Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0169

Chapter 169 – Cannot Bear the Word ‘F.A.T’

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


Little Pablo stopped. His rosebud like lips parted as he cocked his head curiously at Amy. It looked like his three year old brain had trouble understanding Amy’s meaning.

The customers could not help but laughed at this scene. These two little brats were certainly too cute for their own good, however, it looked like Amy had no intention of curbing her poisonous tongue even with little children.

“This little brat.” Mike also could not help smiling as he shook his head. Amy was only four years old, only five centimetres taller than the little mushroom head. Since she was so small, she could hardly carry Little Ugly Duckling for more than a few meters before starting to wobbly about. However, even if it was true, her words were terribly cutting.

“Sis… sister? No up?” Pablo paused with his arms outstretched for a moment longer, then turned around to look at Jacques. His little rosebud mouth turned downed, they trembled with emotion.

Confronted by Pablo’s disappointed little face, Jacques hardly know what to say. In just a few short moments, both of his sons suffered great defeat in the hands on one little girl.

“Have we underestimated Little Boss’ destructive powers?” Harrison whispered.

“That seems to be correct.” Jacques nodded, he tucked Pablo against his side and shot Amy an indignant glare.

“Elder brother.” Pablo hid himself behind Palmer.

“If you want to pick him up, I won’t mind.” Amy shrugged at Palmer.

Palmer felt the corner of his eye twitched. He really hadn’t expected Amy to launch this kind of attack. He slowly turned to look at Pablo.

“Brother, up! Up!” Pablo looked up at him with bright eyes, arms wide opened and calling out for his brother in a high, childish voice. His little face cheerful again.

Customers around them eyed Palmer speculatively even as they admired Amy’s quick witted response. They were even more curious now to see how Little Pablo would react to Amy and Palmer’s conversation.

Though Palmer was still young, he looked like a a mature and elegant young master in his new riding outfit. Perhaps it’s because aside from his strong eyebrows, the rest of his face resembled his elegant mother more. If he were to condescend to pick up his younger brother right at this moment, the people around him would looked at him more warmth.

“Pablo, be good, I’ll pick you up next time.” Palmer looked at Pablo with his little outstretched arms. He poked the little boy on the forehead and said, “You’re getting a little fat.”

Pablo, reeled back from the forehead poke, stared at Palmer with betrayed eyes. His little mouth pushed forward into a trembling pout, “No hug, brother, no hug, and… fat… fat… brother is badder than elder sister!”

“Pu—!” seated next to them, a young lady burst out laughing, luckily she didn’t have anything in her mouth. These three little chaps were just too funny, ah, she just couldn’t stop laughing.

Palmer turned red, he really wanted to encourage Pablo, but who would have thought that he would ended up being hated by the one he’s trying to encourage? Right now, he was the one who felt wronged. But, it was true that Pablo had gotten really plump, if he were to try and pick him up, he might actually fall down backwards from the sheer weight of his brother.

Amy gave Pablo a Look. She said, “How could you be so mean to Mushroom Head? He’s only a three year old child, how could he stand being called ‘fat’?”

“I…” Palmer opened his mouth, just what had he said that was so different from Amy? Why was he the only one criticized? Much as he wished to defend himself, the sight of Pablo’s tear brimmed eyes struck a chord of guilt in him. Well, perhaps he had gone a bit overboard. He reached out to pat Pablo on the head and said, “Good Pablo, brother’s in the wrong. I shall eat more and grow up quickly so I can pick you up, alright?”

“En, en,” Pablo scrubbed his teary eyes and nodded quickly, a tembling smiled on his face.

“En, that’s what a good child should be like.” Amy nodded with satisfaction.

“En?” both Pablo and Palmer turned to look at Amy. Something was not right here, why was this child speaking in such an old fashion way?

“You must always line up before you enter, loud noises are not allowed in the kitchen, no running about either. If you disturb other customers, someone will smack your bottoms.” Amy said seriously.

“Smack bottoms?” Pablo’s face ashened, he looked left and right furtively, as though expecting someone to suddenly appear with palms opened to smack.

“You think a man like me will simply let you?!” Palmer said through gritted teeth.

“I will call Blue Fatty Uncle to hold you down.” Amy glanced up at Jacques.

“Father?” Palmer’s brow creased as he looked up at Jacques, hoping for support from this side.

“Palmer, what Little Boss just said are all the basic rules of this restaurant, don’t you remember? If you and Pablo behave badly here, I’ll have no choice but to smack your bottoms.” said Jacques seriously. Then, he smiled benevolently at Amy, that little girl was just just too sharp, ah.

“Little elder sis, I like little elder sis.” Pablo called out in his high childish voice at Amy.

“I, however, like little sisters.” Amy shrugged and spread out her hands.

“Wuwu, elder sis doesn’t like me. I want to be a little sister. I want to ba a little sister so elder sis will like me…” Pablo burst into tears again, water pattering the floor like rain.

“You’re already three, right? You should be strong and not cry at the smallest thing.” Amy said with a slightly lecturing tone.

Pablo’s crying stopped abruptly. Though the tears still wobbled in his eyes and he was looking up at Amy with aggrieved expression.

“Let’s go, Pablo. Don’t embarrass yourself anymore.” Palmer said, reaching out a hand for his little brother.

“Am I witnessing the the legendary boy killer? There’s no opportunity even for a counter attack.” Harrison said with a sigh, then he elbowed Jacques and grinned. “Well, well, there goes your childhood sweetheart scheme.”

“I can only blame Boss Mike for bringing his daughter up so well, she certainly is a clever one.” Jacques gave a bitter laugh. However, he soon grow thoughtful, “I say, when I have a little girl, I must teach her to be just like that. Snotty opportunist boys who dare to approach my princess would all be cut down at the knee. Humph, anyone who dares to tackle our princess must face death first!”

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling suddenly poked its head out and mewed curiously at Pablo.

“En? Orange kitty!” Pablo suddenly perked up, he looked curiously at the little cat, and cast beseeching eyes at Amy. “Elder sis, little kitty, hug?”

“She’ll definitely won’t let you touch it.” Palmer said matter of factly.

The customers had their eyes on Amy this time. This curiously named cat had never been touched by anyone as long as they could remember, little mushroom head will probably be disappointed again.

Amy looked at Pablo’s tear stained face and hesitated for a moment. Finally, after a short struggle with herself, she handed over the little cat, saying, “Here, you can hug him, but be careful, he’s also gotten a bit fat lately.”

Hey! I am a wonderously cute cat, you know! How can you use ‘FAT’ to describe me! Little Ugly Duckling cast a dissatisfied eye at Amy, feeling terribly wrong by this life.

Just then, a loud and extremely happy voice rang out in the dining hall. “What’s this?! The scar on my hand, it disappeared after I ate the [Beancurd]!”


[Gumihou: I’m still really happy how mature Palmer is despite his young master attitude.]


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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