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Tondemo Skill – 575 – Simple Minded Pantheon (2)

Chapter 575 – Simple Minded Pantheon (2)

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi: Thank you for reading ‘Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi’ this year as well! I look forward to your continued support next year!

Gumihou: *Sob* I only found that this chapter had been overwritten after putting up everything else, I’m so sorry!!!


“Yes, yes! Me next~!”

Yes, yes, it’s Agni-sama next.

I was already moving the heavy cardboard boxes from my [Item Box] to the rug in front of me. “Here’s Agni-sama’s portion.”

Naturally, it was all beer.

A variety of beers.

Beers of all kinds!

Carton beer:

1 carton of Company S Premium Beer

1 carton of Company S Seasonal Beer

1 carton of Y-bis Premium Beer


Additionally, Agni-sama said, “Hey, I really like those fancy beers that came in a bottle last time. Can I have another set? No, get as many different sets as possible. I want to try as many as my budget allows it!”

Naturally, I consulted Tanaka Liquor Store and found that they have all kinds of carefully curated tasting craft beer sets that have won competitions at various beer festivals. There were sets of imported black beers, Hokkaido beers and much, much more. I made sure to include as many kinds of beers as possible.

I hope you will be satisfied with my choice, Agni-sama!

“Awesome! Let’s drink today! Thanks!”

Please drink as much as you please.

I was grateful for Agni-sama’s request because shopping for her stuff was an educational experience for me. Before this, whenever I thought of beer, only Company S or Company A came to mind, but after starting to make beer offerings for Agni-sama, I have learned a lot about local and overseas beer which I would not normally try. I am truly grateful.

“It is I next, please hurry.”

It was rare for Ruka-sama to sound so urgent.

“Isn’t it because you are slow?”

Apologies. Anyway, I started placing boxes on the carpet. Inside the boxes were Ruka-sama’s usual order of cakes and ice-creams. In place of the Dorayaki and whole cakes, I prepared as many varieties of ice-creams as possible from [Net Super] and Fujiya. I also prepared three tubs of vanilla ice-cream from three different vendors.

I hope Ruka-sama will enjoy it.

“Yes, I am happy with your offering.”

Good, next-

“It’s us!!”

“Yo! I’ve been waiting!”

“Get the whisky out!”

“Whisky! Whisky! Whisky!”

Ugh, the warmth I felt from serving Ruka-sama and Agni-sama is fading quickly…

Let’s just give these Gods their liquor and leave quickly.

Anyway, the request put it was all kinds of expensive liquors again:


First – 12-year-old premium bourbon

“It says World No. 1 on the label!”

“We must get it!”

Snort, whatever, sure.


Second – American whisky made by one of the small-scale independent spirits makers. This whisky is made by ageing four carefully selected ingredients inside heavily charred oak barrels.

“Such dedication! Such charm!”

“Only small-scale producers would have such creativity!”

“We must taste this drink!”

“It is our obligation to taste it!”

Uh huh.


Third – A true connoisseur’s whisky that adheres to strict traditional methods. From the germination of the barley down to the bottling method. Everything was carefully monitored. No additives such as caramel were added to influence the colour of the drink.

“More importantly, its most distinct feature is its gorgeous aroma!”

“As a whisky lover, I must smell this legendary scent myself!”

Sure, sure.


Fourth – is a whisky from Islay. Known for its intense character even among Scotch whiskies. Its flavour notes included peat, iodine, seaweed, wood and fruit. It has been aged for [1] 16 years, resulting in a rich taste that further highlights its individuality and balanced flavour.

“We must taste the unique changes that a 16-year ageing brought to whisky!”

“Just what is it like!?”

While I do know that aged wines are considered good, is aged whisky the same I wonder…


Fifth – Craft bourbon, 50% alcohol. A very popular whisky that has been aged for nine years inside oak barrels that had been fired twice, once at low temperature and again at high temperature, giving a complex aroma with a rich, deep flavour.

“Since it is a popular drink, we must try it too!”

“If it is popular with the others, it must be delicious!”

I guess there’s a kind of logic to that?


Sixth – Japanese whisky that was touted as ‘The Best Whisky in the World’

“Can’t go wrong with that one!”



Aside from these six bottles of expensive, world-class liquors, the rest were all reasonably priced whiskies which I picked out from Tanaka’s ranking list.

A short while later, heavy carton boxes were placed on the carpet and-

“Hyahahaha! I’ve been waiting for these!!”

“Let’s drink all night, God of War!”

“Ou! Let’s drink to the fullest, God of Blacksmith!”

They disappeared with a clanking of glass bottles and slapping of sandals on stone floor. For a couple of alcoholics, these guys are pretty energetic.

