Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0052

Chapter 52 –


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Michael looks at the excited faces of Harold and Haggard and was a bit hesitant. He was not moved by the offer of double the money, and he does not like this idea.

But Harold and the rest had helped him a lot and invested in his business. If not for their investment, today Amy would not be able to eat the delicious hamburger.

Michael finally smiled and nodded his head, “This time, the new product is possible because of your investment. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of the hamburgers you can eat today. And you need not pay extra. Just pay the original price of 300 coppers for a hamburger.”

“Really? Boss Mike, you are awesome! In that case, I want 5 more. It is the same for my brother.” Harold’s eyes lit up. This Michael is not like the other cunning humans that are out to take advantage of him. He rejected the extra money, while agreeing to sell more of the hamburger at the original price.

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head, and immediately headed in the kitchen.

“Young boss, bill please!” Moby had finished eating. The plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice and juicy Hamburger had a unique effect when combined together -> all the fatigue he felt from working all night was gone in an instant.

After eating the hamburger, he felt even more alert. This is because, his blood seemed to flow faster, and deliver blood to his brain at a faster rate. As a result, his brain feels clearer and is not a groggy as he was earlier.

When he placed the bag on the table, he suddenly noticed the drawing of the half-elf figure on the back of the wrapper. He was surprised, yet he felt that this is natural.

Although he had known Michael for only a few days, it is obvious that he loves Amy and is a good father.

As a half-elf, Amy does not have a mother by her side. But the stigma of being a half-blood was not obvious from her behaviour. Right now, Moby had never considered Amy as a lower breed or half-blood.

To him, Amy is bold, adorable, and filled with confidence.

Seeing this logo, Moby was worried that it would create trouble for the restaurant. Not everyone is as open-minded as him when it comes to half-blood.

When he considered Amy’s fireball, he thought that Michael could not possibly be weak, and is a powerful and smart man. With these thoughts, he felt more a.s.sured.

“It is 9 gold coins altogether.” Amy walked over and thought for a moment as she worked out the price.

“All right, please deduct it from my investment.” Moby smiled.

“En!” Amy nodded her head, and walked to the kitchen and asked her father, “Papa, grand dwarf Moby said that the bill will be deducted from his investment. Is that all right?”

“Of course it is all right, I had written it down for them.” Michael smiled. Then he took out two more plates. In each plate was filled with juicy hamburgers. For Harold and Haggard, the wrapper is more of a hindrance and annoyance. He just placed it on the plate and served it to them.

Of course, the more important thing is, he could save 5 copper coins per bag, and his profits will increase. The plates could be left to the dishwashing machine to clean.

“Bye, Boss Mike.” Moby smiled as

as he said his goodbyes and walked out the restaurant.

“Boss Mike, your new dish is too tasty. If this continues on, I do not want to return to my tribe.” Harold picked up the hamburger and took a big bite. He praised Michael’s cooking skills.

Then he closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of the raging blood. This is more potent than drinking wine! While he was enjoying the taste of the food, he could increase his physical powers at the same time. In his opinion, there is nothing better than this.

Michael smiled as he stood at one side. Being praise for his cooking skills is something that he likes to hear.

Haggard nodded his head in agreement. He is not as fluent in the common tongue as Harold, but he communicated with Michael using a universal body language – by showing a thumb up sign.

In a short while, Conti rode his donkey and arrived. The distinctive sound of the donkey as it neighs is hard to miss.

Conti had just entered the restaurant, and immediately his gaze zoomed in on the hamburgers that Harold and Haggard were eating. The delectable scent of the tantalising meat filled the restaurant.

Conti was hooked, and immediately placed his order, “Oh, it looked like the new dish is ready! Boss Mike, 1 portion of the new dish, please.”

“All right, please wait for a moment.” Michael nodded his head, and entered the kitchen. Conti’s smile seemed to be permanently plastered on his face. No matter who he faces, he always had a smiling face.

“Good morning young boss!” Conti sat down on his usual seat, and smiled as he greeted Amy.

“Smiley face uncle, Good morning!” Amy greeted back in reply. This

reply. This uncle keeps smiling, as if he was wearing a smiley mask.

“The new juicy hamburgers are really tasty. This dish is like a slice of heaven!” Harold turned around and informed Conti, chewed as he talked, “Highly recommended!”

“Great, I look forward to trying it.” Conti was filled with anticipation.

In a short while, Michael exited the kitchen with a juicy hamburger in a wrapper. He passed it to Conti, “Your juicy hamburger.”

Conti accepted the burger, and his attention was captivated by the figure of the little girl on the wrapper. He smiled and asked Michael, “Boss Mike, did you draw the young boss?”

“Really?” Amy was quite bored as she lies on the counter. As soon as she heard this, she jumps down the from the stool and walked towards Conti and sneak a peek. Conti was quite tall, and she had to tiptoe to see the figure clearly.

When she saw that, she was pleasantly surprised and very excited, “Papa, Papa, is this really me? Did you draw it?”

“That’s right, it is you! Our restaurant has no one who is better to represent us.” Michael smiled as he nodded his head, and stroked Amy’s head.

“Papa, you are really incredible! It is very pretty!” Amy rubbed her face against Michael’s hand, and was very delighted.

The three guests in the restaurant saw this and were smiling. This warm feeling of family made them envious.

The wrapper with the half-elf little girl should become famous in the City of Sin.

Conti picked up the hamburger. The white colour bun was spilt in the middle, and filled with slices of meat. The minced meat was stuffed with some fat and some lean parts, and a unique sauce was enveloped on each sliceon each slice of meat. This is the first time that he had seen anything like this.

He opened his mouth and took a bite. The soft bun and the tender pieces of meat broke apart fairly easily. They were infused with the sauce used to cook the meat. The taste melts in the mouth, and taste superb. Conti felt as he was in seventh heaven.

After swallowing the hamburger, Conti could not help heaving a sigh of comfort. “Ohhhhh….” He quickly regains his wits and smiled sheepishly at the others in the restaurant.

But to his amazement, after swallowing the burger, the blood in his blood sudden raged. The feeling was more intense than when he had woke up the morning and practised his swordplay for an hour. In just one bit, his body is optimised and ready for combat. This dish is as amazing as the Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

“Boss, I want 2 more hamburgers.” Conti had not even finished the hamburger in his hand, but he had already placed an advance order.

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head, and returned to the kitchen.

Today is going to be a good day. So will tomorrow. It looks like the juicy hamburger will be a huge commercial success.

At first, he was worried about the effects of the juicy hamburger. Although the juicy hamburger is a bit strong in effects at first and made him uncomfortable, it seemed that the effect is not that bad. Right now, he is much faster when he cooks or creates a burger. The wrapper is quite convenient.

It means that the guests can eat out and is not restricted to the restaurant. Maybe, just maybe, it could make the restaurant more famous.





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