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Reborn-Super Chef – 048 – All Love Rivals will be Crushed!

Chapter 48 – All Love Rivals will be Crushed!

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“Cousin, what are you doing here in Xi Zhou?” Lin Wei, who was seated on the passenger seat of the sports car, looked at the male driver in curiosity.

The man looked to be about 17-18 years of age, and was quite handsome. He was dressed in a branded suit that is tailored made to fit him. From his clothes to his luxury sports car, he practically stinks of wealth. If he stood beside Cao Kang, he could easily make Cao Kang look poor in comparison.

This man was He Changfei, son of the famous scion of the He Enterprise. He Enterprise had many business dealings with Lin Zhengdao, and two businesses were so closely related that the boss of two companies referred to each other as brothers. Therefore Lin Wei had to address this man as ‘cousin.’

Just then, when Lin Wei was about to go out, He Changfei happened to visit. He offered Lin Wei a ride to wherever she wants to go.

As this cousin of hers, she did not have any special feelings for him. At the most, she regarded him as a brother. Usually, she was happy to meet him as a sister would be happy to meet a brother.

“I am thinking of transferring to Xizhou to study, and was completing the enrolment to the Xizhou Elite noble School. Hehe, we may become classmates.” He Changfei smiled as he informed Lin Wei.

“Yi? You are also transferring to Xizhou for your studies?” Lin Wei was surprised by this news, “Why? Are you looking after the family business in Xizhou?”

He Chengfei may be still young, but he had a talent for business, and often help out inhis family business. This was a well-known fact in Beijing. When Lin Wei asked, he neither deny or acknowledged this, it was casually turned it aside with a vague, “Maybe.”

While saying this, he glanced at Lin Wei, and his mouth curled into a smile.

Ever since he became interested in this opposite sex, He Chengfei had no lack of pretty women who clamoured to be his girlfriend. But when he first met Lin Wei, he was stunned. Lin Wei is pretty, cute and clever.

All these made He Chengfei smitten with Lin Wei. When Lin Wei came with her father to Xizhou, he immediately made his way over as well. He understood that in order to woo a girl like Lin Wei, he must be patient.

To be honest, Lin Wei had many suitors. However, He Chengfei considered himself as the one with the highest chance of success. After all, when Lin Wei saw him she would chat with him less guardedly compared to other suitors. Although he knew that Lin Wei considered him as a brother, he was confident he could change their relationship from a brother-sister to that of a couple.

He Chengfei began to chat with Lin Wei, asking her about her experience in Xizhou. When he asked Lin Wei if she had met anything exciting in Xizhou, Lin Wei said brightly, “Yes, I met a very talented friend. The food that he makes all very delicious. If I could eat the food that he cooks for life, I will be very lucky!”

He Chengfei smiled and shook his head. He knew that Lin Wei loves to eat. Met a friend that knows how to cook? A chef? No problem! With his wealth, he could hire this man as his his personal chef just to cook for Lin Wei. But Lin Wei was a girl, and should eat in moderation – otherwise, she would get fat. While thinking of these, he said to Lin Wei, “I’d like to try the food that your friend makes one day. Oh yes, I may I know why you’re here?”

“I am meeting that friend.” Lin Wei smile as she replied. He Chengfei seldom saw her smiled so happily.

Suddenly, Lin Wei seemed to have thought of something. She blushed, and exclaimed, “We are here. Cousin, please stop the car and let me down. I will walk from here.”

Lin Wei was really excited, though she was not exactly sure whether it was excitement to see Ye Chui or his food, she was reluctant to let anyone else see her reaction when she meet up with him. Which was why she had asked her cousin to stop the car and insisted on walking the rest of the way.

He Chengfei stopped the car, and smiled, “Be careful when you cross the road. If you encounter any problems, just give me a call. I am quite free these few days.”

“I know, Cousin. Thanks for giving me a lift.” Lin Wei smiled as she thanked He Chengfei and jogged towards a street.

He Chengfei looked at the figure of Lin Wei, and smiled as he started the car. He thought that with his charisma, a woman like Lin Wei would not escape him. Sooner or later, Lin Wei would be his. There were simply no one in existence with the qualifications to fight with him. Rivals in love? I crush all the competition!

Just when he was feeling pleased with himself, he suddenly saw a sight that made him froze:

Lin Wei running towards a corner of the street, towards a young man who had just came out of a shop. Her face was bright with happiness as she skipped around the man, chattering none stop. It was like one of those cheesy movie scenes, the young man even lightly pinched Lin Wei’s nose. Lin Wei wrinkled her nose, but did not seemed to mind it too much…

Seeing this, He Chengfei was floored.

Who was that man?

Was he that chef?

Why would Lin Wei grab his arm so intimately? How could he pinch Lin Wei on her nose?

He himself had never been this intimate with Lin Wei. He had never even touched her!

He Chengfei clutched his fists and his eyes blazed with fury. Trying to steal my woman? I, He Chengfei, will let Ye Chui understand that he is unfit to be my rival.

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When Ye Chui informed Lin Wei that she will have a chance to eat the same dishes served to Elder Han, and all the ingredients had been prepared, she began to jump and skip around him like an excited little girl. Ye Chui couldn’t resist pinching her nose, “But first, you must help me pick out the restaurant furniture.”

Lin Wei does not like Ye Chui pinching her nose. But was ready to overlook it since he about to cook a feast for her. She nodded agreeably, ”All right, hehe, I have great  taste in furniture.”

The two of them looked very happy as they made their way towards a nearby furniture store. As it was not very far they decided to walk over.

“Weiwei, have you decided on a school yet? It is almost summer break now.” Ye Chui asked.

“I have not decided yet. I know father wants me to go to Xizhou Elite Noble school, but I don’t really like it there.” Lin Wei replied grumpily.

The thought of school lead her to thoughts of her cousin, He Changfei, who had transferred to the Xizhou Elite Noble school. As a girl, she realized that he had feelings for her, but she had only ever thought of him as a brother. If she had been 30% reluctant to enter the Noble School, the thought of her cousin there increased the reluctance up to 60%.

At Lin Wei’s flustered expression, Ye Chui smiled, “Weiwei, why not transfer to An Jing’s school? It is nearby and the school has a pretty good reputation.”

“Oh?” Lin Wei was surprised and blushed. “Surely that’s not…”

Right now, she is not sure about her feelings for Ye Chui. But she knew that if she were to transfer to An Jing’s school, it would be so much convenient for him to chase her since the restaurant was just a stone’s throw away.

Ye Chui smiled as he unleashed his trump card, “Well, if you and An Jing goes to the same school, you can eat my cooking everyday. I know how to cook all kinds of dishes. In fact, I can guarantee a different dish, 365 days a year.”

Lin Wei immediately licked her lips, “Really?”

“Of course!” Ye Chui grinned. “Think about it.”

“All right.” Lin Wei nodded.

How should he say it? It is such a breeze for a chef like Ye Chui to get the interest of a foodie like Lin Wei. Rivals in love? I crush all the competition!




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