Reborn-Super Chef – 006

Reborn-Super Chef – 006

Chapter 6 – Foolish Guy Rejected $100


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“You caught a strange, bad guy?” Listening to Wang Shiyu, Ye Chui could not help but smile. It is probably a make-believe game she was playing with her friends. Ye Chui did not think much about it, but patted her on her head as he grinned, “Little Rain is so awesome. Ge Ge will cook another tasty meal for you another day, ok?”


As soon as she heard Ye Chu’s words, Wang Shiyu’s eyes lit up, and she cried, “I want to eat the Da Pan Ji (Big Plate Chicken) that we had this afternoon!”


“Da Pang Ji may be delicious, but it is too oily. Having too much oily food is not good for health. When I am free, I will cook something that is much healthier and just as delicious, ok?” Ye Chui asked.


Wang Shiyu immediately nodded her head, and her face was full of anticipation as she replied, “It’s a deal!”


An Jing walked towards Ye Chui, and she asked, “Ge Ge, let me help you man the stall. I had already finished all my homework while I was in school.”


“No need. You accompany Little Rain, and supervise her in her homework.” Ye Chui immediately rejected her suggestion. The night market is quite chaotic. Ye Chui is could not be at ease if his sister accompanied him.


Although roasting the lamb skewers is a bit tiring, it is not a bit deal for Ye Chui. He could not bear to let his sister help him out in the night market.


After chatting with An Jing, An Jing finally agreed to stay at home and look after Wang Shiyu. Ye Chui then cycled towards the night market.


Around 6 pm plus, the night market sprung into action and turned lively. Ye Chui had barely opened his store and started roasting the lamb skewers when countless customers throng his stall, lured by the smell of the food. Despite the inferior location of Ye Chui’s stall, the customers did not mind.


The other stall owners were green with envy. Many of them did not have a single customer yet, but Ye Chui’s stall already had a long queue of people waiting to buy from him.


The mutton skewers that used to fill the entire container to the beam seemed to dwindle rapidly in numbers. At around 9.30 pm, Ye Chui was already drenched in sweat. He wiped off the sweat accumulating on his forehead, and received $10 from a customer. Then he handed over 5 sticks of mutton skewers in a bag to that customer.


Just as he was about to serve the next customer, a young man rudely cut the queue made his way to the front of the stall. The young man was quite handsome and was well dressed.


His nice formal wear seemed to stand out from the throng of customers in the night market, who were decked in casual wear. Although he had rudely cut the queue, he looked quite disgusted and not apologetic at all. That man used a piece of tissue to cover his nose, as if he could not stand to smell of the night market. In a rough voice, he shouted, “Give me 5 sticks!”


Ye Chui was not one who reject customers. But, this man had rudely cut into the queue, and Ye Chui was not pleased with this man’s attitude. He pointed at the queue and said, “Please queue up first.”


The young man frowned. He turned around and saw that there were still 20 or so people in the queue and was unhappy about queuing up. He took a $100 note from his wallet and shouted, “This thing is only $2 for one stick? I give you $100 for 5 sticks! Be quick about it! I am in a rush for time, and the night market really stinks!”


Listening to the young man, the crowd who was queuing up turned angry and they begin to chatter among themselves. But from the fine clothes that this man was wearing, he could have connections with powerful people. Therefore no one was willing to stand up to him.


In addition, he had offered $100 for just 5 sticks of mutton skewers. If they were the boss, they would be glad to take the money.


But to their astonishment, Ye Chui did not even look at the money as he repeated, “Please queue up!”


Of course, Ye Chui was attracted to the money that the young man offers. $100 for 5 sticks of the mutton skewers is a huge profit! But he really could not stand the attitude of this man.


As well, in his past life, he is a top-level chef, and had cooked for world leaders, movie stars etc and had made his attitude clear. If you want to eat the fine cuisine that he had cooked, then you must follow his rules.


Right now, everybody had to queue before they could purchase mutton skewers from him. What makes you think that you have the right to cut the queue? Let not mention the $100, even if he was offered $10,000 dollars, Ye Chui would not agree to serve this man. This is Ye Chui’s attitude.


