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Little Cooking Saint – 0035.1 – Sticky Rice Cake (1)

Chapter 35 – Sticky Rice Cake (1)

Translated by Gumihou

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With everyone present, they finally set out. While seeing Mo Yin in a female costume was easy on the eyes, it had nothing to do with Shiyu.

Shiyu didn’t know how to ride a horse, so she continued to sit in the carriage. As for the rest of the people, they all seemed to be in a good mood and were all trotting outside on their respective horses. Even Liu Yi was sitting upright on his horse, his wound should be almost fine by now.

It was the beginning of spring, the road was lined with blossoming peach and plum tree blossoms, filling the air with their sweet scent. Thousands of plants were sprouting, the once barren branches and fields now bursting with life. When Shiyu looked out of the window, she could see two person getting closer and closer to each other.

It looked like Mo Yin and Liu Yi were on their way to become a proper couple.

She had been quite happy to see them getting together. However, when she accidentally walked in on the two of them cheerfully squabbling with each other, the two suddenly jumped apart both rushing to tell her that they were just friends. This really made her uncomfortable. Like, what the heck?

Hey, first of all she never had any intention of stopping their good thing together; she was perfectly happy to see those two laughing and chatting together even over meals. To say that they’re just friends, just who would believe, ah! Since you’re both interested in each other, what’s with all this friends only claims?

Mo Yin making these claims could be considered as just her being a weirdo as usual, but what’s with Liu Yi’s behaviour? Still keeping up his grossly intimate words, while hanging out with a girl and saying they are friends, is he trying to date two girls at the same time?

Shiyu felt like she understood this Liu Yi less and less. However, since she had rescued him, she felt responsible for his well being. Admittedly, he also has a good face that was easy on the eye too, so she felt that he was an all right guy, which was why she had agreed to travel with them. Now that she thought about it, when it came to defending her against his herd of friends, his actions were still rather poor compared to Feng Luo.

In Liu Yi’s heart, if this herd of people were friends, then, what was her position? A… kitchen maid who looks after him?

Shiyu felt crushed, your mom, I’ve been your kitchen maid for so long, yet you’ve never even given me a single coin for my service!

[Gumihou: Lol, she’s angry at not being paid!]

After that, Shiyu just ignored both Mo Yin and Liu Yi. As for the job of changing bandages and applying medicine, it was left to whoever was interested.

She had thought that the status quo would continue until they reach the Imperial Capital, but who knew that on the day before they were scheduled to enter the gates of the Capital, an incident happened. Naturally, this incident was instigated by a certain someone.

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“One of my Cinnabar Fruit has mysteriously disappeared, I want an explanation from you!”

In front of her, Mo Yin led a herd of her friends to surround Shiyu, her tone was especially loud, strident and overbearing.

Shiyu tucked a strand of hair behind an ear, and raised her eyes to look at all the people surrounding her. Feng Luo was not around, it looked like they had taken the chance to threaten her while he’s away. There was a hint of excitement in their eyes, like a pack of dogs that had scented blood.

Perhaps their youth was to be blamed for their poor performance, but come on, instead of excitement, shouldn’t you guys at least try to portray an expression of anger at your friend’s behalf?

“Why are you so sure that it has anything to do with me?” Shiyu asked slowly, wondering just what story they had cooked up.

“Yesterday, when we all left this place, you’re the only one here. When I came back it disappeared, if not you then who?”

Shiyu had nothing to say to her, instead, she cast her gaze at Liu Yi was was standing at the back of the herd, and asked,” You believe this nonsense, too?”

Liu Yi had expected Shiyu to do this, and a complicated look appeared on his face as he struggled for the right words, finally he said, “Little Yin, when we reached the Capital, I’ll buy you 10 Cinnabar Fruits. As for today’s matter, please just forget it.”

With this words, he was clearly standing on the side of Mo Yin.

For their relationship to develop to this point in just a few short days, Shiyu had to admit that she had underestimated them a bit.

“How can I just forget it!” Mo Yin said dramatically, clearly intended on taking revenge for whatever imagined humiliation. “This is an important gift from you, for disgusting people to take them away is too much. But, since Brother Yi said this, I’m fine if she would just kowtow to me and apologise.”

Kowtow and apologise? You dare!

At first, Shiyu had no intention of retaliating. However, for things to develop to this point, well, she once more stared at Liu Yi, very interested in what he’s going to say.

With two girls looking at him, Liu Yi felt pressured. On the hand, he also felt a little pleased. He looked at Mo Yin, when images of their future together came to his mind, Shiyu suddenly became less important in his eyes.

“Little Shi, you just apologize, ba! Once we reach the Capital, I’ll buy whatever you like for you.”

“You ungrateful shit!” Shiyu really lost her temper this time. “To think I’ve wasted so much good food on you. Even a dog would show better appreciation than a rascal like you!”

Now that her temper had erupted, Shiyu smirked meanly at Mo Yin, “You say that I’ve taken your Cinnabar Fruit? Then, why don’t you open your eyes wide and take a look. See which one is yours?”

Shiyu took out a Cinnabar Fruit from her sleeves.

Seeing the bright red fruit, delight broke out on the onlookers faces, “So it is you!”

As for Mo Yin, she was stunned for a while, but rallied and said, “So, you-”

However, she was unable to finish her sentence.

Because Shiyu had taken out another fruit. And another, and another, until there were 5 brightly coloured Cinnabar Fruit nestled in her hand.

The fruits in her hand were bright red and fresh, their quality uniquely better than most of the ones in the market. Just like the one Mo Yin had so proudly bragged about a few days ago.

“You–” Everyone wanted to say something to defend themselves, but, what could they say?

Shiyu herself has so many Cinnabar Fruits, did she even need to steal anybody else’s?

Mo Yin’s face was especially unpleasant. “She’s just a low level cultivator, those are probably all stolen!”

“… …”

If at all possible, Shiyu really wanted to throw these Cinnabar Fruits at this idiot’s face. However, since these fruits taste were really delicious, she really couldn’t bear to do it.

“It’s fine, there’s no need for you to say anything else. All you have to do is say which one is yours, I’ll give it to you as a gift.” Shiyu said with a sneer of ridicule.

Everyone could clearly see what happened, if Mo Yin really took one, she would be branded as a thick face hussy.

Suddenly, someone said, “Little Yin, why don’t we just look for it again! May it just rolled away in some corner.”

“That’s right, that’s right! Let’s go and look.”

The herd of people around her melted away from the awkward situation. Once they were gone, Shiyu tucked the Cinnabar Fruits into her sleeves, got into her carriage, and left first.

The opinions of those low minded people did not matter at all. However, her strength was still too low, if her cultivation had been higher than these people, she would have been more than happy to teach them an unforgettable lesson.

Right now, she must concentrate on increasing her strength, ah!

If one was weak, the world would be a terrible place to live.

Once she left, Feng Luo, who had a feeling that something was wrong, rushed back. When he saw that one of the carriages was missing, fire roiled in his heart. He got the whole story out from one of the carriage drivers and could barely control his fury.

“What clever people you are, all of you! So you’ve all learned how to scheme and entrap the innocent! Friends like you, I, Feng Luo am not worthy to be associated with, good-bye!”

His eyes swept over a lifeless looking Meng Li, a displeased Liu Yi, and turned his back on them, disappointment clear in his heart.

Feng Luo grabbed hold of one of the horses, and left quickly, hoping to catch up with the carriage ahead of him.


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Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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