Fine Food Broadcaster – 0020 – Cola Tofu

Chapter 20: Cola Tofu


Kirindas: Lol, I do believe the simplest explanation is the most accurate. He’s probably just too lazy and irresponsible, and thus the ‘I don’t know’.


At exactly 12:10 pm, Ye Fei stood up from his computer chair and stretched. He leisurely made his way to the little kitchen.

To tell the truth, he was also quite curious about what kind he’ll be making today.

When he reached the kitchen, Ye Chui did nothing special. He merely squatted down to look under the table and opened that little box of ingredients, and saw what he was to cook with for the first time.

Only, when Ye Fei saw these ingredients, his lips twisted. Because within this box was a piece of tofu. A piece of tender, moist, plump, wobbly tofu still steaming with freshness.

“[System], we’re making tofu today?” Ye Fei asked.

[Fine Food Broadcasting System], “Tofu is a commonly seen but difficult to handle ingredient. Its fragility will be damage if improperly handled. It is a test of a chef’s ability to do fine work. We hope that the host could create the perfect tofu dish. The [System] will now upload a list of different types tofu dishes, would the host please select one.”

As soon as the [System] finished speaking, Ye Fei suddenly felt a numbing sensation within his brain. Suddenly, hundreds of tofu dishes scrolled past his minds eye.

Since he had experienced this with the potato dish, Ye Fei did not panic, instead he went through each of the recipe carefully.

[Spicy Sauce Claypot Tofu: Level 1 limit delicacy, main ingredient: Tofu; Supplementary ingredients: flour, chicken eggs, scallions, ginger, chilli paste etc] [Stone Pot Tofu: Level 1 limit delicacy, main ingredient: Tofu; Supplementary ingredients: mushrooms, shrimps, young Chinese cabbage, ketchup, light soy sauce etc] [Spicy Broiled Tofu: Level 1 limit delicacy, main ingredient: Tofu; Supplementary ingredients: cumin powder, chilli powder, aniseed powder, high class vegetable oil etc] [Cola Tofu: Level 1 limit delicacy, main ingredient: Tofu; Supplementary ingredients: salt, light soy sauce, scallions, cola etc] [Seafood Clay Pot Tofu: Level 2 limit delicacy, main ingredients: Tofu, shrimp, squid; Supplementary ingredients: cooking wine, chilli paste, salt etc] [Three Lucky Deity Tofu: Level 2 limit delicacy, main ingredients: …]

With hundreds of tofu dishes in his head, Ye Fei’s eyes became dazzled. To think that with only one common ingredient, the [System] could list out so many ways of cooking. If he could learn all of this, he need not bother learning anything else. He could make a fortune just from tofu.

“The live broadcast has already begun, would the host please pick out a recipe.” the [Fine Food Broadcasting System] prompted.

Ye Fei looked over at that computer and saw that it had already started its live broadcasting.

Then, his eyes fell upon the number of audience on his broadcasting room and felt his body swayed a little, he was this close to falling onto the ground.

“The f***, there’s…13,000 people? Isn’t this a bit too scary? This is way more than yesterday.”

Ye Fei would never have thought that there would actually be so many people coming to see his broadcast on just the second day. There were over ten thousand viewers, it was kind of exciting actually.

Right now, the people in Ye Fei’s broadcasting room were all in a muddle.

When Eat Everything Under the Sky knew that Ye Fei would be broadcasting he immediately came, it could be said that he was the first to arrive. The moment, he arrived Eat Everything Under the Sky saw Ye Fei make his way towards the kitchen, “Yi? Looks like Deity Ye is going to start soon.”

At this point, Gluttony also arrived, “What’s Deity Ye making today?”

“Who knows? That QQ Broadcasting people never gave us any hint, it made me really curious so I had to come over early.”

“That’s right, those people from the Broadcasting platforms are really irresponsible, how could they not even give us any clues?”

“No wonder Fine Food Section could only claim a small seat in the Platform the people over there are just inefficient. Just look at those guys from Song & Dance as well as the ones from Languages, whenever a deity was about to perform, they always give reminders as well as hints.”

“Those people from FF really pisses me off sometimes.”

While they were dissing the workers from FF Section, their entire dialogue were being read by the staffs from QQ Broadcasting.

