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Volume 1 – 56 – Makia Commands in Her Name

Volume 1: Chapter 056: Makia Commands in Her Name

Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: This chapter appears a little rushed, a lot of small changes were made to smooth out the inconsistencies. Deleted or changed near-identical statements from the previous chapter.

Also… the battle scenes were… well…


This is Makia.

After Lepis Twilight showed us the giants, the giant’s weapon powered up and, after a sudden flash, shot a beam of light towards the Southern Continent.

I had to close my eyes against the light and even braced myself for impact. However, it was as though the beam had hit an invisible wall in the middle of the sea and dissipated into the air.

Lepis quietly said, “… looks like they have breached through the 3rd Barrier in the Green Curtain. That is the limit for the giants. Just as we have calculated.”

“Green Curtain…?” Tooru asked.

I looked at him, [1] we were both confused by this term and looked to Lepis for an explanation.

“This Green Curtain,” I said. “Is it the same thing as the ‘Green Blessing’? The sacred power from the Sanctuary that’s supposed to protect this country…?”

“Yes… as most people know, the thing called ‘Green Blessing’ is a thin, magical wall that surrounds the sacred land. Those in the know, mainly rulers of this country and religious leaders, calls it the ‘Green Curtain’. The ‘Green Curtain’ could be deployed up to 8 barriers. Once all barriers are deployed, it is basically an impenetrable wall.”

“An impenetrable wall… Well, clearly that beam of light had broken through 3 barriers in one go. So much for absolute defence!”

“That’s only natural for the wall to eventually fail. For years, the technology and magic that could break it did not exist. Therefore, no one ever doubted its strength. However, while the mechanics behind the wall had stagnated, weapons technology continued to advance. To the point that it could breach past the first 3 barriers.”

Tooru [1] seemed to blank out at that.

I looked out to the sea once again.

“W-What are those…”

‘Those’ being the many huge battleships suddenly filling the sky. [2] They had appeared as though out of nowhere.

“That’s Fresir’s Valkyrie Fleet. It should be the 6th Fleet led by Bajyard. Right now, it is the only thing that could stand against those monsters. Please continue to observe.”

The fleet of battleships started bombarding the giants. Lepis continued to narrate what was happening. It was like watching some kind of war-related documentary thing.

“Observe how they maintained their height advantage and only attacked from above. When it comes to dealing with giants, this is the most effective method. The key is to attack the back of the head and spine in order to damage the mechanical construct enough to reach the core.”

Indeed, this tactic seems to be hurting those things somehow. The giant soldier that was struck in the spine fell right into the sea. As for the ones that were struck in the arms, belly and even those that had their heads blown off were now regenerating.

“How troublesome…”

“Black Demon King-sama. The construction of those giants happened with the aid of the Twilight Clan. However, please understand that our predecessors were forced into service and were worked like slaves, and are still being worked like slaves.”

“… Wha…” he began.

“What did you say?!” I interrupted Tooru.

The loudness of my voice must have shocked him. [1] The disbelief in his demeanour vanished as he looked towards the giants that were still regenerating over the sea with a calmer expression.

“No, you’re right. I did get the impression of Spatial Magic being used. So, is that how they are built?”

“Not just Spatial Magic, they are created beings.”

“Creation [1] Magic as well?”

I am not really familiar with either type of magic, and Lepis didn’t look like she planned to say anything beyond this.

[1] I’d shake her for more information, but just then, a violent roar was heard, and we looked up to see that one of the battleships had been grabbed and shaken like a toy before being thrown into the sea. The resulting explosion shook the ground

“Makia, I’m heading to the harbour. Who knows what will happen if we leave the battleships to fight the giants alone.”

“I-if you’re going, then, I’m going. We can join up with Yuri too, right?”

“No, that’s no good. If you go out there, you’ll expose yourself. Once people know about your powers, you can’t ever return to a peaceful life in Delia Fields! Do you think those men, those people will let you go quietly? Moreover, since they used my magic to create those things, I have a better chance of dealing with them…”

“… Y-you…”

I clenched my teeth, grabbed Tooru by the lapels of his shirt and head-butted him. The impact was so hard that I had to crouch down in pain.

“… Are you alright…?” Lepis blinked her eyes at me.

