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Little Cooking Saint – 0014 – Fragrant Roasted Spiritual Meat (2)

Chapter 14 – Fragrant Roasted Spiritual Meat (2)


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According to the original novel, there were many branch families within the Lin Clan, but their relationships were not particularly complicated. Though there were plenty of people who were unhappy when Lin Fan used up precious resources as a trash cultivator, most were appeased when he later showed great talent for cultivation.

Such was the life of a clan. In this fantasy world, spiritual cultivators have a strong sense of attachment to their clan. There was an unspoken understanding that their ability to rise up in ranks was due largely to the resources and support provided by a clan. Though competition for these resources could be fierce, no one could deny that they were nurtured by their clan.

Aside from those that were abandoned by their clans.

So far, Shiyu liked what she had seen. At the very least, everyone had specific goals, and were all working towards reaching said goal.

“Xiao Qi, you will live here in the future.” Shiyu ruffled Xiao Qi’s hair, which felt particularly soft and silky under her hand.

Xiao Qi looked up, “Then, will I be able to stay with Brother Lin Fan from now on?”

Shiyu, “… …”

Is it too late to just run off with Xiao Qi?

However, thanks to Xiao Qi, the other radishes now have a comfortable backer behind them.

Since their safety was now more or less secure, let’s think a bit more about the future!

“What would you like to do in the future?” Shiyu asked the rest, “you can pursue martial arts or follow the path of a scholar, or even become a merchant.”

Cultivators may occupy the top tier when it came to sheer power, but majority of the people in this world were commoners. These people’s paths did not divert much from those of a regular person in ancient China. They could take the imperial examinations and become an officer or join the army and climb up the ranks to make a name for themselves that way before growing old and die.

Xiao Wu was the first to reply. “I want to learn cooking from sister and open a big restaurant in the future so that everyone could taste my cooking.”

Xiao Liu looked worshipfully at Xiao Wu, “I want to follow Brother Xiao Wu.”

Shiyu looked at these two foodie brothers helplessly. Well, it’s not like dedicating oneself to the art of food was a bad thing.

“And you?” Shiyu asked Lao Er.

Lao Er’s eyes were a little shadowed, but finally he breathed in deeply and said, “I… I wish to remain with the Lin Clan. Though I have no talent, I still want to try. I want to cultivate and one day be like the immortals. To fly across the heavens and ride the clouds.” The more he spoke, the stronger his voice.

Shiyu was a little surprised. Most people, when they realized their lack of talent, tended to give up quickly. But, this Lao Er…

“Then you must consider this carefully.” Shiyu said, pointing at the people in the training hall. “You are nothing like them, though some of them might be less talented than others, you are worlds apart in terms of strength. You will definitely encounter bullying, people will sneer at you and belittle you if you join them. Do you still want to do it?”

Lao Er sank into deep contemplation once more.

After a long time, he said, “I still wish to try.”

He sounded very resolute.

With this, Shiyu did not bother to say more and patted his shoulder. “Since you have decided on this, you must not stray from your path. Be a man of character, your sister would not be able to help you much.”

“Yes.” Lao Er nodded.

With this, the future paths of everyone was decided.

With some leisure time in their hands, they decided to explore outside for a bit, and ended up waiting for Lin Fan just outside the training ground[1].

After Lin Fan was done with the training ground, he met them outside[1]. As they were about to leave, they encountered a group of youths.

“Who are these people, ah? How could anyone just let unrelated strangers into the clan compound?” one of the youths took the lead to criticise.

Lin Fan frowned, clearly these group were targeting himself. “These are my friends. We’re leaving now.”

The last bit was aimed at Shiyu’s group.

“Friends?” the youth swept his gaze across Shiyu and her posse. “Just bunch of no name commoners. Oh, are you preparing yourself to join them? Good on you, after the clan competition in three months time you’ll be demoted to become the clan servant. It’s good for you to establish some good relations now.”

Looks like news of Lin Fan stomping Zhao Shangqing to the ground had not reached them. Someone who could win against Basic Level 5 Zhao Shangqing could never be considered as trash.

Lin Fan did not bother to waste his breath with these people, he left taking Shiyu and the rest with him.

An evil plan suddenly bloomed in Shiyu’s head.

Once they got back to Lin Fan’s courtyard, she immediately asked for the Tiger-Leopard meat, and added, “Go find other ingredients too, best if they also contain some spiritual energy.”

Today, she shall make what they’ve all been wishing to eat all this while. That promised spiritual dish, and a convenient yet sweet revenge against those herd of people that looked down on them.

Since it was about cooking, Lin Fan did not say more and ordered the maids to bring the necessary ingredients and seasoning over. Then, he personally went an invited Lu Yan[2] over.

A big clan’s resources was clearly different from a commoner’s. They have nearly everything Shiyu could want. Even the firewood was pretty good quality.

“Today we shall roast meat.” Shiyu build at simple roasting stand, and got Lin Fan to cut the spiritual meat into the desired pieces.

It’s not like she had a choice. She had no spiritual power to speak of, and lacked the necessary strength. The spiritual was incredibly tough, and not something a common chef could deal with.

Lin Fan withdraw his sword, and with a few swings, cut the meat down to the desired size. The meat looked incredibly good, with three layers of fat intersperse with two layers of lean flesh. The marble white of the fat stood out wonderfully against the bright red meat, it looked really appetizing.

Shiyu lit the fire under the roasting rack, and in a short while, the scent of burning wood filled the space. Shiyu placed the meat on the rack, and waited, and waited. After some time, she noticed there was no change to the meat.

“What’s going on?” Shiyu stared at the still raw meat, was spiritual meat immune to common fire?

In the end, she had to borrow Lin Fan’s fire attribute power. With the male protagonist inserting his spiritual powers into the common fire, the meat finally began to grow fragrant, and turned golden in patches.

As the fat heated up, oil began to flow out. Since the fire was not under her control, Shiyu had to place her full attention onto the meat instead. Once the fat turned a bright golden colour, she made small cuts onto the meat and then tipped the skewer in order to let the fat flow into those cuts.

Once the entire piece of meat was a bright golden colour, she sprinkled salt and chilli powder onto the surface. A fragrant, spicy scent began to tease their noses.

When Shiyu finally deemed the meat ready to eat, a cloud of deliciousness hovered over Lin Clan’s entire mansion.

“It’s ready.” Shiyu called. Everyone’s eyes brightened. They were all captivated by the spicy scent and bright golden colour of the roasted meat and could hardly wait to stuff their mouths.

Shiyu understood that feeling, and placed each piece of meat onto a lettuce leaf, rolled it, and began passing out the leaf covered meat around…



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[2] Lu Yan – Lu Mo? Typo?

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