Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0135

Chapter 135 – Shall We Kidnap the Boss?

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


An entire [Juicy Burger] was eaten up, somehow. Julian contemplated the empty packet in his hand absent mindedly, before flattening it thoughtfully on the table with a long, satisfied sigh.

Youth, how wonderful.

Too bad they were already old men.

Julian’s wrinkled face creased further into a faint smile, even his hunchback felt less straining. His entire body felt warm and a little tingly, it was a bit like basking under the sun on a wintry day.

Though he was known as the Frost Master, nobody knew that as a child, he failed to properly take care of his legs while practising ice magic. This lack of care eventually emerged when he was 30 years old. That was when he found his legs starting to grow stiff, and at the age of 40, the beginnings of a hunchback began to form when he found it unbearably painful to straighten his body.

Though the effect of the [Juicy Burger] was not obvious, it still gave him a very comfortable feeling. How wonderful it would be to experience this warmth in greater intensity.

Also, he could taste a hint of the Berserker Fog found on that island. Not exactly the same but, no, the best way to describe it was that it tasted like a purer, more distilled version of the Berserker Fog. This purer version acted as a catalyst to agitate the potential hidden within one’s blood without the dangerous, mind altering component within the Fog that turns anyone who breathed it into a wild beast.

Its effect on humans were rather mediocre, it should be even weaker on elves. However, orcs and demons would certainly feel its full effect. In fact, it could probably even induce a breakthrough.

Moreover, this kind of thing was really addicting.

“Huah!”  a bright light suddenly flashed across the dining room, followed by a rather loud commotion.

Julian turned his head and saw the three lava demons seated near the entrance of the restaurant. Fire blazed on their bodies, red lines raised along their veins and magma could be seen flowing slowly just under the skin. The flame from their bodies lit up the entire dining hall, even the ambient temperature had increased. Quite a few people grew frightened by this unusual sight.

“That Boss Mike is certainly a genus, but, to be living this kind of mundane lifestyle willingly… he is either in search of enlightenment on the path of an ordinary life, or he’s on the run from someone. What an interesting man.” Julian looked away from the demon lava spectacle towards an abnormally calm Mike. Amy’s amazed expression made him smile and he started, shaking his head, saying to himself, “Whatever, no matter what his secret might be harbouring, he’s still Amy’s father and such a wonderful chef too, I’ll let him keep his secrets, ba.”

Customers seated near the entrance were frightened to the point of scurrying away from the three blazing lava demons. Just what was going here? Weren’t they fine just now? Why are they all in battle mode now? Could it be possible that they want to smash up the restaurant because they aren’t happy with the food?

There were too many types of demon folk, and more than a few of them were warlike types. Close to half of the conflict in Chaos City were started by, or at least had some connection with demon folk. Therefore, this kind of sight really scared the wits out of most of the first time customers.

Moreover, since the group of demons were so close to the entrance, diners who had instinctively stood up to run away shrank back into their seats after advancing a few steps.

On the other hand, regulars who had witness Sargerass burst into flames on a regular basis were completely blasé about having two extra lava demons flaming up after a bite of their [Juicy Burgers].

Sargerass remained on his iron chair as he calmly took another bite into his [Juicy Burger], the feeling of his blood rushing through his veins and constantly battering against the thing shackling his breakthrough was intoxicating, it was also a little addictive.

He looked up from his [Juicy Burger] to see Kiel and Misty standing stiffly in place, a smile of satisfaction playing about his lips. As expected, this [Juicy Burger] really was effective on the lava demon bloodline.

For over a thousand years, the lava demon tribe had been on a decline because they could not overcome this weakness on their own. This was especially true for those tribe members with weaker bloodlines.

Sargerass himself had, after great hardship and effort, broken through his limit three times. He was the youngest and most powerful warrior in his tribe, and was hailed as a remarkable genius. Kiel and Misty had only managed to break through once ever since they became official warriors.

“Th- th- this… this burning…” the fat on Kiel’s body started to tremble and shake. The grin on his fat, trembling face was rather frightening. The blood in his veins ran like horses that had thrown off their riders, galloping through every single muscle, bone, joint and fat in his body.

This was the first time he experienced such a sensation, he even started to panic a little.

However, the ecstasy of feeling the wall tremble under the assault of his own blood was even more powerful. It had been decades since he had felt even the slightest give against the wall blocking his potential. It was like being on a small boat in a storm, as though the next wave could send him over this strong and silent limit.

And this was all thanks to a single bite of [Juicy Burger]!

Kiel raised his hand, the paper wrapped around the remaining half [Juicy Burger] was starting to catch fire, he quickly tore off the smouldering paper and shoved rest of the [Juicy Burger] into his mouth.

“This is really delicious, ah!” one dominant thought shone in Kiel’s mind. How should he put it? He had never eaten such a delicious thing before. By having eaten this [Juicy Burger] he felt that his life as a demon was truly completed.

“Boss, following you is truly the right thing to do!” on the other side, Misty was also wearing a similarly ecstatic expression. He looked close to tears as he said this to Sargerass, the half bitten[Juicy Burger] in his hand was quickly stuffed into his mouth. The expression on his face, as he chewed slowly, could only be described as blissful.

The longed for breakthrough was something that all demons from the lava tribe had been searching for over a thousand years. How many of their warrior brothers and sisters had gone on long journeys in search of this secret?

Therefore, when Sargerass sent word that he had found a way to breakthrough, only the old and weak women and children, protected by a few warriors were there to received his news. The two of them had set out immediately and managed to reach Chaos City after a day and a night of travelling. All the way they had speculated what mystical technique or meditation skill or magic might be revealed to them, who could have thought that the mystical technique was actually eating this extremely delicious thing called [Juicy Burger]?

En, actually, this way of breaking through was possibly the most mystical.

To breakthrough just by eating [Juicy Burgers], could there be any easier way that this?

This was probably a cuisine that will revive their clan, the thing that lava demon tribes had been praying for, for over a thousand years. To think that they would find it in this restaurant.

“Roar!” Kiel suddenly howled loud and long, a jet of red-gold flame shot out from his mouth. The meter long flame burned for a moment, before disappearing just as quickly. The red lava lines on his body had taken on a golden hue. In fact, his entire aura felt different.

“Kiel, you’ve broken through!” Misty said happily as he looked at Kiel. There was a trace of envy on his face, the two of them were the last to achieve that first breakthrough, who would have thought that Kiel would still be just a step faster than him again.

“That’s right! I’ve broken through!” Kiel looked at the golden light shimmering through his lava veins, he then raised his hands attempting to generate this new power into his favourite Explosive Fire technique.

“Idiot.” Sargerass calmly stood up and smacked Kiel on his forehead, with an angry, huffing laugh said, “if you dare to use your Explosive Fire here, we’ll have to go on the run for three days straight, moreover, no lava demons would ever be allowed past these doors.”

“Wh- what!” Kiel was frightened into tucking his hands behind his back, he cast a glance at the kitchen and then leaned over towards Sargerass. In a whisper, he said, “Boss, why don’t we just kidnap the boss of this restaurant?”


[Gumihou: Uh, ya serious, mate?]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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