritual capacity. Once her Spiritual Power was gone, she could not continue using it. Therefore, when she estimated that her Spiritual powers were half used up, she summoned Cloud Beast and flew high into the air and hid their movements above the clouds.

[1] Cloud Beast sped along as quickly as it could while Shiyu circulated her Spiritual energy through her meridians, trying to recover her strength as quickly as she could. When Cloud Beast’s own Spiritual energy was half gone, they landed and Cloud Beast tagged out. Shiyu began running again with Cloud Beast stuck to her hair in miniature form.

They did this several times, tag-teaming for maximum speed and minimal energy consumption. Shiyu was still running when San Pang suddenly poked his head out of her pocket. [2] He had returned to his radish form and had been napping there while all this excitement had been happening.

“What’s going on?”

“You better go hide. When they catch up with us, you must jump away and hide,” Shiyu commanded. Now that she could no longer guarantee her own safety, they had better all scatter and rely on their luck to survive.

“How can I just abandon you like this?! Do I look like that kind of miserable radish? Speaking of which, you should just let me off now. It’d be too late to jump away when they catch up to you,” San Pang exclaimed.

“… …”

Shiyu grabbed the radish, set her gaze towards a distant hilltop and threw the stupid radish away.

San Pang flew like a stubby javelin, his voice came faintly in the breeze, “Aah… ahh…. J-joking… just joking… ah, ah, ah…”

“… …” sweat flowed down Shiyu’s brow. [3] Timing, ah! You shitty radish!

However, considering the critical situation now, it’s probably better to split off now than later. San Pang’s status was rather special, he’d most likely be made into radish soup the moment he’s caught.

Shiyu and Cloud Beast worked together, alternatively flying and running away. Eventually, they managed to put enough distance between themselves and their chasers, until they were nothing but black spots in the distance. Looks like they were still chasing her on foot, having not anticipated her flying beast.

“Into the forest!”

Fat Cat suddenly said.

Shiyu looked down. They were currently flying over a vast jungle. There were tall green trees as far as the eye could see and Shiyu knew, from experience, that the undergrowth was incredibly thick and messy. [1] Shiyu immediately commanded Cloud Beast to fly lower. Once they passed the treetops, Cloud Beast shrank and attached itself to her hair and she zigzagged through the undergrowth with Chasing Clouds & Moon.

The trees here were tall, ancient and stately. Though they have not achieved the enlightenment of the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range trees, they could still hide her from her pursuer’s eyes. More importantly, no matter how well Shiyu and Cloud Beast conserve their energy, they could not keep this pace indefinitely.

A quarter of an hour later, a group of people appeared at the edge of the forest.

“She has gone inside,” said one of them.

“More importantly, she still has that flying beast. As long as she has a flying mount, once the beast recovered its strength we have very little hope of chasing her down. If we try and search for her in the forest, she could get away anytime with that blasted beast of hers.”

Their most powerful fighter was a Core Condensation Cultivator. Though it is possible to glide in the sky for a short time, they cannot fly for real or achieve the heights of a true flyer.

“It would be great if we have a Divine Transformation elder with us,”

clan members who have achieved the Divine Transformation Stage are very rare. There were only three Divine Transformation elders now. However, isn’t it an embarrassment to call upon these great experts to catch a single little girl? Their own pride aside, the elders might not even be willing to come out on such a ridiculous errand.

“I think we should still send someone into the forest. Meanwhile, the rest of us could go back and ride out with our flying beasts. Just bring the fastest fliers, ignore those at Rank 3 and below. Now go!”


Like this, the group quickly divided themselves into two. One to chase down Shiyu, and the other to return to Wushan City.


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The result of the selection has finally come out and 100 boys and girls were accepted into the Qi Clan with much ceremony.

“The Cultivation Journey is long and arduous. To become a person worthy of respect, one must be able to survive even the hardest of challenges. You must all prepare yourself.” The Qi Clan’s steward informed the children’s guardians.

“We understand this,” though they were a little reluctant to let go, the guardians, be it parents, older siblings, or elders, all said their goodbyes to the children.

“Moreover, though we do our best to maintain the mountains, we cannot completely avoid accidental casualties,” the steward continued. “I’m sure you understand this?”


For them, entering the Qi Clan meant an opportunity for a brighter future. For the sake of the future generation, what is a little risk?

After the final farewell, the children entered the gates of the Qi Estate.


Patriarch Qi personally escorted the Venerable Ancestor back to the mountains to continue his close Cultivation. When he returned, he inquired, “What happened to the mission I sent you on? Has there been news?”