“O-oww, y-you…”

“Are you an idiot? What did you tell me back at the ball? My problem is our problem, yeah?! Well then, this… [1] whatever this is, is now our problem to fight!”

“… Makia…”

“That’s why you’re just an idiot who always tries to act cool!”

I got to my feet first. This allowed me to glare down at Tooru and tell him just how stupid I think he was.

He was still crouching on the ground, hands over his forehead looking blankly at me.

Then, he made a little ‘pfft’ sound and slowly stood up.

“Ah, yes, yes, I got it. I am an idiot. If the three of us fight together, we can easily take those things down.”

“That’s right, when it comes to something that concerns the three of us, there’s no point holding back. No matter what happens, we’ll fight together.”

“… You may not be able to go home though…”

“I understand, but it’s time. We can’t hide in the countryside forever.”

I have always, always told myself that ‘It is too early, it is still too early.’

‘It is still too early for me to use my power’

‘Let’s wait until I’m an adult…’

[1] Now, however, Tooru and I exchanged a look and nodded.

When Lepis Twilight asked again, ‘Are you sure about this?’ We both nodded again.

“If that is the case, please come along.”

She gracefully raised her hand, a Magic Cube materialised above the back of her hand. The Cube suddenly enlarged, enveloping us inside it, taking us away from the spot.

When we next opened our eyes, we found ourselves at the harbour. I immediately called out to Ulysses, who was about to rush into battle alone.

We’re going to fight too.


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“Those things have the power to break three of the barriers. That regenerative power is troublesome too. We’ll have to break past all the weak spots at once to destroy them effectively. I shall activate my ‘Magic Fortress’.”

“I’ll hold them in place with my Spirits.”

Tooru and Ulysses nodded at each other.

“Makia, you’ll be our fire support. My magic should amplify your attacks,” said Tooru.

“… understood.”

[1] We had battled each other for so long that it takes us only an instant to come up with a strategy.

Tooru raises his hand and a magic cube flashes into existence. Unlike the usual small cube, this Magic Cube expands until it enveloped his whole person. All sorts of information are displayed on the surface of the cube.

“It’s here! Tooru’s real estate office!”

“Oi, what is that supposed to mean?!”

I call this particular style of magic ‘Tooru’s Real Estate Office’, which he doesn’t like at all.

This space is where information on all the different magic fortresses owned by Tooru is kept. [1] I’ve seen most of them.

In the middle of this ‘room’ was an imp, who was snoring away.

“Oi, Grimind! Wake up!” Tooru grabs the little creature by the back of its neck and shakes it.

“Huh, uh… Oh! It’s been 2000 years since I’ve seen the Black Demon King! Oh my, I did wonder if I’ll ever see you again!!” Grimind the Imp is beaming at Tooru, even as he kneads his hands together in a [1] nervous gesture.

This fellow is like a guide and supporter that lives inside this space.

“Now is not the time to rejoice. Oi, look over there. I need a Magic Fortress that could take those giants from a higher position.”

“I see… Mental attacks won’t work on those. Then, how about the ‘Aerial Turnabout City – Machu Rapion’? You always say that this 90% physical attack fortress is pointless and useless, but isn’t it perfect for this situation?”

Grimind immediately analysed the situation with the giant soldiers and proposed a particular Magic Fortress against the threat.

Tooru narrows his eyes as he did the calculations, “90% physical attacks… sounds a little over the top, but fine. What’s the price?”

“Price is the usual… hee hee hee.”

After receiving acknowledgement from his Master, Grimind sniggers nastily and sets out to activate the Fortress.

Tooru is working in his magic cube, playing with coordination, drawings and lines… I don’t quite understand what he does, really.

While that was happening, Ulysses summoned a 4th Summoning Stage Light Spirit, Sylvie.

The 4th Stage Summoning manifests as a ‘Spirit Tool’. In short, the summoned Spirit appeared as a Spirit Weapon. Light Spirit Sylvie manifests as an exquisite little silver knife.

“Here, take this, Maki-chan.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll just make some random cuts and bleed a bit. So, you don’t have to use up your MP for the 4th Summoning Stage…”

“No, I insist. To use your magic, you have to keep hurting yourself. It’s fine, use my magic as much as you need.”


[1] Since he is so insistent, I nod and accept the knife.