“If you know what is good for you….. You better cooperate with me!” The young man had not anticipated that Ye Chui would reject him. “You are just a night market stall operator. Do you believe that I can make sure that you never be able to operate a stall here again?


“If you want to eat, then queue up. If you do not want to eat, then please leave. Do not disturb other customers who are queuing up to purchase my mutton skewers!” Ye Chui paid no heed to the threats of this young man, and reply in a firm tone, while staring at the young man.


Looking into Ye Chui eyes, the young man suddenly and inexplicably wanted to retreat. This feeling of unease only fanned his anger. He was about to say something, when a soft and gentle voice rang out behind him, “Cao Kang, what happened?”


This is a woman’s voice. Hearing the voice of this woman, both Cao Kang and Ye Chui turned around. They saw a woman about 17-18 years of age, with soft hair that reached out to her shoulders, with a figure and face to die for. She was wearing a white colour dress as she made her way towards them.


Even though the night market was very crowded, she easily stands out from the crowd.


Just by standing there, she immediately attracts the stares of everyone around her.


As a master chef, Ye Chui had met all kinds of beautiful women, including pretty movie stars. Some of them also tried to seduce him. But looking at this woman, Ye Chui was still stunned by her beauty.


Cao Kang immediately walked towards the girl and said, “Weiwei, why did you get down from the car? This place is really dirty and smelly and not safe. If you are hurt in any way, your father will blame me.”


This girl is named Lin Wei. Just now the two of them had just dined together with their families. Cao Kang’s father had insisted that bring Lin Wei back to her hotel safely. But when they passed by the night market, Lin Wei had caught a whiff of the scent of the mutton skewers. For Cao Kang, this smell is very pungent and revolting. But Lin Wei finds the smell incredibly attractive, and her stomach growled in hunger. She insists on trying the food.


Although Cao Kang was unhappy about it, he still tried to purchase some mutton skewers for her in hopes of getting into her good books. He did not anticipate that Ye Chui is as dumb as a rock, and even let go of the opportunity to earn $100! If Ye Chui had accepted $100 for 5 sticks of mutton skewers, he would have made 10 times more than what he normally made.


But now that Lin Wei had disembarked from the car, Cao Kang felt that he had lost face. He could not even handle a ‘tiny’ night market stall owner. In a mixture of anger and shame, he glared at Ye Chui.




To avoid giving Lin Wei a bad impression, he should avoid blowing his top in front of her. Therefore, he patiently explained to Lin Wei, “I did not expect so many people to be queuing here. Weiwei, you wait in the car for me. Once I have purchased the food, I will return to the car.”


Lin Wei’s mouth may utter the words, “En”, but her eyes were glued to the mutton skewers that Ye Chui was expertly roasting. The mutton seemed to sparkle, and the smell of the freshly roasted mutton skewers was intoxicating. Her face readily revealed her desire, and she ready want to eat these foods immediately.


Just when she was about to make her way back to the car, 5 sticks of freshly roast mutton skewers suddenly appeared right in front of her. Ye Chui had brought these mutton skewers with him, and with a smile, he said, “Looking at how much you craved to eat these mutton skewers, consider these 5 sticks as a gift from me to you.”


Ye Chui does insist that all customers follow the rules if they wanted to eat the food that he had made. But looking at the girl in front of him, he felt that it was love at first sight. He is not an idiot and tried to get in her good graces by offering her 5 sticks of mutton skewers.


The customers who are queuing up did not mind this minor interrupt. Rather, they thought that the young man tending to the stall is very interesting. He declined to serve someone who is willing to pay good monies to cut the queue. But when he saw a beautiful woman, he did not want a cent and cheerful treat her to mutton skewers.


As for Cao Kang who was preparing to queue up, his face immediately turned black with anger and jealousy.




Next (Few) Chapters


One of the female leads had finally appeared! How will Ye Chui woo this girl and make her fall for him?


Plus, Cao Kang is not a man to be offended! He will get his revenge for the perceived insult!


Stay tuned as a love triangle unfolds!


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