Fine Food Broadcaster – 0028 – Little Miser

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0028 – Little Miser

Chapter 28: Little Miser

Translated by Gumihou of


While everyone was busy being surprised, happy or frustrated by Ye Fei’s out of this world broadcasting. The man himself already considered himself done with broadcasting for the day.

However, it was not yet time for this trash to rest. As soon as the broadcast was over, he quickly brought up his PP Account, found Feng Tian Lai’s account and sent a direct message.

[Supervisor Feng, are you online?]

Feng Tian Lai was in the midst of great excitement, Ye Fei had granted him a grand surprise today. HX$230,000 rewards! It was quite unbelievable that a new comer could achieve results like this.

Moreover, he had received instruction from the Vice President Li to nurture Ye Fei’s talent to the best of his ability, and to fulfil whatever request Broadcaster Ye Fei has in the best way possible.

When he heard his own PP Account chirped with a message from Ye Fei, he immediately rushed over to answer: [Deity Ye, haha, congratulations, ah. Today you’re quite the astonishing man, ah, no, I should say you’re quite the astonishing deity. Your broadcast today is just too amazing, even now the entire platform is still talking about it.]

Ye Fei sent out a surprise face emoji, and asked: [What are they talking about?]

Tian Lai : [… …]

The f**k, ‘What’ you ask? This brat just raked in HX$230,000 worth of reward and you’re asking me what the entire platform is talking about?

[This… ahem, everyone is talking about your god level performance, ah. Heavens, I still feel like I’m in the middle of a dream.]

Ye Fei gave a little hehe laugh: [Oh, is that so? So, that’s it, ah? That’s nothing, that’s all in the past now.”

Fen Tian Lai was nearly overwhelmed by Ye Fei’s reply. Look at this, just let everyone look at this carefully, ah. These are the words of a true god level genius, ah. While everyone was writhing and howling in the wake of his success, this man was as calm as the eye of a storm. This is nothing? Your little nothing already smashed the newcomer record to bits, even now the entire QQ Platform was in an uproar, some of those people were nearly irritated to death, you know? Still call this nothing? You sure have some guts.

Feng Tian Lai sat stock still in his seat, staring at Ye Fei’s message. After a long time he still wasn’t sure how to answer.

Before he could think of something, Ye Fei had already sent him another message: [Supervisor Feng, please send my portion of the reward from today as soon as possible, ah.]

Feng Tian Lai: [… …]

He was thoroughly aghast, confused, puzzled and confounded. Just what was going on, ah. Deity Ye was a grand deity who reckless use all kinds expensive ingredients to make his dishes, ah. From the comments of those gourmet spectators, those were all super expensive things, ah, beyond expensive, they were rare and precious items that were served to the emperors in the past, ah. Only a super rich, super influential person could have access to these kinds of ingredients, ah. But, but why are you asking money from me? How vulgar, ah.

[Supervisor Feng? Are you there Supervisor Feng?]

When Feng Tian Lai did not answer, Ye Fei felt a little anxious. He knew that he had managed to gather quite a lot of reward today, but if the Platform refused to hand over the money, his effort for the day would all be wasted.

When Feng Tian Lai noticed Ye Fei’s continuous prompting, he finally recovered enough to quickly answer. [Deity Ye, please be at ease. If you wish to withdraw the funds by today, I shall handle the matter personally.]

Ye Fei nodded to himself, and answered: [Yes, I’d like to make the withdrawals today. Please hurry, I have one terrible habit, that is, until my money is all safe in my own account, I get really anxious. I’m really afraid that the money would fly away.]

Feng Tian Lai sank his head down on the table, this Ye Fei nearly shocked him to death. For a long moment, he did not move.

Ye Fei, you are a great deity who had just collected over HX$230,000 in just a little over two hours, ah. Why are you now speaking like a bloody miser, ah, running after money like there’s no tomorrow.

However, Feng Tian Lai did not dare to offend Ye Fei. He was, after all, their most important broadcaster in the entire platform. No matter what, they have to fulfil Ye Fei’s every wishes.

[Deity Ye, please be at ease. I shall handle it right now. Should I transfer the money to the same account as before?] [That’s right, please put everything into that account. Alright, I have no other business. Please do handle this matter quickly, ba. Thank you.]

With that, Ye Fei really did disconnected.

