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Reborn-Super Chef – 064 – Gan Chao Niu He

Chapter 64 – Gan Chao Niu He



“Little brother, how are your revisions for this exam? Do you have any confidence about passing it?” Tian Xiaodu continued to question, “Though your culinary skills aren’t bad, you should not be too careless.”

Ye Chui gave an embarrassed coughed, before continuing, “Then, would Xiaodu please tell me more about this exam.”

Tian Xiaodu was shocked, “You’re telling me that these few days you have not actually done any research on the exam?”


Ye Chui was perfectly honest, aside from registering his name a week ago, he had not given this matter half a thought. No one could actually fault Ye Chui for being casual about this exam, as one who had earned the title of God of Cooking. This kind of exams was like university students taking part in primary school exams — if he could not achieve full marks in this exam, he should be struck by lightning. From the beginning, Ye Chui had viewed this exam with a slight contempt.

Tian Xiaodu on the other side was silent, he was probably sweating like an anime character as well. At any rate, he gave Ye Chui the basics of the Chef’s Certification test — In order to participate in this test, a potential chef must first be have a guarantor, the guarantor must be at least a one star chef. The actual test was rather simple as well, the test candidate must one dish on the spot. Once the dish was completed, it will be graded by three judges, very standard. The passing average was 6 points.

When Ye Chui signed up, he placed Tian Xiaodu as his guarantor. As for the actual test, he was not worried at all, it’s not like there’s a single dish in the world that he could not make.

“Don’t look down on the test just because it only tested you on one dish, all aspects of cooking: choosing ingredients, knife work, heating control, seasoning, plating are all points that will be tested, so one should not be sloppy.” In the end, Tian Xiaodu still used a rather solemn voice to inform Ye Chui of all this. But once he had finished, his voice suddenly turned cheerful, “Naturally, I am confident that Little Brother Ye will have no problem passing.”

“Should be fine, ba.” Ye Chui laughed as he answered, “Once the test is over tomorrow we can officially open our diner, are you sure you don’t want to come over for a look?”

“N- no need, I’ll go on the opening day.” Tian Xiaodu said heartily, he once more wish Ye Chui luck on his exam and quickly hung up. This made Ye Chui really confused, could it be possible that this man was afraid of Han Yunyan? Surely not, he should not know that Han Yuyan was staying here…

[Lol, he guessed the wrong Rain.]

Since he couldn’t understand the matter he decided to forget about it. Ye Chui went back to the kitchen to finish his dinner. When he saw elder sister Han Yuyan trying to make her way back her own room the moment she set her chopsticks down, he called her out and made her clear away the table. He would have to drill in a wait staff consciousness bit by bit.

While she cleaned, Ye Chui started to prepare his weapons — the Chef’s Certification Test was like any standard test where students were required to prepare their own stationary, he had to bring his own knives etc.

Though there were many types of kitchen knives, for Ye Chui, a single chef’s knife was enough. He took out the ‘Zhan Xiang’ knife that Elder Han gave him, after giving it a careful wipe placed it in a plain wooden box.

Zhan Xiang originally has its own exquisite box, but it was too eye catching and taking it to the examination room would certainly attract onlookers.


In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

Ye Chui took a taxi to the testing site with his tool box as well as his registration papers: Xizhou City Fine Food Association. This Fine Food Association was established two years ago when the ban against meat was lifted. The purpose was to establish an era of fine cuisine and to seek out lost recipes. The actual name was Hua Xia Fine Food Recovery Association, the abbreviation was FFA.

When Ye Chui entered the office of the FFA, there were already plenty of people gathered to take the Certification Exam. The few people who noticed Ye Chui’s toolbox gave him strange looks.

“Heh, this kid should be about 16 or 17, ba? To think this brat wants to take this test at such a young age. Really did not know his own limits!”

“Thought there was no limit to the age for the one star chef’s certificate, it’s not a test just for anyone.”

“What kind of dishes could a young kid do? This is my third time taking the exam, but I still have no confidence about passing.”

