Fine Food Broadcaster – 0019 – I Don’t Know Either

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0019 – I Don’t Know Either

Chapter 19: I Don’t Know Either


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As everyone gathered for Ye Fei’s 12:10 pm broadcast, the rest of the Fine Food Section’s Deities did not remain idle.

Iron Stomach was in his broadcasting room.

Iron Stomach, “12:10 pm is it? Then, we shall broadcast at the same time. Let’s see who has the greater influence, a new melon egg like you, or I, the old bull, Iron Stomach.”

“Ha-ha, Iron Stomach, you really want to challenge this Ye Fei?”

“Looks like Iron Stomach is feeling some pressure from Ye Fei.”

“Great Deity Iron Stomach, is the 1.05 meter Super Pizza done yet?”

“That’s right, that’s right, we all want to see the pizza first. Even I haven’t seen that monster yet.”

“I’m really effing curious what Great Deity Iron Stomach used to make this giant pizza.”

Looking at the liveliness of the broadcasting chatter, Iron Stomach felt happy. To be able to hook their interest was the first step of his road to success. If the people weren’t interested in the content of your broadcast, the reaction would be quite dull.

“My comrades, the Super Pizza is now done. It is here. Though I intend to wait for a bit, but I shall now bring it over so that everyone could have a peek.

Having said this, Iron Stomach turned and lifted an extra, entra large tray. On the tray was a golden brown pizza, topped with all kinds of vegetables and ham.

“Oh f***, it’s so huge, ah?”

“So this is the 1.05 meter pizza? Your mom, even if you give me three days I won’t be able to finish one, ah.”

“Great Deity Iron Stomach, you sure you can destroy this thing?”

“So scary.”

“Great Deity Iron Stomach, if you can really eat all of this, I’ll reward you with a sports car.”

“F***, I’m not as rich, so I can only afford a regular car.”

“I’ll give you a sports car.”

“… …”

Seeing these fans pledge their rewards, Iron Stomach felt like flowers were blooming within his heart. He realized that if these pledges were all honoured, he’ll beat Ye Fei’s record from yesterday.

“Little guy, in the end you’re just a new shoot, ah. Have you seen this? This is your older brother’s strength, just the pledges alone is enough to crush you.”

The Song & Dance Section, live broadcasting room.

The Song & Dance also had their own talented people, Harmonious Music was now singing his most popular song ‘My Flustered Heart’, mesmerizing countless numbers of fans into throwing rewards at him. The current reward stood at $42,000.

Seeing their reward climb up, the Song & Dance Section’s energy also grew accordingly.

“This is the strength of the Song & Dance Section, as expect, this is still the coolest section. We’ve already reached $42,000, how about it Ye Fei? This elder have already overcome your record by $10,000!”

Over at the Language Section, Gift of Gab was on air.

Just now an excellent performance was given by the Gift of Gab, it was a one person drama, filled with eloquence and deep feeling. It managed to gain $45,000 reward in one go. This was actually the first time that the Language Section managed to overtake Song & Dance.

Gift of Gab sat back, a folding fan in his hand, satisfaction filled his heart.

“Ye Fei? Hehe, just who is Ye Fei? Compared to this elder, you’re lucky if I don’t accidentally step on a bug like you.”

12 o’clock.

The people at QQ Fine Food Broadcasting Section were running around frantically, as the broadcasting time grew closer, they found that there were already people hanging around Ye Fei’s broadcasting space.

Though Ye Fei himself was not there, there were already people peeking about.

“Hey, did Deity Ye mention what he’s going to broadcast today?”

“He’ll definite make a dish of some sort, but nobody knows what he’ll make.”

“Xiao Mei, go and ask.”

Tang Xiao Mei immediately sent a PP message to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei was sitting in front of his computer when he received the message, with a bitter smile he sent a quick reply: [I don’t know either.]

Tang Xiao Min, “… …”

Her body started to sway a little, and almost missed the chair as she suddenly sat down.

Oi, brother, you don’t know? You’re supposed to do a broadcast today and you don’t know? You’re teasing me, right?

“Great Deity, you…”

Ye Fei had sent an emoji that showed an expressionless face with both palms up in a shrug: [I really don’t know what to make.]