“Replying to the Patriarch, the girl has a flying mount. We have already dispatched our fliers after her.”

The Qi Patriarch nodded. The girl’s Cultivation stage was only at Core Transformation at most. Even with tricks and flying beasts, she would not last long. “Once dead, bring the corpse to me.” It’s always better to confirm things with one’s own eyes.

Once he had given out his orders, the Patriarch proceeded to Qi Chuyun’s courtyard. After the guards forced their Eldest Miss back into her courtyard, they were given orders not to let her out.

He would have to be more tactful here. The prosperity of the Qi Clan lies with the next generation. He did not care about blackening his own name. He would do whatever it takes to ensure that Qi Clan would not fall.

The Patriarch paused before Qi Chuyun’s courtyard and stood outside for a long time before coming in.


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Within the forest.

When Shiyu heard the high pitched cry of flying beasts, her heart sank.

It would be impossible to rely on Cloud Beast to escape now. The speed of these flying mount outstrips the combined effort of both Shiyu and Cloud Beast. If they had still been fleeing in a straight line, they would have been caught by now.

“Cloud Beast, I’ve really gotten us into trouble this time. You must hide yourself, it’s not easy for you to Cultivate to this stage so you mustn’t get caught. Shiyu patted Cloud Beast’s soft and tiny body as she detached him from the end of her braid. After tucking him into some undergrowth, Shiyu kicked up her heels and speed through the forest.

Left behind, Cloud Beast made a low ‘wuwu’ sound before shrinking his body even further and hid his qi.

Not long after that, someone rushed past the same spot Shiyu had been hiding, attracted by the sudden burst of power and movement.

The trees here were very dense and there was undergrowth everywhere. Shiyu picked an out of the way spot, wrapped herself up with her mental powers and stayed still. [4] ‘These are not the little girls you’re looking for’, she thought desperately and had to stifle a ridiculous urge to giggle.

The people looking for her rushed past a couple of times, but more doubled back. How long could she keep this up? The moment her mental powers exhausted themselves, she would be exposed to these people.


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Imperial College.

Bamboo Villa.

Wen Xian was currently feeling a little depressed. After spending so much time Cultivating, he had yet to break into Core Transformation Stage. Why can’t he cross that final level?

Now, even Xiao Qi was catching up to him. As for Lao Er, no, he should call him Shi Jin now, is starting to Cultivate. Wouldn’t he be surpassed by these two juniors soon?

He dare not compare himself to Lin Fan or the rest, but feeling the people who had been behind him catching up and moving forward is not nice, ah.

He sighed as he opened the door of the Villa. Today, the plan is to visit the Treasure Pavilion to see if there’s anything that could help him breakthrough. Maybe, he could even sweet-talk Elder Liu into giving him a hint… [5]

He was about to step out when he found a slender figure standing in the middle of their garden path. [5] The person was clearly a man, with long dark hair and clothing so black that it seemed to absorb light.

[5] Wen Xian tilted his head to the side: Is this Lin Fan Bro or Sister Shiyu’s friend? Since they’re so strong, they should have lots of strong friends, right?

“Excuse me, are you looking for someone?” he asked.

At Wen Xian’s voice, the man turned around. When their eyes met, Wen Xian felt as though the entire world had fallen away. His heart rate picked up and his pupils shrank. A premonition welled up from his chest.

“You…” he could barely hear himself from the thunderous roar of his heart. His tongue felt stiff, his hand tightened against the door frame. [5] He stared and stared, but no words came forth from his mouth.

In contrast, the man smiled. He turned all the way to face Wen Xian. [5] The smile on his face was like the Third Month sun, warm, gentle and bright.

“It is I, your brother, Wen Heng.”


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Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


*Previous ‘missing stage’. Now it re-appeared as Stage 5. Eh, whatev…


[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Chase scene! It’s a chase scene! So more words, more drama! AaaaaAAAAaaahhhh!!!

[2] Attempt to Cover Plot Hole: San Pang, where have you been all this while?!

[3] Added Detail for Comedic Purpose: Shiyu’s indignance is hilarious

[4] Added Star Wars Detail for Comedic Effect: I mean, how could Gumihou resist?

[5] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: It’s the grand entrance of the Great Wen Heng, ah! The guy rumoured to be so powerful that even ’10 of Feng Luo’s grandpa can’t beat him!’ So how could Gumihou be so shabby?! Pile on the descriptive words people!


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