Looking at Ye Fei’s greyed out icon, Feng Tian Lai was nearly in tears. Surely this person was just too materialistic, ba? Too miserly, ba? The first thing out of his mouth was money business. Now that the money talk was over, this guy just simply dropped their connection. Aiyo, wei, you should at least spend some time to chat with me, ba? Isn’t it common sense to communicate with the people you’re going to work with in the future? What’s with the super quick disconnection?

“This Deity Ye is really unusual, ah.” finally, all Feng Tian Lai could do was smile bitterly shook his head.

Feng Tian Lai was certainly efficient, within 20 minutes, Ye Fei’s portion of the reward was soon transferred into his account. The total was HX$165,020.10. It was all perfectly calculated, not a single cent was missing.

When it came to money, Ye Fei was really happy with QQ Platform’s efficiency. At the very least, they were swift in their execution and did not try to find ways to deduct his money.

Ye Fei’s heart was floating near the ceiling as he looked at the message alert from the bank. However, two minutes later, a new message alert came from the bank.

He reluctantly opened the message and felt the pinch like a physical thing. The [System] had once again bitten off 90% of his reward money. That was, a total of  HX$148,518.09 had been taken away.

Seeing such grand amount disappear, Ye Fei felt the pain all the way down to his balls.

“[System], you’re too much. You refuse to even let a single cent go, ah.”

The [Fine Food Broadcasting System] answered, “It is the principle of the thing.”

Ye Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, does a [System] even have any principles?

However, he did not bother to waste his strength arguing with the [System]. Instead, he spent his time calculating what leftover money he had.

“Let’s see, this great me managed to collect HX$165,020.10, that shameless [System] have taken away HX$148,518.09. I still have… HX$16,502.01. F**k it, I’m rich, I’m really rich!”

When he found out that he still had that much money in his account, Ye Fei became excited and no longer bothered to argue with the [System].

This was the first time he managed to get his hands on 16,000 dollars. To Ye Fei, this kind of money was astronomical, if he were to compare, well, this amount was equivalent to at least four or five months’ salary.

“Hahahaha, great me is rich, really rich, ah.” Ye Fei was feeling very happy, and was howling his happiness to the ceiling.

Only, after two howls, he paused. He dashed towards the door, opened it carefully to glance about, when he saw that rent lady Ma Cui Hua did not materialize, he closed the door with a crash and began to laugh loudly to himself.

“HX$16,000, ah. It’s HX$16,000. Great me’s account actually has HX$16,000 in it. Motherf***er, great me will never have to eat another packet of instant noodle any more. No longer have to chose cheap fast food under HX$10 any more. I want to have a feast. A big feast costing at least HX$11!”

Here, an interesting facet about this person revealed itself. After earning HX$16,000 in one day, his greatest ambition was to eat a ‘Grand Meal’ costing HX$11. There was probably only one such idiot in the entire universe.

In the midst of his happiness, Ye Fei heard the nearly forgotten voice of the [System], “In view of your success in making 10 times more money with the second broadcasting, we shall award you with a special skill. Do you wish to accept?”

At this, Ye Fei’s howling laughter halted.

He stood there for a long time before asking, “What do you mean, [System]? You wish to award me with a special skill?”


“What kind of skill?”

The [Fine Food Broadcasting System] said mildly, “Our wish is to increase the host’s cooking ability. Our only goal is to ensure that the host is on the road to become the greatest Fine Food Broadcaster who will sweep away all his opponents.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Your current cooking ability has greatly increased with the assistance of the [System], however, thus far the attraction for your broadcasting was mainly due to the ingredients used, and not your own ability.”

Ye Fei thought about it for a moment. What the [System] said was true, yesterday’s dish generated incredible interest the moment he used the rose cooking oil to fry potatoes. Which gave off quite an incredible visual impact.

Then, there’s the second dish which uses the incredibly rare and expensive court tribute Spring Snow Tofu, giving the audience an incredible shock.

It was just as the [System] had said, the reason why he was given so much reward had a lot to do with the rare and expensive ingredients provided by the [System]. Eat the World and I am a Foodie had not stopped talking about the ingredients the whole time they kept throwing airplanes at him. As for the flavour, well, it’s not like they know whether the food really tasted good or not.

Could the [System] rally have some ways of increasing his cooking skills? If that was true, then he had to take up the [System’s] offer, right? He had to do everything he could to attract his audiences’ attention, ah.

But, what could the special skill be?

Ye Fei was intrigued.


[Gumihou: He’s an idiot, isn’t he? An idiot.]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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