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Little Cooking Saint – 0022 – Spiritual Snow Rabbit (2)

Chapter 22 – Snow Rabbit Meat (Part 2)


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Re-Translated and Edited by Gumihou


“You want to try cooking with spiritual meat again?” Lin Fan looked disapproving, “that’s too dangerous.”

Shiyu shrugged helplessly, “I don’t really have a choice. That Fire Seed cost hundred thousand plus silver taels. I can’t afford it. This is the only way for me to gather money quickly.”

That’s right, Shiyu was planning to find out whether she could make money selling dishes containing Spiritual Meat. However, when she conveyed her idea to Lin Fan, he disapproved of the plan for two reasons. First, although she could cook with spiritual meat, she only have enough energy to deal with meat that barely has enough energy to entice true cultivators; secondly, though she was weak, her skill was specialized enough to entice scoundrels who might want to kidnap her in order to make use of said skills.

“If it’s silver you want, there are other ways.” said Lin Fan a little helplessly, a hundred thousand silver taels was bout a third of of the Lin Clan yearly spending. Right now he only had access to about ten thousand taels. If he were to appeal to his father’s help, the elders would definitely protest against spending that kind of money of a Fire Seed. Moreover, this thing was not something he needed, but was something for an outsider.

Shiyu scowled, right now her status was too low. However, it would be too bad if she were to miss this opportunity now.

Lin Fan could see her frustration and thought hard. Then, he blurted out, “How about this, I’ll hunt down some spiritual beasts in the mountains, ba!”

Now that the words were out, he thought that the plan was not bad. “A regular spiritual beast could fetch over 10,000 liangs of silver, while a Level 2 beast could reach over 20,000 liangs. If I can get my hands of a Level 3 beast, we could easily sell it for over 100,000 liangs. However, I dare not go after a Level 3 beast at my current level of power now, but Level 2 beasts should pose no problems. Also, spiritual beasts often contain a spiritual core which could bring in quite a lot of money. We still have 10 days till the auction, if all goes well I can still gather the necessary money.”

Shiyu was quite touched. In the original text, original goods Lin Fan often brave the mountain ranges to hunt spiritual beasts in order to quickly improve his cultivation. It was a win-win situation for him, hunting would improve his skills, and the money he gotten from selling his kills would be spent of elixirs and pills to improve his cultivation.

“I’ll go pack now.” Shiyu leaped up, ready to make preparations to go. With her secret space, she could stash all kinds of survival tools and other goodies without discrimination.

However, before she made it too far, Lin Fan said, “You can’t go. As a commoner, won’t you just end up as beast food?”

“… …” Shiyu had completely forgotten about this point. “However, I can’t rest easy knowing you’re out there by yourself while I wait here to reap the benefits! Let me come with you, I should be able to protect myself.”

If anything dangerous appeared, she could just hide in the pocket dimension.

“It’s still too dangerous.” Lin Fan rejected, but his voice wavered a little.

“It’s fine, I can protect myself. I won’t drag you down either.” Shiyu promised.

In the end, under Shiyu’s insistence, Lin Fan agreed. The two of them quickly packed what they needed, and set out to say their goodbyes before leaving. However, this was when they hit a snag. When Lin Fan announced his plan to Lu Yan, she protested, “Too dangerous! It’s just a few hundred thousand liang, so…”

Lu Yan hadn’t finished when Shiyu leapt in to say, “Yan’er, are you coming with us? That’s wonderful. I had been worried about Lin Fan going at it alone, but now that you’re with us, we should be dine.”

Lu Yan’er’s face suddenly distorted, but then she said, “Very well, I shall go with you.” but then she fixed a fierce glare at Shiyu, “and why are you coming with us? We have no time to protect weaklings.”

“Er, I want to make money…” Shiyu mumbled weakly.

Without saying another word, Lu Yan’er fished out a crystal card from her space ring, “There’s money in here, take it! Consider it a gift from me, there’s no need for you to bother us and die stupidly.”

