Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0053

Chapter 53 –


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“Young….. Boss, bill ……. please.” Haggard looked at Amy and smiled as he held out 2 fingers, “Two…… people.”

“Big brother, are you treating me today?” Harold eyes’ lit up with surprise. He was very happy as he looked at Haggard. His brother had finally returned to ‘normal’.

Haggard smiled as he nodded his head.

“12 hamburgers – total is ….. 36 gold coins.” Amy walked over and asked, “Big Foolish, are you paying the bill today?”

“Deduct … from…. account.” Haggard smiled and nodded his head.

“Oh.” Amy nodded her head. Then she turned around and sigh as she muttered to herself, “Aiya, no coins to collect and count yet. When will this be completely deducted? I really want to count the money…..”

“Big brother! You really are my good brother!” Harold patted Haggard’s shoulders excitedly. 18 gold coins is not the issue – he had no problems paying this small sum of money. The issue is that the generous big brother he knows and loves is back.

Haggard smiled and nodded his head, and took out the crowd-funding contract and placed it on the table. He used the Orc tongue to communicate with Harold, “I will be going back to the tribe. Today I will set off. This contract will be given to you. You can use the remaining amount left there. Consider it as if you have bought it.”

“I bought it…. No, didn’t you borrow money from me to purchase it. And you also ate a lot, and now it is counted as I bought it. Erh? So is this meal I treat you or you treat me?” Harold looked at Haggard with a dumbfounded expression. Any feelings that his big brother had returned to ‘normal’ have gone with the wind.

“Think of it as my treat. After all, it is deducted from my share of the crowd-funding document.” Haggard thought it over, and nodded his head.

“All right, let’s not talk about this yet. But why do you have to return to the tribe so suddenly? We have one month to purchase everything we need. A lot of the things we were tasked to purchase are not ready yet. The weapons are not ready yet either. So why are you going back so soon?” Harold asked.

“Stone Rock Tribe and our tribe had another conflict with our tribe. Yesterday a fight broke out, and we lost two warriors. A small gold mine was also stolen. Father asked me to rush home, and lead the troops to regain the mine, as well as to kill the intruders to revenge our fallen comrades.” Haggard’s expression suddenly becomes very serious, and his smile disappeared.

Looking at him now, no one will doubt he is a mighty and fierce orc warrior.

“The rascals from Stone Rock Tribe attacked us again? Looks like they have to learn the lesson from last year! Big Brother, let me go back as well. I will teach them a good lesson!” Harold clutched his fist, and his veins pop out.

“No. You must stay here. We need the weapons. Your job is to bring these weapons back to the

the tribe safety.” Haggard shook his head, and tapped Harold on his shoulder as he advised, “Also your injury from last year is not fully recovered yet. You must rest for a while before returning to the battlefield.”

“I have already fully recovered. One swing of my heavy mace will spilt their skull for sure! If you don’t believe me,  I show you…..” Harold wanted to stand up and demonstrate his combat powers to his brother.

“Father said that Marcus is the leader of the troops this time. You are not his match. Plus, I want to personally break his neck with my own hands.” Haggard’s face is very cold and his fists were clutched tightly. Then he relaxed and let go. He smiled, tapped Harold on his shoulder, and picked up his heavy mace as he walked out.

When Harold heard that name, his expression becomes complicated. He looked at the back figure of Haggard and said, “Big brother, I go back with you.”

“No need. You must purchase everything we need. In the next few days, I will return. Boss Mike’s food is very tasty.” Haggard shook his head.

Then he turned around, looked at Amy, and switched back to the common tongue, “Good…bye, little…. Boss!”

“See you again, Big Foolish!” Amy waved her hand, then she ran towards the egg and whispered something to it.

“Marcus, that damn orc! How dare he bring some warriors to raid my tribe’s grounds? Darn it! “ Harold grit his teeth as he watched the figure of his brother disappeared from the door. Then he

Then he sat down helplessly.

“Tribal war?” Michael thought. He looked at Harold. Michael McGonagall knows the orc tongue as well. The humans’ land is located near the orcs’ land. He had built his reputation on slaying thousands of orcs, and understands the orc’s tongue.

As for Elven tongue, he was also conversational in it as well. That is how he seduced the elven princess and had Amy as his daughter.

Although he was surprised, Michael will not ask directly, unless the guest is willing to voluntarily share with him on their own initiative. He is not that type who like to gossip.

“Boss Mike, one more plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, please. I want to calm down.” Harold sat down for a while, and informed Michael.

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael quickly cooked a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice and placed it in front of Harold.

“Boss Mike, if someone used to be your brother, then he accidentally killed the woman that you love the most, do you think this type of rogue deserved to die?” Harold picked up the spoon

“Likely.” Michael nodded his head in agreement. These type of matters are complicated, and he reckons that Haggard himself does not know how to handle this situation.

“Gress is my big brother’s fiancée, and grew up with him. Marcus is from the Stone Rock Tribe, and is the same age as my big brother. ”

“At that time, our clan had not discovered the gold mine, and are on good terms with the Stone Rock Tribe. The kids of these two of these two tribes often played together. Both my big brother and Marcus are the son of the chieftains in their tribes, and often leads the kids to fight against one another. Their fighting powers are similar and they are also best friends.”

“Then our tribe discovered the gold mines. Our poor village got rich overnight and everything changed. Stone Rock Tribe wants a share of the gold mines.”

“My father is willing to give them 1 or 2 small mines so that they will not go hungry. But they were not satisfied with this, and wanted half of the gold mines, as wanted the biggest gold mine as well. Of course, our clan will not agree to these unreasonable demands, and refused to give the smaller mines as well. ”

“Thereafter, our two tribes had been at war for decades, and there were causalities on both sides.”

“During one of the skirmish, my big brother met Marcus. Both of them are the strong new generation of warriors in their tribe. Neither of them had a clear victory over the other. That battle was no different.”

“But one of the orcs from the Stone Rock Tribe tried to cheat – it was supposed to be a fair combat, but that orc tossed a stone cleaver to Marcus. Gress was in a panic and rushed in, and took the blow intended for my brother.” Harold sighed,

“Actually I saw that battle. Marcus wanted to discard that blade, but he had never expected that Gress will rush up and impaled herself on the blade. “




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