Tang Xiao Min slammed her forehead to the desk, and groaned. We’re really waiting for you to show your colours, okay? We really want to see you snatch the record, okay? We’re so tensed until we can’t swallow our lunch, you know? In the end the only thing you can say is ‘I don’t know’?

Can you be more even more of a tease?

When Liu Ping and the rest saw Tang Xiao Ming trying to crack her head open, they quickly rushed over, “What’s wrong? What did Deity Ye said he’ll make?”

Tang Xiao Min looked up at the people surrounding her desk, she suddenly shrugged and held up her palms, “I don’t know either.”

Liu Ping and Co, “… …”

“Xiao Min, don’t worry. This is a big deal, as long as we have the name of whatever rare thing Deity Ye is making we still have time to research and put out the necessary information to attract even more audience.”

Feng Tian Lai floated over like a spectre, with an ‘en’ sound, “That’s right, Xiao Min, just what is Deity Ye making today?”

Tang Xiao Min almost cried from the deluge of questions, “I really don’t know what to do!”

Someone got hold of Tang Xiao Min’s computer and looked up her messages with Ye Fei, that person also fell down, stunned.

“Your mom, it’s really ‘I don’t know’, ah.”

“Aiyo, my holy ancestors, y-y-y-you…”

What the f*** is this really a broadcaster? It’s almost time to broadcast and they still don’t know what they really want to do, what kind of s*** is this, ah.”

“It’s over, it’s all over, Deity Ye must have lost his mind, ba? The entire broadcasting platform is watching us,”

“Then, what should we do? If he did not know what to do, then how should we know what to do?”


A group of people looked up at Feng Tian Lai with pitiful eyes.

Feng Tian Lai sighed, then he shrugged and held up his hands, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know either.”

After saying this, he floated away.

Actually, Feng Tian Lai’s heart was also filled with gloomy curses, isn’t this too random? Is Ye Fei just a one trick pony? If that’s the case then, he will probably lose his head along with his face.

The back stage people continued to look at each other, none of them knew what to say.

“Do you… Do you think that, Deity Ye just didn’t want to expose his broadcast content before going live? Maybe he just wants to give us all a surprise.” Liu Ping said with a with a bitter smile.

Tang Xiao Min said, “Let’s just assume it’s that, ba, otherwise nobody from Fine Food Section would never be able to raise our head any more.”

“Oh right, it’s almost lunch time. Anyone want lunch? I’ve ordered take out.” One of the statistician said.

The entire group of people shook their head, none of them have any appetite. Right now, Ye Fei was the pillar holding up everyone’s energy, everyone was counting on him. In the end, if he did not know what to do, then it certainly looked like their pillar was about to collapse, bring down everyone’s mood to the point that no one was interested in eating.

Since no one has the appetite to eat, the statistician also sat down morosely.

“Harmonious Music had already reached $50,000 reward. Those bastards, did they inject chicken blood into their broadcaster or something?” Liu Ping was looking at the company’s summary of the day’s statistics, his teeth hurt even as he updated them on this information.

Tang Xiao Min made a small ‘en’, “Gift of Gab’ have also reached $49,000 reward, both of them are strong.”

“That’s right, when will such a person appear within the Fine Food section, ah.”

“We all thought that Ye Fei is our hope, but now…”

“Why is it so quiet at Iron Stomach’s broadcast?”

“Don’t you know, an announcement just went up, he said he’s going to wait until 12:10 pm before starting. He wants to challenge Ye Fei directly.”

“So, this Iron Stomach wants to step on Ye Fei, ah.”

“That’s right, he’s a veteran great deity after all. His challenge today is the meter wide super pizza. With those two broadcasting at the same time, I think Ye Fei would be very miserable.”

“Please don’t talk about Ye Fei any more, just saying his name made me miserable. There has never been anyone so unreliable, to not know what he’s going to do at this last minute. If he didn’t know what to do, just what kind of shitty broadcast is it going to be, ah.”

“From now on, our Fine Food Section’s shame will reach all the way to our ancestors. We’re flying so high yesterday, but today…”

“That Ye Fei, he’s just a fraud, he’s going to pull down the rest of the Fine Food Section.”

Just as everyone was busy complaining, a sudden alarm rang through the room.

Liu Ping immediately took out his phone and gave a bitter smile at the rest of the people around him. “In order not to miss Ye Fei’s live broadcast, I’ve set an alarm for 12:10 pm. It is time.”


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