Fine Food Broadcaster – 0021 – Spring Snow

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0021 – Spring Snow

Chapter 21: Spring Snow


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Ye Fei was really speaking right now, moreover, he was not speaking nonsense as one would expect. He was properly introducing the main ingredient he was planning to use for the benefit of his audience.

This was something that was absent in his first broadcast.

As Ye Fei looked at the soft tofu sitting quietly on the cutting board, he looked up and smiled. Though he could not see where the hidden camera was, he knew that his every movement was being transmitted live over the internet.

“I know that some of you might be disappointed by this dish. It is after all a mere tofu dish, however, I’m going to tell you all now that this is no ordinary tofu. It has a very lovely name, Spring Snow Tofu[1], have any of you heard of it?”

“Spring Snow?”

Ye Fei had just finished his explanation, and pretty much everyone was captivated by it.

“Spring Snow, that’s a very good name, ah. It matches very well,”

“Only the word snow could match this tofu’s beauty, spring snow has a very light feeling to it, fresh, fragile and pure.”

“That’s right, but how come I’ve never heard of this tofu before? Could it be that this tofu came from some remote mountain village?”

Just as everyone was chatting leisurely with each other marvelling over the majestic name Spring Snow, Eat The World suddenly threw a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!! over the internet, it was followed by that most unacceptable word — F***!

Every time this guy started cursing a storm, Gluttony would feel depressed for his friend, “Hey World, have you gone crazy again?”

Eat the World immediately sent over a bunch of ‘I’ve gone crazy’ emoticons, “Spring Snow? This guy actually managed to get his hands on Spring Snow? He’s using Spring Snow Tofu? Am I dreaming?”

Gluttony asked curiously, “World, you know this tofu?”

Eat the World immediately replied, “It’s Spring Snow, ah. Oh my ancestors, broadcaster, you sure the tofu you use is Spring Snow? You’re not cheating me?”

Since this Eat the World gave him a lot of rewards that first day of broadcasting, Ye Fei had authorized direct conversation link for him. It could be said that this Eat the World was one of the few who could speak directly to Ye Fei live via a mike.

“As at broadcaster, one must have integrity, how could I lie to my dear fans.”

Eat the World, “… …”

You’re really shameless, still dare to say this kind of words. Since you say it like this I really want to tell you this, there are many broadcasters with integrity, but you’re not part of that group, you know.

“Broadcaster Deity Ye, I just really want to know, is this tofu really is the legendary Spring Snow, let us please not talk about integrity, ok?”

Ye Fei made an ‘en’ sound, and said, “This really is the Spring Snow Tofu, this piece of tofu has an appearance like that of a flawless piece of jade. White as snow, very tender and soft. This tofu is made using soy beans from Bai Ma river. Beans from this place are watered using the special water from the Bai Ma river, which gave the soy beans an unusual white hue. Tofu made from this beans would have a pure white appearance, moreover, they are very good for health… the f***, just what is going on?”

Ye Fei was immersed in his explanation when his computer made a ‘ding dong’ noise.

He really thought his computer broken down, he still need it to make money, ah.

However, when he reached the computer, he could only sit and stare stupidly at the screen. On the screen was a splendid plane, a bright and glorious luxury plane.

“A plane? Surely not? Isn’t this Eat the World guy way too generous? The first reward is not flowers, claps, candies or even cars, but a luxury plane? Isn’t one of those is about $5,000 each?”

Ye Fei was not the only one dumbfounded, the rest of the audience in the broadcasting room were also stunned.

“Hey… World, you… what’s wrong with you?” Gluttony asked nervously, his hands shaking a little as he typed, he’d never thought that the first reward would be a luxury plane, so reckless.

Eat the World, “That’s right, the broadcaster is right. I had some doubts on the authenticity of this being actual Spring Snow Tofu, but after hearing his explanation I’m now convinced that it’s true. Only soy beans grown using the Bai Ma river water could be made into this unique tofu. This tofu was also given as imperial tribute in the ancient times.”

As he said this, Eat the World also gave Ye Chui an extra large thumbs up, and continued, “Broadcaster, you’re too amazing, really, I never thought that someone could actually get their hands on Spring Snow Tofu to make a dish. That’s because people who could get their hands on this tofu are the richest of the rich. This counts as my way of paying respect for this piece Spring Snow Tofu. Great me will grant you a nice gift!”

