Little Cooking Saint – 0308 – Fragrant Dew Rice (d)

Chapter 308 – Fragrant Dew Rice aka Flower Dew Rice (d)

Translated by Gumihou

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To think that the delicacy he had worked so hard on was so worthless in Miss Luo’s eyes.

Frustration constricted the chef’s chest.

In the end, the chef did not stay in the room for too long. After he had left, he had a sudden desire to know… just what is the original thing like?

Back at the elegant private room, Luo Diemeng was bored.

In fact, she was not particularly keen on these delicacies or whatnot. However, getting out of the house and going to this or that restaurant was one of the rare times she gets to spend with her brother.

Over time, she somehow gained a reputation as a famous picky eater.

“Brother… are you worried about something?”

Luo Dongting breathed in deeply once before smiling, “A bit, but it’s no big deal. You just concentrate on your Cultivation. Once you’ve reached a higher Cultivation realm, I, your brother can rely on you.”

Luo Diemeng’s eyes darkened briefly before grinning, “Of course.”

In the end, the matter was not pursued.


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In the middle of nowhere, a middle-aged man dressed in the garb of a Taoist Priest was walking drunkenly down a path, singing and waving a black flag in his hand. He looked very happy and satisfied with life.

He had just returned from officiating an old man’s funeral from a farming household. After the coffin had entered the tomb, the family treated him very warmly and he was invited to stay for two meals.

It wasn’t until the sky had darkened that he finally tottered home. Humming happily to himself all the while.

Was it because the season was getting closer to winter? He felt the cold much keener these days.


A crisp voice called out suddenly.

He turned and blinked at the girl standing in front of him.

“Uncle, you should quickly throw that thing in your hand away or you will die,”

The girl’s advice was kindly meant but [1] when the man looked at her closely, he threw up his hands and screamed ‘Ghost!’ before scrambling to run away from her.

The Taoist Priest made it home, more than a little frightened.

Those who walk by the riverside all the time will one day wet their shoes. [3] He had worked in this field for a long time without seeing even half a ghost but today…

Moreover, he was just a fake Taoist Priest, putting on a show for the sake of making a living. Now that he had actually encountered such dirty things, he was unsure what to do.

It was unknown whether it was due to extreme fright or some other reason but not long after that, he fell sick and grew weaker and weaker each day. His family tried hiring doctors but the only reply they received in return was that the man was very sick and their medicines have no effect on him.

Three days later, the Taoist Priest died.

After the fake Taoist Priest died, news of his encounter with a ghost began to spread.

The rumours all varied: [2]

“He met a little ghost girl on the road,”

“No, it was a female ghost.”

“A beautiful female ghost,”

“The female ghost sucked out his vitality. That’s why he died so quickly,”

All sorts of rumours abound, drawing everyone’s attention away from the Soul Drawing Flag, which had suddenly disappeared from the Taoist Priest’s side.

[3] Thanks to all the bad rumours surrounding the Taoist Priest, the family decided to quickly burn all of his priestly paraphernalia as per their custom.

[3] The flag must have decided to hop away after realising the danger it would be in. Unfortunately, while it was making its escape, a few children caught sight of the flag and seized it.

Innocently thinking they had merely found a fun thing to play with, [3] the children ran about the place, taking turns to wave the flag around. At the end of the day, it was taken home by one of the children.

The child leaned the flag next to his bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he suddenly woke up. In a daze, he had to blink a few times before catching sight of a girl sitting on his table. She was playing a game by herself. The same game he had played with his friends during the day.

“One for you… one for me…”

She tapped her fingers rhythmically on the table as she chanted. It looked like she was having a lot of fun. Suddenly, [3] perhaps feelings his eyes on her, she turned and smiled at him, “Let’s play together.”

The boy [4a] screamed.

A farmer’s house was not very big [4b] and his sudden shout brought his parents running into the room.

As soon as the parents stepped into the room, they immediately saw the girl [3] swinging her legs on the table. Suddenly, a black shadow flashed and the girl disappeared.

Frightened, the parents took the boy to their room and [3] the family huddled together all night. It was close to daybreak before the family had realised that their child had brought a black Taoist Priest flag into their house. [3] Unwilling to touch the flag more than they could help it, they merely ascertain the existence of the flag before building a fire outside.

[3] When the fire was crackling merrily, they finally dared to enter the room boy’s room, intending to quickly seize the unlucky thing and throw it into the fire. Unfortunately, no matter how they search the house, the rooms and the grounds around it, they could not find the black flag.

Not long after this, rumours of a black, inauspicious Spirit Drawing Flag began to spread across the town…

The matter was not very grave. After all, only one person had died thus far and news travelled slowly where people were sparser. However, like a stone dropping into a quiet pond, ripples of a rumour about a mysterious flag began to spread.

When those ripples hit certain shores, those with a mind to find things out would eventually pick up some clues.


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Grand Martial City.

One of the three cooks hired by Shiyu had resigned.

After paying his final wages, Shiyu calmly put up a ‘Help Wanted’ sign at their door.

When the two other cooks heard about it, they were incensed

“Shameless, to think he ran off directly after stealing the master’s recipe.”

“I heard that he and his wife set up a stall inside the city, specialising in Milk Tea and Rushan. The same thing from our store! And making a lot of money too! I guess it’s not surprising for something like this to happen, I wonder if master knows?”

“Should know, ba?” business had fallen even further after that rascal established himself as their rival, surely no one could miss this correlation?

For a long moment, the two of them said nothing.

Finally, one said, “Do you think, the master will pursue this matter?”

“No,” the other shook his head firmly. I don’t believe she even cares.”

After one cook disappeared, it will not take long for them to recruit a second one. They could keep things together until then

As for the stolen craft…

To be honest, the master never did try to keep her recipes a secret. She made it clear that anyone could learn it…

If they thought of it this way, the anger in their hearts receded a little. However, that Xiao Dong’s behaviour was still too shameless!

Taking with telling is stealing.

It turned out that there was no need to worry about recruitment. The sign was put up in the morning, by afternoon, someone walked in to inquire about the job.

Shiyu quickly hired this cook and handed the new guy to the other two.

Perhaps still stung by the sense of betrayal. The two remaining cooks immediately set about brainwashing the newcomer.

“…a man should be upright and honest. You must never think yourself aloof or that this store has nothing to do with you. Now that you’re here, you are like an apprentice learning from a master. Even if you do leave one day, you must ask for permission from the master to use these crafts in the future. Understand?”

The newcomer nodded confusedly at their serious tone.

Lunch was particularly sumptuous that day, perhaps it was to welcome the newcomer?

There was fresh rabbit meat, plump wild chicken, delicately stewed Dongpo Rou and Crystal Pork Shoulder. Served alongside these meats were emerald green vegetables and tender white pineapples, all of which contributed to a mouth-watering experience.


[Gumihou: Gumi has a feeling the author really likes pineapples. Are pineapples expansive in China?]


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[1] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: The transition of knowing > seeing > reacting, to be replaced with seeing > reacting.

[2] Changed single paragraph to several dialogues.

[3] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Express the movements and reactions of an animated inanimate object. Also, layered on the horror.

[4] Deleted Stuff:

[a] …immediately…

Reduced ‘…screamed immediately’ to ‘screamed’ for more immediacy. Also, shortened the paragraph.

[b] …the child’s parents were next door, they quickly got up and walked in…

Wow, what leisurely parents.


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