Liu Ping and Tang Xiao Min almost cried from being bad mouthed by these people. Your mom, it’s not that we don’t want to release any tips, we actually have no idea what Deity Ye was going to make today, you know? Even he said he did not know, so how could we now? What clues could we give you?

While they were busy dissing the QQ staffs, suddenly Ye Fei came back online to the computer, everyone grew excited.

Eat the World, “Great Deity, what will you make today, ah?”

Gluttony, “Great Deity, grant us the name of your dish.”

“Grant us +1”

“Grant us +2”

“Grant us + … …”

Those who had personally witness Ye Fei make those Golden Thread Potatoes live were the ones most excited.

When Ye Fei saw them all warmed up and eager, he smiled, “Cola Tofu.”

“Pu~~ Deity Ye, y-y-y-you…you’re really going to broadcast that? Don’t tease us, ah.”

“That’s right, Cola Tofu? Haha, he really knows how to joke around, cola is a beverage, you know? How could it be a food ingredient?”

“Deity Ye, would you please be a little serious, we’re all hoping to see something grand from you, please don’t simply throw things together to make fun of us, ah.”

“That’s right, that’s right, a person must be serious in order to be a successful live broadcaster. Mister anchor, my guess is you’re making Mabo Tofu.”

“Mixed Spring Onion Tofu,”

“Deep Fried Tofu, in fact, please, please, please use the rose oil to fry the tofu.”

“Yes, yes, yes, please use the rose oil.”

Seeing all these people looking down at his chosen dish, Ye Fei did not feel angry. After all, he had the [Fine Food Broadcasting System] as his backer, even if things did not go well, then… then, it’s not his fault, it’s all because that [System] did not do a good job, it had nothing to do with him.

Just look at this rascal, before the matter has begun, he had already settled on a scapegoat.

Without speaking more words to the audience, Ye Fei went to the kitchen.

He bent down and took out a palm sized tofu as large as his hand from the box.

This tofu was really too tender, soft to the extreme. Though Ye Fei was just holding it in his hand, that tofu actually trembled in place, like a large piece of jelly.

Also, this tofu was really white. The whiteness of this tofu did not come from chemical brightener or bleach, it was a lovely organic white.

Ye Fei held the tofu the same way he would hold a precious work of art, he dared not make any unnecessary movements, fearing that he would damage the tofu somehow.

The hidden camera within the room gave the live audience a close up look at the tofu, causing the conversations to flare up once more.

“What the, that tofu… how could a tofu be so soft?”

Is that really tofu? Look at the way it sway, I really though it was jelly, ah.”

“Surely someone added too much whitening agent into that tofu, ba? Otherwise how could it be so damned white?”

“Just how the f*** does one make such a tender tofu? Don’t say fry, just a slight touch with a chopstick would break it, ah.”

“That’s right, that piece of tofu would really test a chef’s skills, ah.”

The moment the QQ Broadcasting Platform staffs laid eyes on the tofu, each and everyone of them facepalmed. Not good, this was really bad, ah.

“What is Deity Ye doing? We have nothing against tofu, but why does it have to make soft tofu? Though I have no idea what’s the good points of this tofu, but I know that this is a super hard to deal with tofu. It’s too soft, it’ll just break.” Liu Ping was this close to losing his mind.

Tang Xiao Min laughed bitterly, “Deity Ye’s actions really test one’s heart rate, just what is this stunt now?”

“Looks like something bad would happen today, ah.”

“Should you give him a hint? Ask him to change to a firmer tofu?”

“Even if I send him a message he won’t see it, he’s already in the kitchen.”

“The F, let’s just leave it to fate, ba.”

“I heard that Harmonious Music and Gift of Gab have both reached $60,000 rewards.”

“… … … can’t you give me some nicer news?”

“Very well, Iron Stomach has started to eat his super pizza. The number of people in his live broadcast has reached 53,000 people and counting. Looks like this guy would reach Copper Star level soon.”

“That’s good, that’s very good, ah. I hope Iron Stomach can hold out, this Ye Fei is just too unreliable.”

“Don’t say anything more. That Ye Fei looks like he’s about to say something?”

[Translator’s Note: Lol, what’s this cola tofu, aren’t you guys curious too? I’ll post the recipe in the next chapter!]


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