After saying this, Eat the World gifted two more luxury planes.

The entire broadcast room exploded into noise.

“Elite rich guy, World is actually a natural born elite rich guy, your mom, this is just the start you’ve already gifted two more planes. I can’t take it, that’s already $15,000 reward, ah!”

Right at this time, suddenly a character called I Am A Foodie appeared and sent up an ‘I’m amazed’ emoji, “I didn’t think, I really couldn’t believe that I would actually get to see legendary Spring Snow Tofu in this tiny broadcasting room. Broadcaster, I really must say you’re too amazing, really, you’re awesomeness is not ordinary at all, it’s ultra-awesome, please take these two planes as my inadequate respect.”

Zoom, zoom~~

Two more planes zoomed across Ye Fei’s computer screen.

Ye Fei, “… …”

The other viewers, “… …”

Just what was going on? Was there a rich guy party or something? Just now that Eat the World already awarded three luxury planes, and now this other super rich guy I Am A Foodie just dropped two more planes. This is just too reckless, ba?

“Foodie? Didn’t realized that I would be able to meet you here, looks like great minds think alike.” Eat the World laughed heartily.

I Am A Foodie, “No matter what, being able to catch a glimpse of this Spring Snow Tofu is already worth the trip, broadcaster, if you’re able to create an excellent Cola Tofu[2] dish, I’ll not be stingy with the rewards.”

Ye Fei was completely dumbfounded, he really did not think that his luck would be so amazing. He had not even lit up the stove yet and already he had collected $25,000 worth of reward, compared to yesterday, this was many times even more amazing.

“I… I shall do my best.” Ye Fei said with a shaky voice.

After that Ye Fei walked stiffly towards the kitchen. With his back towards the computer, he never saw the rain of rewards floating past the computer screen. Claps, flowers, candies, motorbikes, sports cars almost covered the entire surface.

These people were all foodies, people who loved gourmet food. When both Eat the World and I Am A Foodie immediately gave those planes as rewards, they all knew that this was clearly no ordinary ingredient. For a broadcaster to go through all this length to obtain top quality ingredients just for their entertainment, if they don’t reward this kind of broadcaster, then who should they reward?

Thus, majority of the people immediately gave out rewards as well, the broadcast room might as well be a sea of presents.

The statisticians at the QQ office all stared with bulging eyes as each of Ye Fei’s rewards piled up, the entire office was stunned.

“H… how could this be?” Liu Ping said in disbelief.

Tang Xiao Min had to rub her eyes a few times before saying faintly, “I seemed to be seeing some kind of a software bug, just how did things turned out this way?”

“It’s just a piece of tofu, how could it excite people so much? There are already 5 f*****g planes, 10 sports cars, 15 motorbikes and 23 electric cars as well as 40 or 50 bicycles. As for the flowers, claps and candies, they are uncountable, just too many.”

“God, this is the work of God, ah. Not even 15 minutes into the broadcast the rewards are already… wait, let me count, ten, hundred, thousand, ten-thousand… $55,400, oh my heavenly God, crazy, the world has gone crazy!”

“Is this really the work of a One Star Iron Grade broadcaster? Would even ghosts believe this?”

Most of the statistician were shaken to the core. They have never seen this phenomenon before in their lives. They believed that even the most popular Song & Dance broadcaster would not have raked in such rewards. This guy had only been broadcasting for two days, a One Star Iron Grade noob broadcaster. To obtain over $50,000 worth of reward in more or less 10 minutes on their second day of broadcast. Has their system gone nuts, or has the world gone crazy? This was beyond outrageous, ah.

“Let’s inform the manager!” Liu Ping stood up suddenly, the chair behind him clattering to the floor. Ignoring the overturned chair, he took to his heels and ran for Feng Tian Lai’s office.



[1] Spring Snow Tofu – 阳春白雪 or ‘Elite Art and Literature’ Tofu is, sadly, made up by the author. I actually tried to search it, cross referencing it with the Bai Ma River, but all that came up is…chapter 21 of this novel, lol!


[2] Cola Tofu : This dish is available in English and Youtube, so there’s no need to translate the recipe, please have a look and enjoy this odd dish. If anyone try it out, let me know what it tasted like!



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