It is sweet how he fixates over these things. This is also why he is so pure.

After a smile of acknowledgement, his face becomes serious. Immediately, countless magic circles formed around him.

White Magic users of this country have no idea that a single mage could create so many magic circles at once. Then, he turns to Princess Shatma, who is just standing behind us.

“Please advise the battleships to retreat.”

Princess Shatma answered with a single ‘Acknowledged’ and gave the order for the generals to ‘Withdraw!’


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“9 giants left… I have just enough Spirits to hold them down. Once the battleships are gone, we’ll begin our attack.”

[1] The battleships move like cumbersome birds, sailing high and eventually disappearing from view.

“Tooru-kun, the Magic Fortress!” Ulysses shouts.

Tooru [4] closes his eyes. The air around him seems to shimmer. Suddenly, his eyes flash open and power explodes around him. His hands move and the word [Fortress] is relocated into some coordinated position.

“Deploy the Aerial Turnabout City – Machu Rapion!!”

Beyond the Green Curtain, a huge magic circle suddenly appears above the crowd of giants.

A gigantic fortress begins to descend, rooftops first.

This is Tooru’s signature move, the Magic Fortress.

“… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of those.”

I remember what a pain these Fortresses could be.

The Magic Fortress is some kind of construct created from a combination of illusions and physics. Its size and ability are determined by type.

From the size of this huge thing, its attack power should go above and beyond those of the battleships.

“7th Summoning Stage… Spirits, transform yourselves into chains…”

Ulysses raises both hands and the 7th Stage Summoning Circle flashes forward to stop outside the Curtain.

This single magic circle consumes a shocking total of 63 magic circles to create.


The 7th Stage manifests as a ‘Spirit Chain’. It borrows the power of the Spirit to bind or ‘chain down’ an enemy.

It manifests as a pillar of light that nearly drown out Ulysses’ huge magic circle. The light flashes onto the backs of the giants and holds them in place.

“… I have them!” Ulysses tightened his grip with all his might, thorns of light had emerged from the pillars and the giants are stuck like caught flies.

With thorns of light piercing through the giants’ hands and feet [1] and their limbs spread apart, they could hardly move. It is as though they had been strung up on a cross.

“Right, Makia! Your turn!!” Tooru shouts.


A Magic Cube appears in front of me, all spinny and shiny. This is the switch to launch [1] Tooru’s special attack fortresses.

I cut my palm with the little knife Ulysses lends me. I clench my fist to make the blood well up and allow the red viscous liquid to flow over the cube.

The red blood immediately disappeared, as though absorbed by the cube.


“Now, let’s take care of these monsters in one fell swoop.”

I raise my fist and give the following order.

“I, Makia Odille, order the absolute destruction of the giant soldiers!”


I swing my bloody fist down on the cube, smashing it to pieces. The huge magic circle that powered Tooru’s fortress turns a bloody red. The upside-down fortress is suddenly bristling with guns. [3] First, there is only silence. Then, the onslaught of dozens of guns pounding into the giants shatters the air.

The red bullets make it look like the sky is raining blood. The Magic Fortress’ attacks clearly outpace and outfire Fresia’s fleet of battleships. 


Ulysses then releases the Spirit Chain to call upon the 8th Summoning Stage-Spirit Wall to protect the shores from the bombardment, essentially halving the impact of the attacks. A portion of the wall surrounded the Magic Fortress too. The 8th Summoning Stage-Spirit Wall is a much more powerful defensive system than the Green Curtain’s 3rd Barrier and naturally consumes even more MP.


The bombing continues on without interruption. Whatever extra impact is absorbed by the ‘Treasured Wall’ and eventually, things calmed down.


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“… did we get ’em?”


[1] I squint my eyes, trying hard to see beyond the terrifying-looking pillars of water vapour and swirling seas. Eventually, the vapours parted enough for us to see the bleak bodies of the giants suspended and fixed in place by pure white stakes of light like empty carapaces.

It is quite a shiver-inducing view.

“…l-looks like it…”

In the aftermath of the explosives, the sound of rolling waves seems loud in the ensuing silence, even from this side of the Green Curtain. It would appear that these giant soldiers will not be moving any time soon.

“W-we did it!!”

I grab Tooru and Ulysses by the arm and jump up and down, shouting ‘We did it’ over and over again.

