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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0076 – Please Use the System Properly

Chapter 76 – Please Use the [System] Properly!


When Mike heard the praises and compliments outside, he could only shook his head and smiled to himself. He was no genius, what kind of genius needs 100 days of training and skill polishing without sleeping or eating just to perfect one recipe? He had the [System] on his side, and hard work.

However, to be able to make his customers eat with gladness and hear their praises really made him happy. Compared to the cloak and dagger life of the rich where knives were concealed behind smiles or being chased around in the dark, running for his life with his little daughter, this was much better.

“This [Juicy Burger] is really delicious. Aside from the rainbow rice, what else is there to eat?” while waiting for his second [Juicy Burger] to arrive, François picked up the menu from the table and looked forward to a full list of dishes and was astounded to see only two measly item on the list. He was even more astounded by the price listed next to these items, nearly exploding as he exclaimed, “[Yangzhou Fried Rice is 600 copper coins each! [Juicy Burger] 300 copper coins each! Why so expensive!”

“Bro, even if we eat somewhere else, 10 gold coins won’t be able to buy us such delicious weight loss [Juicy Burgers], ah. To be able to get them for 3 gold coins apiece is our good fortune.” Harrison said, smiling at François.

“That’s right, don’t mention 3 gold coins, even if it cost us 30 gold coins apiece, I’ll still want at least two, ah.” The fatty in red said, nodding in agreement even as he set down his slightly empty coin purse.

“Big bro, don’t you normally spend money like water? What’s with all the complaints about [Juicy Burger] being expensive?” The fatty in red said curiously.

All of them were gazing at François with curious eyes, to be able to eat delicious food that promotes weight loss. Moreover, a food that actually make them feel comfortable at the end of the day, 300 copper coins was cheap. Francois himself owned two smithies to his name, the profit of which could reach about 200 gold coins on a bad day, so he clearly didn’t lack money.

“It’s not that I felt that the [Juicy Burger] is expensive,” Francois quickly waved his hands awkwardly, he explained, “my pregnant wife is feeling insecure nowadays, kept thinking I have a woman outside or something and only gives me 3 gold coins to spend each day. Since this [Juicy Burger] cost 3 gold coins apiece, I could only have one, so it’s natural for me to be anxious.”

“Haha, this is the retribution of showing off your married status.” The fatty in green laughed gloatingly.

“But, what I really want to know is, do you really have a woman outside?” Harrison asked, a little embarrassed, but still wanting to know.

“What are you asking, this guy is totally in love with his wife, other woman might as well be sticks to him. What other women? Impossible!” The fatty in red smirked, a knowing look on his face.

“This makes me really glad that I rejected my father’s proposal to arrange a marriage for me.” The fatty in green snickered as he nodded his head.

“Whatever, you unmarried guys won’t understand it. My lovely wife have given me three sons and we have one more on the way. You bachelors dogs are just jealous.” Francois said with some contempt, his tone filled with pride and obvious indulgence.

“Hah, that one would probably be a son too, too bad for your wish for a daughter.” Harrison was merciless with his teasing.

“You take that back, so what if it’s another boy. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, I’ll make sure to bring all four boys to meet your daughter. See how you regret it.” Francois said seriously as he glared at Harrison.

“Old bro, don’t be like this, I’m just kidding, it’ll be girl… your wife is definitely carrying a lovely daughter. As for your family’s boys, just don’t let them come near my daughter.” Harrison was a little stunned, waving his hands as he tried to diffuse the situation.

“Very well, just show some of your sincerity with money, lend me 10 gold coins,” Francois held out his hand at Harrison.

“It’s fine, just eat whatever you like, I’ll treat you for today. There’s no need to talk about lending or borrowing among us brothers.” Harrison laughed as he pushed away Francois’ hand.

“I can’t, I’m planning to bring something home for the missus to eat. Recently her appetite has been quite bad. I wanted to stay with her today, but was lured out by your invitation. So, I thought I’d get something that would suite her taste. I really can’t take your money for this.” Francois had an embarrassed look on his face even as he laughed, but held out his hand determinedly.

“Tsk, tsk, this bro of mine is really a good man, ah. Although sister-in-law mistreats you like this, you still want to bring her good things to eat.” Harrison actually felt quite moved, even as he reached into his bag to fish out a dragon coin for Francois.

“This is nothing, when she gave birth to our eldest, she had a difficult birth and almost died. I told her to give it up, but she knew I really wanted a daughter and tried for the second and third time, and now there’s a fourth kid inside her. This kind of wife should be properly loved and pampered, if I play around outside I’d deserve to be struck by lightning.” Francois accepted the dragon coin as he laughed.

When everyone heard this, they fell silent for a while. They have known each other for years and naturally knew all this. Though they often joked about how Francois lived under his wife’s thumb, they still respect him for treating his wife so well.

“I think you better not let sister-in-law eat the [Juicy Burger], it might actually cause her to give birth right away. This [Yangzhou Fried Rice] is pretty good and the effect is quite mild and very nourishing. You should bring this for her, it’ll probably be good for the child too.” Harrison said.

“Very well, then I’ll bring her some [Yangzhou Fried Rice], it should be that rainbow rice recommended by that little girl, ba?” Francois cast a glance at Amy who was sitting cutely at the counter.”

“That’s right, however, I’m not sure if the boss allowed takeaways.” Harrison nodded, his tone a little uncertain. There was no doubt that the [Juicy Burger] could doubled as takeaway food, but asking for a container for fried rice seemed a little odd.

“Boss, I’d like to take home one serving of [Yanzhou Fried Rice], is that possible?” Francois took the opportunity to ask Mike when he brought their [Juicy Burger] over.

“A takeaway?” Mike placed the [Juicy Burger] on the table, a little surprised by this request. These two days, there had been some customers who bought the [Juicy Burger] to go, however, this was the first time a customer wanted to takeaway [Yangzhou Fried Rice]. He’d have to consult the [System] about takeaway boxes.

“My wife is over 6 months pregnant, and her appetite has been quite poor lately, Harrison says your [Yangzhou Fried Rice] is very good, so I thought I’d bring her some. Maybe she’ll be tempted to eat more.” Francois was perfectly sincere as he said this, a trace of nervousness in his heart remained as there were some restaurants with strict policies about not letting customers bring food home.

Mike looked at Francois. He really did not expect this guy to be a married man. He’d always felt great respect for men who loved and pampered their wives and quietly asked, “[System], can pregnant women eat [Yangzhou Fried Rice]?”

“The ingredients provided by the [System] is nutritious and non-poisonous, good for the old and young, sick and disabled. There is nothing in it which could not be eaten safely.” The [System] answered calmly, after a while it continued, “however, pregnant women are advised to not eat [Juicy Burgers].”

Mike felt relieved, and said, “Then, I’d like to buy some takeout boxes. Please print the shop logo onto the cover, it’s best that we use the same logo for everything. Also, make the boxes brown so that the colour pops out more, in order for people to recognise it at once.”

“Host, please treat the [Becoming God of Cooking] properly!” [System]’s voice echoed solemnly in his his head.








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