Tondemo Skill – 331 – Selling Divine Medicine & Collecting the Wyvern Cloak

Chapter 331: Selling Divine Medicine & Collecting the Wyvern Cloak


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Good afternoon, Lambert-san,”

“Mukouda-san, welcome!”

I gave my greetings to Lambert who waved at me from his storefront.

Today’s visit was to consult with him about how to sell the Divine Medicine, Hair Power!

“I’m here to consult on a new product,” I began. [8]

“Does it have anything to do with the Count’s visit to the Adventurer’s Guild the other day?”

[8] “Haha, as expected from a merchant,” I said. “The truth is…”

I proceeded to inform Lambert-san about my meeting with the Count, the gift and the special effects of the Divine Medicine.

“Oho, so that’s what happened…”

“Yes, apologies for dropping your name in without your permission. However, when it comes to selling things, Lambert’s is the only place I could think of.” [5]

“My, my, it certainly sounds promising. However, as a merchant, I still need to assess the effects myself…”

“Naturally, that should be the way.” I agreed [8] and took out a set of special shampoo and Divine Medicine that I had prepared last night. “Please take these and check for yourself.”

“Understood. Thankfully I don’t have any problem with my hair thinning out but I do have a couple of employees I could test the product on.”

[4] “Wonderful, here’s how you use it…”

After I’m done explaining, Lambert-san said, “Ah yes, I have some news about your Wyvern cloak. I do believe it should be ready in a few days. I’ve seen the piece and let me tell you, the work is excellent. Even the craftsman said they had outdone themselves.”

“Oh, I look forward to it.” [5]

“By the way, your belt and shoes are ready, would you like to take them first?”

[4] “Oh dear, I actually forgot about them. I think I’d like to pick them up together as a set.” [5]

“Sure, I shall contact you once we confirmed the effects of the potion.”

“Many thanks.”


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[8] I was just on my way out one day when Teresa hurried over with a message.

[8] “Mukouda-san, a messenger from Lambert’s is here. He asked if you could come to the store right away,”

It has only been two days since my visit to Lambert’s. Wow, I wonder what he wants me there for? The medicine? The cloak?

Regardless, I should go. [5] I turned to my familiars and said, “Well, you heard the message. Hunting’s cancelled for today.”


““What did you say?!””


[8] Ah, I expected this reaction from Fer and Dora-chan but even Sui sounded unexpectedly angry…

“Well, it can’t be helped. They asked me to come right away. I’ll take you guys hunting tomorrow. We could even check the Adventurer’s Guild for mission request.”

Muu, fine. Lambert’s is that leather place, right?”


“Good, I’ll take you there now. Once you’re done, we can go straight to the Adventurer’s Guild for a mission. Make sure to pick a good one.”

“Ehh? Wait, go for a mission immediately?”

““Ou, sounds good to me!””

““Sui can pew pew a lot~?””

Ahh, considering how I’m outnumbered by them…

“I guess it can’t be helped. Take me to Lambert’s first for now,” I said as I hopped onto Fer’s back.


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“Sorry for calling you so suddenly,” [3] said Lambert-san the moment we opened the door.

“No, no, it’s fine. Did something come up?”

“Let’s talk in the back.” Lambert-san led the way to the back of the store. A maid served us tea and it was only after the door closed behind the maid that he began, “To be honest, I received a letter from Count Langridge. It arrived via fast horse message…”

[6] “Fast horse, just what kind of urgent message was it?”

[4] “According to the message, the Count was on his way to the Royal Capital for some kind of high society social season thing and stayed over at Viscount Bertone’s place.”

[6] “I’m starting to get an idea where this is going…”

“Viscount Bertone was shocked by Count Langridge’s appearance and asked after the hair restorer. [5]”

It looks like the effects of the Divine Medicine were so powerful that anyone with a balding sickness would want to get their hands on it.

“I was told to prepare 50 sets for Count Langridge for the time being. Also, he told me not to sell the hair restorer to anyone without his introduction.”

[4] “Ah, I understand,” looks like the Count plan to make use of the Divine Medicine to build connections with other nobilities, right?

“[5] I also think it’s a good idea to sell with the Count’s introduction. I’ve tested out the hair restorer on my employees. The effects after just two days are quite amazing. Considering the rapid and visible effects, I believe that 50 gold coins should do it. [8] That’s cheap for our target market. People who care about their appearance would do anything to get their hands on it.”

