Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0051

Chapter 51 –


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“Juicy hamburger?” Harold felt that this name is very strange. As strange as the name ‘Yang Zhou’ fried rice. But he heard the words ham, and immediately becomes interested, “Boss Mike, then give me 2 of these.”

“Me… two.” Hagard also placed his order. He was also filled with anticipation. The two brothers love to eat meat. Although Yang Zhou Fried Rice is tasty, there was too little meat in it.

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael replied, turned around and entered the kitchen.

Harold seated immediately on the same table as Moby, on the opposite side of the table. He smiled as he greeted Moby, “Boss Moby, you are always the first to arrive every day.”

“Today I am not the first to arrive. There is a human woman who was earlier than me.” Moby shook his head as he replied.

“Good… morning… little.. girl.” Hagard looks at Amy and smiled.

“Big Foolish, good morning!” Amy nodded her head as she politely returned the greeting. She noticed the tusks that were sticking out of the mouth and asked in curiosity, “Your teeth are sticking out. When you eat, will it be inconvenient?”

“Used… to it!” Hagard smiled as he shook his head.

“Mine are even.” Amy smiled and shown her teeth to Hagard, and looks very proud of her teeth.

Hagard just grinned and sat next to Harold as he waits patiently for his breakfast.

In a short while, Michael handed over 3 bags of hamburgers. One for each of them.

“It smells good! Is this the juicy hamburger? There is quite a lot of meat!” Harold picked up the hamburger. The tantalising smell of meat made swallow his saliva and gulped. Inside the bag was a white colour bun. The bun was filled with a lot of meat. There is a mixture of fatty meat and lean meat, and it looks very appetising.

“This is really different from Yang Zhou Fried Rice! I have never smelled such a unique scent of meat. This really smells incredible.” Moby looked at the hamburger in his hand and could not help praising. He had just finished the last bits from the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

“I will try it first!” Harold immediately widened the hole of the hamburger wrapper and took a large bite. In one mouthful, half of the hamburger is gone.

The sweet and aromatic soft white buns were infused with the flavours of the hamburger meat. One mouthful, and the juicy sauces will flow out onto the tender, white buns. The soft and chewy meats contained within also release an a.s.sortment of flavours as it melted in the mouth. There were hints of wine, sweetness, and chewiness and saltiness in the meat. This made Harold’s taste buds screamed in delight – and demanded more.

But what really got Harold’s attention is that after the meat was swallowed, it feels as if a hot stream of fire flowed down his throat. As if he had drunk a bottle of fury wine. His orc blood begins to rage, as if something in his bloodline had awakened.


Harold could not help letting out an orc’s roar. His roar was strong and mighty and even the table shook.

“Yi?” Amy frowned. She was not happy about about Harold’s behaviour and immediately stretched out her hand.

Before she could release a fireball, Michael had already caught her tiny hands, and smiled as he shook his head, indicating that she should not release the fireball.

Michael looked on at Harold with curiosity. He knows that Harold did not roar on purpose. After all, the System had informed him that this hamburger can help to make the blood flow better, and awaken bloodline powers. It is more effective for the warring races than the peaceful races.

As an orc warrior, Harold is more savage and fury in temper. He is used to wars and battles, even among his race. Hence, Harold’s behaviour could be excused. Michael wonders if Harold had awakened any bloodline powers, just like Amy.

Harold’s powerful roar had stunned Moby and Hagard. They were not expecting him to roar out of the blue.

But when they thought about the plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice, they did not think that it would cause any bad side effects. Rather, they were looking on at Harold with anticipation, as if he was the lab mice used to see what effects this dish will contain.

After roaring, Harold felt as his orc blood was raging. When he recovered his wits, the first thing that Harold did is to glance at Amy. Luckily her hands did not have the dread fireball. He heaved a sigh of relief and grinned as he explained, “Sorry, this hamburger tastes too good, and I could not control myself. The roar was not done on purpose. Boss Mike, this thing you made is totally rad! The effect is…is… I felt that my blood becomes more active, and it feels like I am much stronger…”

“En” Michael smiled and nodded his head.

Hearing that Harold had become stronger, Moby’s and Hagard’s eyes lit up, and they immediately took big bites of the hamburger.

The taste is indeed superb, and they were intoxicated by the taste as well. In a short while, under the raging power of the blood, they could not resist roaring as well.

Moby’s roar is much quieter, and not very loud. But Hagard’s roar is just as mighty, if not mightier than that’s of his brother. After roaring, he sheepishly grinned at Amy, “I’m… sorry!”

“Big Foolish, this is your first time. I will forgive you. But someone has to mind their manners.” Amy nodded her head as she replied.

“I… will…” Harold immediately nodded his head, then he took another big bite. This taste! It is so tempting and delicious! The chewy meat and the soft bun complemented each other perfectly! is a Godsend – a food after his heart!

Harold was much smarter this time. After swallowing he used his large hands to cover his mouth, and he did not roar again.

Hagard learned from his brother and also covered his mouth after eating. He was lost in the heavenly taste. For meat lovers like himself, this dish is really a slice of heaven.

“It is very yummy! Boss Mike, I want 5 more!” Harold placed his bag on the chair and immediately informed Michael. There was a trace of red in his greenish-black face, and he was visibility excited.

After eating one hamburger, he could feel the beneficial feel the beneficial effect on his body. He feels much stronger.

“Me… also… Five.” Hagard also showed his palm and held out 5 fingers.

“It is indeed tasty! But my old bones could not stand this excitement. I do not want anymore.” Moby shook his head. He felt the blood raging in his veins. Although it quickly calms down and is quite comfortable, he decided that he prefers the feeling of relaxation and warm when he eats a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice.

“Today is only a trial. Therefore, each of you may only order 3 hamburgers. I will adjust it a bit to make it taste better. Tomorrow, when I start selling this dish, there will not be any limits to the amount you can buy – except my stock. I have a limited inventory, and it is first come, first serve.” Michael smiled and shook his head.

Today is just a close down event for his investors. He did not prepare a lot of hamburgers. Also, the time he took to season the meat is not optimal. The close down event is also a teaser for tomorrow’s launch of the new dish.

He was not expecting a huge demand for the new dish, but if his regulars eat and love it, they would attract other customers to give it a try.

“3? 3 is not enough! This hamburger is really tasty!” Harold was a bit too rash, and immediately counter-proposed, ”Boss Mike, how much do you intend to sell a hamburger for? How about this? I pay double what you usually sell it for just to purchase 2 more?”




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