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Little Cooking Saint – 0109 – Stir-fried Bok Choi

Chapter 109 Stir-fried Bok Choi

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

When the man next opened his eyes, it was because a different kind of smell assaulted his nose. It came from the ship’s galley. The smell of something burning shot through the scent of cooking food like spilt ink. It was not very pleasant.

His eyes travelled down to a certain corner. The little girl was no longer there. The only thing left to indicate anyone was there, was a taut string stretching from the railing into the sea.

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After selling her grilled food for part of the day, she finally had a little silver in her purse. Enough to rent a bed on the lowest floor. However, the thought of having to bunk in with other people was not very pleasant. Shiyu was just dithering about, wondering if she should get the bed or collect more money to live in a room by herself when one of the crew members came up to her.

“Our captain wants to see you,” The look on the crew member’s face was not very pleasant. Oh my, had she stepped on someone’s tail with her good business? No one likes it when their business was snatched by others after all.

[1] Nevertheless, she followed after the crew member across the deck, up a flight of steps into the captain’s cabin.

The captain looked to be in his 50s, with a powerfully built body and an amiable face. Nevertheless, Shiyu knew that it’s the amiable looking ones that she has to be wary of. There is no way a truly easy-going person could rise to become the captain of a large ship carrying these kinds of passengers through rough seas infested with Spiritual Sea Beasts.

“Little miss, you’re that girl we rescued this morning, aren’t you?” the captain smiled at her. “You have an unexpected skill. How about becoming our ship’s cook? For your information, this ship belongs to me. It’s not you’ll have unlimited stock of seafood to sell, right? How about this, if you become our cook, I’ll cut your fare by half and let you eat and stay for free. What do you think?”

Shiyu thought over it. She guessed the reason behind this offer was probably due to the popularity of her food. If the passengers continue to eat her seafood, wouldn’t they be dissatisfied with the meals provided by the ship?

The Captain recruiting her as the ship’s cook meant avoiding a whole host of problems, such as keeping complaints down and would prevent conflict on all sides. Moreover, she could use this opportunity to practice her Culinary Cultivation too, so why not?

There was no disadvantage to either side. Shiyu wants to take the boat to wherever it ended up and they wanted her skills. It was simply a matter of using each other.

She was about to nod when a voice came from behind, “There are more than a thousand people on this boat. You’ll work this cook to death in a few days. But what do you care? By then, your people would have learnt all her craft and her existence is expendable. Dear Captain, your skill with the abacus is quite excellent.”

The voice was cold, without inflexion. However, it was enough to cause the Captain to blush.

Shiyu turned and saw a man standing at the top of the stairs leading to the upper floors. He was dressed in light green, his light eyebrows giving off the impression that a figure from an ink-wash painting had come alive. Despite their proximity, he appeared very aloft and far away.

“Friend Qing Chen,” the captain cupped his hands in salute. He was very courteous, “I am a businessman. It is in my nature to make decisions that are beneficial to me. I bet my life, and the lives of my men every time we set out to sea. I cannot afford to be a philanthropist, otherwise, who would pity us in return?”

The man ignored him, “Waive the fare, meal and boarding. Pay her a salary too.”

[2] You want me to pay her on top of giving her a free ride as well as room and board?

However, he could not offend this Qing Chen. “Yes, yes, yes, of course, of course.” The Captain cast an eye over the girl with a matchstick-like figure. He had no idea how this thin little creature caught this person’s interest, but he understood that if he were to offend this Qing Chen person, he might no longer be alive to operate a ship.

Having said what he wanted to say, Qing Chen wondered off.

Shiyu looked at the thin, sharp back, as slim and upright as a blade of bamboo leaf. Then, she turned to the Captain, “Who’s that guy?” and why are you so afraid of him?

“You don’t know? You actually don’t know?!” the Captain was amazed. “Just why did he speak up for you,” he muttered to himself. But then, he shook himself and said, “He is called Qing Chen. He’s Leisurely Cloud Sect’s Head Disciple. Leisurely Cloud Sect is the top cultivation sect in Western Qin Dynasty. If you can get close to him, your luck could change for the better in the future. Do remember that your life is saved by me, ah.”