At the sight of the pretty and shiny crystal card, Shiyu happily snatched it to her chest, “Yes, yes, yes, you guys have a lovely journey together. I shall wait for you at home.”

Lin Fan, “… …” for whose sake was he going to the Beast Mountain again?

Lu Yan was perfectly satisfied with Shiyu’s reaction, she turned to Lin Fan. “Brother Lin Fan, let’s go now!”

Lin Fan, “… …”

In the end, the two left together, leaving Shiyu alone to happily go through the money inside the crystal card.

Within Tian Xuan Continent, people with too much money found it difficult to carry their money around, therefore the monetary institutions of this world got together with magic item creators and the crystal card was introduced. As long as you have this crystal card, you may withdraw money from any banks within the Tian Xuan Continent. Naturally, the higher your status, the better your card quality.

With Lu Yan’er family status, silver might as well be dirt to her. Therefore, when she heard that Lin Fan was in need of money, she had come prepared. However, when it turned out that Shiyu was the actual benefactor, this plan was ruined. Still, the situation was still salvageable, with Shiyu running off happily with the money, she can run off happily with her man.

At the bank, Shiyu handed the card over to be checked, and almost spat up blood. What the heck? This crystal card only contain 10,000 silver taels? I want a refund!

She could only sat down and cried without tears.

The next 10 days passed with Shiyu walking on pins and needles everyday. Money, ah, money, the Qing Shan Auction was almost here. Lin Fan had promised to come back at least one day before the auction.

Almost 24 hours on the dot, Lin Fan arrived, bearing a good number of spiritual beasts with him. There were even Level 2 beasts among the kills.

Shiyu forced a smile as she accepted his charity.

In the end, she never set foot into the auction, and spend the day counting money at the restaurant.


The restaurant business had improved, but they only made a few hundred silver taels each day. That afternoon, once the auction was over, quite a few aristocrats and noblemen would patronize Heavenly Fragrance.

Whatever, Shiyu consoled herself, let’s make more money. Perhaps, by the time another Fire Seed is on auction, she would have enough money to buy one.

The busy restaurant finally closed their doors near midnight. She stayed back with grandpa to clean up before making their way to the Lin Mansion. Being able to stay at the Lin Mansion was good for the beggar family, it was like having an extra layer of security against bullies and other clans.

After a bath, she got ready to bed when Lin Fan appeared at the door. It looked like he had been waiting for her.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Shiyu mumbled dispiritedly, her heart wailing against a lost opportunity.

Lin Fan held out his hand, “Give me Lu Yan’s card.”

“Oh, sure.” Shiyu patted her clothes and took out the crystal card, handing it over apathetically.

Lin Fan accepted the card with his left hand and held out his right fist. When he opened his right hand a small flame illuminated his palm. The flickering flame was light blue and looked like it would go out if someone next door accidentally sneezed. It was a Fire Seed. [1]

Shiyu’s heart leapt to her throat at the sight.

“Here, it’s sold to you.” said Lin Fan.

Under the pitch black night, the beautiful youth before her stood very straight, his slender form and limpid eyes seemed to take on an other worldly glow from the flickering blue light.

“You…” at this very moment, something seemed to loosen around Shiyu’s heart.

This precocious kid, really…

She accepted the Fire Seed, cradling it carefully in her hands, feeling its gentle warmth.

Shiyu carefully took the Fire Seed, and felt the gentle heat radiating from it. She looked up seriously at Lin Fan, “Thank you very much, I will repay this favour one day.”

Then, Lin Fan actually patted her head, and laughed, “Well then, please grow big quickly!”

“… …”

Just what is that supposed to mean?




[1] I took some creative liberties and rearranged the sentence. It was kind of blunt and sort of bashes you with information. Which I took offence against.

It was originally:

Then a small fire appeared on Lin Fan’s palm. This fire is very small, and is greenish in colour. It does not have any killing power. But when Shiyu saw it, her heart jumped.


“Oh, I sold it to you.” Lin Fan said.

[Gumihou: … not beautiful at all! Why is there no slow reveal, fssshhh! I took offence at this!]





Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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