[4] “50 gold…?” [2] my original plan was to sell it at 3 silver per set. Sure, Sui’s Special Elixir was mixed into the Divine Medicine but only a drop per tonic. Sui’s Elixirs come in bottles about the size of the energy drink with that Genki Hatsuratsu! [9] slogan.

[9] Just how many drops of elixir does a 120ml bottle have?

[6] It’s almost like selling Sui’s Elixir for 50 gold per drop.

Oh, right, they are buying the silver bullet to restore their hair…

[5] I decided not to think about it too much and leave the business side of the matter to Lambert and the Count. Yes, let’s leave everything to them.

As for the initial order of 50 sets of hair restorers. I decided to give them to Lambert-san for free. He could sell it for pure profit to the Count, though I’m sure he’ll let the Count have them at a good price.

“Mukouda-san, are you sure?”

“The Count took care of my trouble and you’re the one who introduced him to me, so it’s all quite a bargain to me.”

“I shall inform the Count that Mukouda-san especially want him to have the restorer at a special price.”

Later, we talked about the wholesale price for the hair restorer.

It was set at 33 gold coins per set, which I thought was a little too expensive but Lambert-san told me that, “I make a lot of new and useful contacts through the Count via the hair restorer too. So, I definitely benefited from this so don’t worry.”

“I’ve been indebted to Lambert-san for quite some time now, so, please take this.” I took out one of the Red Serpent skins that I had gotten as a Drop back at Avering’s dungeons.

“Wait, i-isn’t this a Red Serpent skin?”

“Yes, I picked it up back at Avering’s dungeon.”

“No, no, Mukouda-san. I cannot take this! It’s a great treasure that one could only get their hands on once in their lifetime!”

“It’s fine, I owe Lambert-san quite a bit. I shall continue to be in your care so please take it.”

“Gulp… Is it really fine?”

“Of course!”

Lambert’s eyes were already glued to the Red Serpent skin. [3] “This is most splendid…” He reached out to touch the intact skin of the Red Serpent with eager eyes. [3] “Mukouda-san… I have always dreamed of getting my hands on one of these for the longest time. I will never forget this kindness!”

“Uwooh, Lambert-san, don’t say that or you’ll make me cry too!!” I’m happy that you are so moved to receive this even though I have lots more of the same thing…

“That’s right, I was impressed by this beautiful Red Serpent skin that I almost forgot. The items you ordered have arrived. I shall bring them to you now.”

“Ooh, my Wyvern Cloak!”

[8] Excited, I could hardly wait as Lambert directed a maid to bring the cloak, scabbard belt and shoes over. Lambert-san set all three items on the table and said, [3] “Please, do try them on. If you discover any discomfort, do inform me immediately so that I can have it fixed.”

I put everything on. [5]

The dark grey cloak, shoes and belt all fitted me perfectly.

More importantly, they were all very light. Lighter than any defensive item has the right to be.

“Woah, these are awesome! They feel really good and comfortable! [5]”

“I’m glad you like it, Wyvern hide have excellent heat and humidity control and has great water resistance. This cloak is especially useful on rainy days.”

“Woah, that’s convenient.”

Until now, I’ve depended on Fer’s Barrier against rain. However, depending on certain situations, having a rain-resistant cloak would be useful.

“I shall wear it as is, how much do I owe you?” [3] I said as I fished out the wooden bill of sale that I had kept until now. I already paid the deposit, the rest should be…

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Please take the cloak.”


“I can’t afford to charge you after receiving this precious piece, eheheheh,” said Lambert-san as he stroked the Red Serpent skin.

[4] “Eh, but I should,”

[4] “No, no, I couldn’t.”

[4] “Oh, but I insist,”

[4] “No, no, no…”

This went on like that for some time, ending with my defeat.

“Alright, I shall stop by again soon.”

“You’re always welcome here!” said Lambert-san with a smile.

Is this really alright? I thought as I stepped through the threshold of Lambert’s shop and into the sunlight.

““Oi! Time to go to the Adventurer’s Guild!””

Ah yes, I did promise them that.


[Gumihou: Mukouda-san sure knows how to pick his battles]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

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[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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[8] Creative Licence Taken – Adjusted sentence for logistic purpose – Also, dialogue between Lambert and Mukouda.

[9] Genki Hatsuratsu! or Full of Energy! is the slogan for Oronamin C Drink. Initially sold in 120ml glass bottle.

Here’s an advert for the drink:


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