Shiyu felt like ants were crawling up her spine.

Leisurely Cloud Sect, ah. To think she actually encounter someone from that sect here! Shiyu’s original plan was to find her way back to Feng City and let everyone know she’s safe before seeking out Leisure Cloud Sect. Who would have thought she’d actually meet one of their people here, ah! Moreover, he’s the Head Disciple!

Oh, but this Mister Head Disciple’s name sounds awfully familiar…

Qing Chen…

Shiyu racked her brains for some time before finally digging the information out.

Aiya! Tcheh! Isn’t Xuan Yin’s first [3] man slave that Qing Chen dude?

Now that she managed to make the connection, it was easier to recall more details. Shiyu has a fairly good idea of the general plot and Qing Chen made quite an impression on her because he’s the type she likes to stare at. High Cultivation Stage, gorgeous, cool and icy beautiful Flower of Gaoling. He was the secret crush of many of the female disciples, however, most of them only dared to admire him from afar.

Unexpectedly, this Flower of Gaoling accidentally ingested some ‘spring medicine’ when Xuan Yin ‘happened to pass by’. The two ended up spending a frisky spring night together. Thanks to this frisky act, Xuan Yin broke through to Core Transformation Stage. As for Qing Chen, this block of ink-wash ice eventually fell in love with this unique girl.

That’s right, that’s how they got together, ah!

Tsk, tsk, to think that she, Shiyu, was able to see one of these legendary Male Characters up close. This is just like strolling down the streets and encountering male idol Brother Hu, ah! How exciting!

Despite Shiyu saying that she didn’t know Qing Chen, the Captain probably still felt that Shiyu must somehow be connected to this Senior Disciple. So, the first task he gave Shiyu was to take care of Qing Chen’s three meals and even got her to play delivery girl.

Shiyu wordlessly accepted the task since she also wanted an opportunity to get closer to this Beauty. After some inquiry from the other cooks, she found that Qing Chen preferred light food and generally liked vegetarian dishes. As a rule, he would only have one bowl of rice and one side dish. No more, no less.

A Cultivator has few worldly desires. Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that Qing Chen would prefer this kind of dishes. This ship was particularly well-stocked. Though they were in the middle of the sea, there were fresh vegetables in stock. Shiyu picked out a good Bak Choi and made a simple stir-fried dish with it.

The Bok Choi has its own sweetness and a gentle taste. It did not take much work to trim and clean the vegetable and stir-fry it. When served on a pure white plate, the emerald green leaves shone like precious jade. The sight was simple and unpretentious, just perfect. Before sending it out, Shiyu sprinkled a tiny pinch of sugar over the Stir-fried Bok Choi.

Shiyu made her way up the stairs with her tray and stopped at Qing Chen’s door. According to the crew members, Qing Chen’s mealtimes were very regular. Since it’s noon now, he should not be cultivating at the moment.

She lifted her fist to knock when a voice said, “Come in.”

Shiyu blinked, her fist had not even touched the door yet.

Shrugging, she pushed the door open and saw Qing Chen straightening himself up. Clearly, he had just finished Cultivating. Shiyu had no idea what his level was, but it was definitely higher than hers.

“Where should I put this?” asked Shiyu.

“Leave it on the table.”


After placing the tray down, Shiyu did not leave. Instead, she asked, “Excuse me… are you a disciple of Leisurely Cloud Pavilion? Do you know Grand Elder Feng of Feng Clan from the Eastern Martial Empire?”

Qing Chen had just put his feet down from the bed. When he stood up, Shiyu realised that her head did not even reach his shoulder.

“Grand Elder Feng of Feng Clan from the Eastern Martial Empire?” Qing Chen ran his eyes over Shiyu. “Who are you?”

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[3] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Original ‘man’, but Gumihou thought ‘man slave’ is more appropriate. Also, Gumihou hates reverse harem, can’t you tell?


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