The boys exhaled with relief and did a fist bump.

Then, we heard the screams of joy from behind us.

Even the Anti-east Faction rebels look happy to be alive and free from the horror of the giant soldiers. Clearly, having forgotten what they had nearly done. These guys certainly look energetic, for now.

On top of the royal viewing tower, ministers, the King and Sir Raymond are looking down at us.

“Even so… things ended quite suddenly…”

As Ulysses is staring out at the corpses of giant soldiers, Tooru suddenly fell to his knees and coughs up blood. He heaves and coughs, a hand on his chest, trying hard to breathe.



I run over to him.

“I’m fine,” he says as he laughs and wipes his mouth with the back of his fist. “It’s fine, I just pushed myself a little too far. Guess I must have shaken my internal organs a bit.”

“W-what are you saying?! It’s not fine at all!”

“My internal healing magic is already working, it’s the same as usual.”

Ulysses gently puts a hand on my shaking shoulder and says, “Tooru also has the ability to heal himself, it just takes a bit more time…”

 Then, he kneels in front of Tooru and casts his White Magic. Tooru makes a grimace of pain, but it disappears quickly, and his breathing becomes normal too.

“Haahh… as expected, the pain just disappears.”

 “H-hey, your magic is really incredible…”

I had completely forgotten why Tooru’s magic was so powerful. The price he pays for his power is steep and carries many risks.

My eyes get a little teary as Ulysses takes my hand and, that is when I remember the cut on my palm.

“There you go, can’t forget Maki-chan…”

“Yuri… Are you okay? How many magic circles have you expanded…”

“It’s okay. White Magic doesn’t come with a lot of costs, it’s different from the magic you both use.”

He is smiling at me and healing my wound, even so, one could arguably say that Ulysses expended the highest amount of MP today.

He looks tired too.

Unlike us, who could only destroy, he dedicates himself to healing and protecting.



[5] My heart thumped so violently that it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest.

Suddenly, my limbs weakened and my legs could no longer carry my weight. Beside me, Ulysses and Tooru are falling too. We are all falling, falling…

I think… I heard a voice calling my name, our names…

As my consciousness dissipated, I could see a pair of eyes staring right at us from a distance.

“… H-Hero…”

The usual expressionless face has changed. He is smirking at us.

Even as my brain registers this, the vertigo in my head turns the world dark and my consciousness slips away.

I could hear it.

Children’s laughter.

Bright shafts of sunlight.

The susurrus whispers of a large tree…


[Gumihou: Adjusted most of the details for dramatic purposes since [5] for a more thrilling ending.]


[1] Add detail and did some rearrangements

[2] Deleted and/or replaced details identical to the previous chapter. Because it’s repetitive.

Eg: There are many big battleships floating in the sky that I’ve never seen before. A black-purple, beautiful battleship.

They had just appeared, as though out of nowhere.

[3] I’m not sure if it’s typical of Japanese battle scene description, but, it’s kind of cringey?

Eg: Tooru and Ulysses look at each other and nod.

“Makia, you’re in charge of the firepower. Your power through my magic should be more powerful”

“… Okay, understood”

We instantly thought about our strategy.

[4] Deleted some things, because it’s really unnecessary:

“9 giants left… I have just enough Spirits to hold them down. Once Tooru’s Fortress is completed, we’ll attack.” said Ulysses, who was trying to figure out the timing of the attack.

… Tooru ordered the activation of the Fortress according to the timing

タイミング (timing) appears to be author’s favourite word of the day.

Except… he ordered the attack when the battleships withdraw and Tooru appeared to be able to manifest the fortress instantaneously…

Gumihou: …you’re lucky that this battle is fictional

On that note, replace ‘Once Tooru’s Fortress is completed, we’ll attack’ to, ‘Once the battleships have withdrawn, we’ll begin our attack.

Hardly any strategy is needed, but they are all really serious. Seriously…

Also, what is this car crash?

Tooru ordered the activation at the ‘timing’ of Ulysses. He closed his eyes once, increasing his MP and gets the screen displayed in front of him, which he then touches where the word ‘Fortress’ was written and then moves it towards the place he had planned.

Gumihou: … yeah, that’s kind of…

[5] A big heartbeat made my chest bounce.

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