“Haahh… at least that’s over with now. Only Demiurgos-sama left.”

Now that I am free to shop without someone to hound me about their choices, I could play around a bit and have some fun.

Let’s see, the Tanaka Liquor Shop has a Top 5 Japanese saké tasting sets, and I have chosen to buy all five sets. The tasting sets were as follows.


1st place – Niigata

2nd place – A Nationwide popular brewery

3rd place – Akita Premium Set

4th place – Kanazawa Saké

5th place – Shinshu Suwa

[2] Speaking of which, since these are tasting sets, each set comes with five bottles of saké. However, I figured that since it had been a long time since my last offering to Demiurgos-sama, this much should be appropriate.

I have also prepared the usual 10 bottles of plum wine, bought according to the recommendation list as well as a wide variety of premium canned snacks.

Also, since Demiurgos-sama seemed to enjoy the offal hotpot from last time, I prepared another pot for him. Naturally, I included a packet of Chinese noodles for the ‘finishing touch’.

By the way, while I was absentmindedly preparing the hotpot, Fer and co. suddenly popped their heads in and cried ‘It’s offal hotpot!’ and made such a fuss that we ended up having it for dinner.

We had been having nothing but Leviathan lately, so I was glad for the change.

“Demiurgos-sama, sorry for the wait, please accept these offerings~”

“Fuoh, fuoh, fuoh, no need to worry, no need to worry, I’m just glad that you did not forget. Though I must say, my servants have been pestering me about the plum wine. I fear that they are more disappointed than I.”

Servants? Hey, are you addicted to the stuff?

“Ahem, in addition to the saké and snacks, I have also prepared some offal hotpot, please enjoy it.”

“Ahh~~ that dish goes very well with saké, I shall enjoy it well. I look forward to it.”

Then, the things before me disappeared in a flash of light.

That’s right, offal hotpot goes very well with saké.

However, after tonight’s dinner, I’m kind of running low on offal… I have to think of a way to get more soon.


[Gumihou: Oooh? Are we going to pay a visit to Rosendal soon?]


[1] I heard that whisky which had been aged past 16 years would not taste good. Is this true? They say over-aged whiskies tasted like pencil lead.

[2] The original was just a bunch of running lines, can’t get too excited about it

In 5th place is the Shinshu Suwa Gozou tasting set, followed by the Kanazawa local sake tasting set in 4th place, the Akita popular premium sake tasting set in 3rd place, the nationwide popular sake brewery Daiginjo tasting set in 2nd place, and the Niigata Gozou tasting set in 1st place. has a new Membership System!!

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  1. Nevarec

    Depends on the specific whiskey type and the barrel. Is it a new or aged barrel, What wood is it? so on and so forth. Used to work at a cigar lounge. From what I remember the age range is something between 20-30 years old when the barrel flavor tends to becomes too strong for scotches and bourbons. Don’t drink myself so no personal insight unfortunately.

    1. Gumihou

      From what I heard, there’s no point buying whiskey over 15 years old, because they would inevitably taste like pencil lead… so, a waste of money for bad tasting whiskey. Japanese like them because they don’t drink whiskey straight. It was usually oolong high (oolong tea and whiskey), tansan high (tonic and whiskey), or even oyu high (hot water and whiskey).

      I introduced hot water and whiskey to my parents and they really liked it, especially when it’s really cold outside.

      1. kz4novels

        Macallan 18yr scotch is my favorite, it has an amazing flavor. Mac 25yr had a great reputation, but it wasn’t as good as the 18. I hear Mac 50yr is really good, but that’s way out of my price range lol. It depends on the maker, each one has their own unique flavor.

  2. Filip

    That’s a long shopping list. I wonder how the author is not tired of always making a story just about the items Mukoda buys to gift those silly gods. Now, since they are reading Mukoda’s mind I have little doubt they know how he feels about them, so him not getting some divine punishments every half hour makes them silly gods quite merciful. Or perhaps very forgetful?
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. Otaku Hikikomori

    Thanks for the treat.

  4. RemAishiteru!

    At this point I’m surprised how many types of alcohol there is lol.

  5. Gackt1

    Kind of weird, but I really want to see and corrupt priest try to curse Mukouda, only end up being smite…

    1. Gumihou

      Oh my gawd, that would be interesting!

  6. Sleepyone

    Probably the famous and delicious smoky Islay whisky Lagavulin 16 years old.

  7. Xiras85

    Thanks for the translation.

    As for whiskey, I only had maybe 50 different kinds, but I hardly found anything under 12 years to be good. Had just a few over 20 years and while some where mellow, aromatic and great, some where somewhat metallic or pungent.

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