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Little Cooking Saint – 0110 – Coconut Osmanthus Cake (a)

Chapter 110 Coconut Osmanthus Cake (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


At Qing Chen’s question, Shiyu immediately showed him the letter of introduction. This was personally written by Grand Elder Feng and stamped with his personal seal which could not be faked. Surely this Head Disciple Qing Chen would find it trustworthy, ba!

“Grand Elder Feng instructed me to hand this to your noble master. Unfortunately, I encountered misfortune at sea. Still, fortune hasn’t abandoned me yet as I was rescued by this ship,” Shiyu said.

Qing Chen’s fine brows creased. “The Eastern Martial Empire and Western Qing Empire are thousands of miles apart. Why would Grand Master Feng send you alone?” Nevertheless, he continued, “Nevertheless, since you have an invitation letter, you may come with me. We will reach the Sect in 10 days.”

“Good! Many thanks! Please eat first!” now that she has latched on to a reliable connection like Qing Chen, she felt that the road ahead is now wonderfully straightforward and wide.

All she wanted was to get her hands on the Thunder Seed and go home. Since Qing Chen had suppressed the Captain and prevented him from exploiting her, she figured that he must be a good person. It did not take much for her to reveal her situation to this person. She figured that even if he did not trust her, he should believe her story enough help her reach Leisurely Cloud Sect safely. That was her current goal for now.

Thanks to her relationship with Qing Chen, Shiyu’s life was not bad. Though she was hired as a cook, her work was light and mostly supervisory. She had people clean up the ship’s galley from top to bottom and instructed them how to cook other types of seafood aside from fish. She was fully in charge of Qing Chen’s food but had nothing else to do otherwise.

The crew members were a lot more courteous to her also. She had no idea whether this was due to her relationship with Qing Chen or them acknowledging her skill, but Shiyu decided not to mind these trifles. After all, in three short days, the shores of the Western Qin Empire would be in sight.

The Western Qin Empire pier was very huge. More like a giant square with rows of shops spreading out the sides of the pier. It was very lively with plenty of people bustling back and forth going about their business. The architecture was done in the Han Dynasty style, which was similar to the Eastern Martial Empires.

They did not stop long in the coastal city. The moment the ship docked, Qing Chen took Shiyu with him to the Flying Beast Station and rented a Flying Griffin to take them out to Leisurely Cloud Sect.

Shiyu really admired this Head Disciple’s efficiency. After serving him for a few days, she discovered that this guy was the cool type who really disliked troublesome things. While they were on the ship, he noticed that one of the passengers was sick. He secretly administered medicine into the person’s food. When the person became healthy again, he praised the heavens and the earth while the true saviour acted as though this had nothing to do with him. [1] While the recovered guy raced about the deck praising god and Buddha, he sat serenely by the window, drinking tea and enjoying the sea breeze.

If Shiyu had not been the one tasked to stir in the crushed medicine into the person’s soup, she would not have made the connection either.

Shiyu could only hold back her nosy, gossipy self for so long and finally asked why he did that. Qing Chen’s answer was ‘Too troublesome’.

That’s right. Too troublesome.

If she thought about it properly, this was probably true. If that guy knew that Qing Chen was the one who cured him, considering his personality… Shiyu eyed the energetic man racing about the deck and praising everything he could think of, then moved her sight to the tranquil looking man seated by the window. Sigh, this overly grateful guy would probably pester Qing Chen every time he appears to blast out his gratefulness. Others on the ship might even seek out medical treatment with this person. It was one thing if the people who sought out his help were genuine sufferers, but what if they come with minor complaints such as headaches or a stubbed toe just for a closer look at the Flower of Gaoling?

Wouldn’t that be too annoying?

Wouldn’t those people seeking assistance or just to flatter the Head Disciple surround him all the way to the dock?

Once they got off the boat, Shiyu stopped hiding her Cultivation base. She planned to inform this aloof man that she could ride on a Griffin well enough of her own, but when they got to the Flight Station, they were told there was only one Griffin available.

The size of a Griffin was not large but could accommodate two or three people on its back. Still, it was a close fit and Shiyu was not at all comfortable about being so close to a stranger.

While she was still struggling with this, Qing Chen suddenly reached down and tossed her onto the Griffin’s back. [2] 

“Since you’re a Cultivator, you should be able to keep your balance. We’re leaving now.”

Shiyu, “???!”

