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Little Cooking Saint – 0013 – Fragrant Roasted Spiritual Meat (1)

Chapter 13 – Fragrant Roasted Spiritual Meat (1)


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In the end, Lin Fan took out a spiritual ball. The ball would light up in the hands of someone with spiritual talent. Depending on your element, metal, wood, water, fire or earth, the ball will light up with different colours.

In Xiao Qi’s hands, the ball glowed a light blue colour, indicating water attribute. Unfortunately, the ball did not light up in the hands of the others. Even Shiyu did not get a reaction from the ball.

Everyone was quite disappointed, however, it made sense. People with the proper spiritual attribute were only 1 in 10,000, to have 1 talented child in their little group could be considered quite fortunate. Otherwise, cultivators would be as common as cabbages.

The main difference between a cultivator and a commoner was this basic ‘talent’. Without this talent, no matter how much one trains, the strongest mortal would not be a match for even the weakest cultivator. The one who was most surprise at the spiritual ball’s non-reaction in Shiyu’s hands was Lin Fan.

He had assumed that Shiyu was similar to him, and had hidden her powers for some reason. He had brought this ball especially to test Shiyu’s strength. However, it looked like Shiyu’s talents was untestable, or perhaps he was just overcomplicating things, and that this Shiyu was really just an ordinary person.

Now that they had settled their business, Lin Fan got ready to leave with Lu Mo.

Suddenly, the door was kicked opened.

Shiyu looked up, and nearly jumped out of her skin. In front of her eyes was a large beast. The head looked like a deformed tiger with sprouting horns where it shouldn’t with massive, dripping jaws. It opened its huge fanged mouth and roared.


“Spiritual beast!” A spear suddenly appeared in Lin Fan’s hand, Shiyu had no idea where it came out from, and pointed it at the beast. “Evil creature, retreat now!”

“Hahahaha, so it’s that trash, Lin Fan!” someone sneered from behind the beast.

Shiyu peeked around, and finally saw the young man behind it. Dressed in blue robes, surrounded by what she could only term as ‘a bunch of lackeys’, the young man sneered at Lin Fan.

“So, it was you.” the sword flew from Lin Fan’s hand, stabbing the ground before the beast with a ringing sound, “Zhao Shangqing, it’s not easy for Zhao Clan to catch hold of a spiritual beast large enough to be a mounted beast. It’s not meant for you to hurt others with it.”

Zhao Shangqing sniggered disdainfully, “If Lin Clan’s Lin Yan, I might have given some face. However, a trash like Lin Fan meant nothing. I plan to leave this Tiger-Leopard here, if you happened to be eaten, well, that’s just your bad luck.”

Lin Yan was Lin Clan’s most famous talent. He was now at Basic Level 7, the pride of the Lin Clan. The one most likely to become the next clan head.

By now, Shiyu’s attention was entirely upon the man called Zhao Shangqing.

Isn’t this the paedophile that killed Xiao Qi?

Shiyu crept closer to Lin Fan and whispered, “If you could kill that Zhao Shangqing, I, Shiyu, will owe you a favour.”

Lin Fan turned, under the firelight, Shiyu’s little freckled face, underlined by a flush of anger appeared really cute. His gaze then skated away, and he agreed. “Very well.”

“Oh yes, if you happened to kill this beast, let me have some of the meat. I’ll make something good for you.” Shiyu added.

Lin Fan turned his gaze at the Tiger-Leopard, he suddenly felt a little sorry for it. Not only did it not manage to scare a commoner, it was treated like an ingredient.

Once their little exchange was over, Shiyu herded the little radishes into the backroom.

She had no intention of getting caught between the fight among powerful beings like them.

As soon as they were out of the way, the sound of fighting began. The sound was loud an piercing, the floor under their feet trembled, dust fell from the ceiling.

It felt like a long time before all was quiet again.

Shiyu peeked out first, Zhao Shangqing had been stomped on by Lin Fan. The fierce monster from before was now bleeding on the side. It looked dead.

“Wow, amazing!” Xiao Liu cried. “Xiao Qi, will you be like Lin Fan one day?”

Xiao Qi looked up at Lin Fan. Her eyes sparkling.

It’s all over.

Shiyu rubbed the ache in her head, this was not how she wants the story to go. Xiao Qi was still a little child, for Lin Fan to have such an impact on her life now, how was she going to react once he became even more powerful? All men would be found wanting next to this character.

It was like when you first play a game, if you encounter a powerful player in the first round, everyone else will be like floating clouds after that. Unless you happened to encounter an even more powerful player, this impression will stay with you until an even more powerful guy appeared.

Unfortunately, people who were more powerful than Lin Fan were few and far between. Well, they might be stronger now, but not for long. He was Er Gou’s male lead after all.

Shiyu felt pained by this knowledge.

However, she had no control over the younger generations. Aside from some advice, she could only let them walk their own path.

After being trashed by Lin Fan, Zhao Shangqing spewed some typical villainous words before fleeing for his life.

Lin Fan turned to them and said, “I’m afraid he’ll hold a grudge over this matter. You had better stay over at my place. I’ll inform father about this matter and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. How about it?”

Shiyu considered, this was probably the best thing to do for now.

That night, everyone packed up and left for the Lin Clan estate.

The Lin Clan estate was actually an Lin Clan mansion. That was to say, it was very big, extremely huge, especially made to train cultivators with their huge courtyard and training hall, not to mention the individual courtyards, servants rooms etc.

By the time they got to the mansion, it was already quite late, and therefore not many people to alarm. They followed Lin Fan to his private courtyard and simply found a random space to lie down.

Majority of the cultivator worlds don’t have strict rules in most clan families. Even if there were rules, it existed only for the weak. The powerful could be as rude, ruthless or cavalier as they liked.

Shiyu tucked Xiao Qi next to her before drifting off to sleep. Perhaps it was the change in environment, but Shiyu felt especially safe here and quickly settled down. For the first time in a long time, she was finally able to fully relaxed.

Hm, was this the result of knowing she had managed to hug the thickest thigh in this world?

The next day, they were woken up by a series of shouts.

There was barely light out, but majority of the Lin Clan’s disciples were already out and about and this included Lin Fan. They were all practising their martial skills at the training grounds, their faces serious, sweat falling like rain. The same movements were repeated tens of times, hundreds of times, but none falter.

Power did not come from pure luck. In this world, there were many hard working people. So, how does one stand out from the others?

As she stood at the side training hall, Shiyu felt moved by this scene. Naturally, the thing that occupied her mind was: Luckily I can depend on my cooking to cultivate, if I have to train like this everyday, even if I did not die, I’ll be too tired to do anything, ah…



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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