The people around him continued to mutter among themselves. However, it was hard to blame them for their disbelief. A chef has to master a set of skills, and each skill has to be honed for years. Though there was no age limit for the one star test, most of the chefs who actually passed this test were in their 20s. For others at Ye Chiu’s age, with barely a toe in adulthood, there was very little hope in passing.

Ye Chui paid no attention to the mutterings of the people around him. According to his own experience in his past, it was actually quite impossible a person in their teens to reach any sort of great heights in cooking. In his past life, he had only just came into contact with cooking at this age.

While waiting for the test to start, Ye Chui found himself a place to sit quietly and closed his eyes — looking at him, the others thought that he was mentally preparing himself for the test. However, in reality he was just pondering on the wisdom of his decision to make Han Yuyan clean the plates and kitchen utensils from breakfast. She was not allowed to call housekeeping company any more. Right now he was wondering, just how many plates would he have left?

“Hei, brother, I didn’t expect to see someone younger than me taking the exam.” A voice sounded next to Ye Chui’s ear, causing him to open his eyes. The speaker was a young man of about 18 or 19, with a rather quick and intelligent look in his eyes. He even clapped Ye Chui’s shoulders familiarly and sat down next to him, “I’m Sun Yi, and you are?”

Ye Chui gave this person a look, and smiled, “Ye Chui,”

“I guess this is your first time taking the exam, ba? This is my first time too, since you look a little nervous, I’m telling you it’s going to be all fine as long as your foundation is good.” This guy seemed to have no end of chatter, “I’ve been helping in the kitchen since I was 13, so I’m pretty familiar with all kinds of dishes. Sometimes when the restaurant is too busy I get to make things too, and the customers are also pretty satisfied. Ye Chui should be the same, having helped out at a restaurant, ba?”

Ye Chui really did not know how to explain to this student, so he merely nodded, “Yeah.”

“Hei, hei, when it’s time for the exam, if there’s anything you don’t understand please feel free to ask me. I’ll definitely help you since we’re both the youngest candidates here.” Sun Yi said with a smile. It looked like this Sun Yi had adopted Ye Chui as his litter brother?

Ye Chui really did not know whether to laugh or cry, he merely said, “Thank you.”

“It’s just a small matter,” Sun Yi smilingly said,

After waiting for a bit more, it was time to enter the exam hall. There were rows and rows of stove, each with the name of the students written next to it. A long table was set separately away from the stoves piled with all kinds of ingredients. Once the test started, the students will have to select the necessary ingredients by themselves, this was the first test. If the ingredients were not good, it would vastly influence the end product.

Ye Chui had just found his own name when he noticed, with some resignation, that Sun Yi was standing next to him.

“Brother, we certainly have fate, ah.”

Ye Chui smiled, “Yeah,”


At the testing hall’s viewing room.

“Uncle Wang, look, it’s that kid.” The speaker is a handsome boy with striking, heroic looks. An Jing’s pursuer, Zhao Hongyu, also the leader of first grade class three. He was speaking to a middle age man, “Uncle Wang, if you help me my dad will certainly thank you properly.”

“This words of yours make it seem like I’m an outsider. I’m a good friend of your father ever since we’re kids together. Since he called me yesterday, how could I not help out? Moreover, this kid is here at such an age, even if I did nothing, he would probably fail by himself.” This middle aged man made a he-he laugh as he said, “As for you, Zhao Hongyu, why aren’t at school?”

“I just want to see his despairing face,” Zhao Hongyu laughed coldly. The spring tour from two days ago still haunted him. The prestige in his class had also reduced greatly after this great loss of face. He really could not swallow this dishonour, he must see Ye Chui eat a loss before he’s satisfied. “Uncle Wang, it all depends on you now.”

“Don’t worry, let’s not talk about his ability now. For today’s exam I’ve set the hardest question yet.” Uncle Wang snorted a laugh, “The dish he has to make will test the limits of any chef: Gan Chao Niu He!”







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