Before she could properly voice her opinion, the Griffin was already in the air. Thanks to inertia, Shiyu nearly fell off the Griffin and instinctively grabbed hold of Qing Chen’s arm.

Speaking of which, Shiyu really did not have the destiny of getting along with beautiful men. If this was a love novel, shouldn’t she fall elegantly into his arms instead of grabbing hold of one of his limbs like a child? She was just sighing to herself when she caught sight of chilly eyes staring down at her.

Ahem. Ahem.

Shiyu quickly released her paws and even smoothed out the imprints left by her claws. “An accident. Please just ignore it.”

As the Griffin flew across the sky, the person in front looked elegant and ethereal with his long black hair and fluttering robes. If it were not for the unknown thing squatting behind him, it would have been a picture-perfect scene of an Immortal Flying through the Clouds.

They travelled day and night. Seven days later, a tall mountain gate loomed on the horizon.

Leisurely Cloud Sect was located at the top of Setting Sun Mountain, which has a total of 7 peaks. The main peak was called Qing Xia Peak, while the others were Chi, Zi, Bai, Xuan, Lan and Wu peaks. Disciples from each peak would have the name of their peak in front of their own names like a title.

[3] For example, the ‘Qing’ of Qing Chen indicated that he’s from Qing Xia Peak.

The moment Qing Chen arrived at Qing Xia peak, things became very lively. Shiyu could see that this Head Disciple was a pretty popular guy in his Sect, especially among girls. The happy feminine faces, however, soon grew hostile when they spotted the anomaly sticking to his back. In fact, two junior disciple girls coming to greet him have very aggressive looks on their faces.

Ahah, who in the right mind could not guess that these girls were currently swallowing copious amount of vinegar?

Shiyu just wanted to burst into tears of frustration.

Then, she burst into real tears. [4] Fat water droplets rolled down her face and snot dribbled into her mouth as she loudly recounted her tragic fate and the heroic deeds of one Head Disciple Qing Chen. She praised him and praised him to high heavens and pushed him onto a pedestal to be worshipped from afar. Very, very far away. The clouds couldn’t be high enough for her. Dear jealous junior sisters, did you not see how this lowly one treats your disciple brother like a god?

Whether she humiliate herself or not, she would face ridicule from these females anyway. However, since Qing Chen really did her a favour this time, she gladly put this ridiculous hat on for now and would pay him back later. For now, let’s just keep a distance from him. With so many disciple sisters around, if any one of them decides to make trouble, it would be too ‘troublesome’, ah!

She must learn from Qing Chen how to keep troublesome things from herself.

Since she came to the Sect with Qing Chen, Shiyu also got to meet the Sect Leader without much problem. Especially with the letter of introduction from the Grand Elder Feng.

Sect Leader Yun had the typical looks of an immortal old man. He also has a rather kindly face, which made him appear amiable. Shiyu found herself liking this grandpa like person. When she found out that he was the martial brother of Grand Elder Feng, that they had both studied under the same teacher in their youth, Shiyu naturally felt closer to him too.

Unfortunately, a good relationship does not mean that he will hand over the Thunder Seed to her…

“Since you are recognised as the granddaughter of my martial brother Feng, I shall not hide this from you. I do have a Thunder Seed in hand. However, I cannot give it away.” The Sect Master answered frankly.


Being rejected so obviously like this was… well, it really can’t be helped. Shiyu was disappointed, of course, but there was really no two ways about it. Well, she could still seek out a Fire Seed for Lao Er.

After all, being a Fire Attribute Cultivator was not bad at all, right?

She comforted herself this way and thanked the Sect Master gratefully. “Many thanks to Sect Master Yun. Since the matter could not be helped, I shall go down the mountain tomorrow and head for Feng Estate. Perhaps, if Sect Master would like to pass along a letter or something else for Grandpa Feng, I would be glad to bring it with me.”

“It’s been a long time since I’d last seen brother Feng. Rest for a day or two before leaving.” The Sect Master note that this little girl appeared sensible and well behaved. It cannot be easy for a young girl to travel all the way from Feng City to this place, so he bade her stay and rest for at least a couple of days.

[Gumihou: Well, that’s a bust.]

[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Please give minor characters a bit of personality.

[2] Additional Details for Clarification: It wasn’t until 4 paragraphs later that we found out she was tossed to the front or back. I think it was meant to be funny, but it fell kind of flat? Never mind, will try to fix it. 

[3] Additional Details for Clarification.

[4] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: For added drama


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