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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0084 – Destroy the Bull Pizzle

Chapter 84: Destroy the Bull Pizzle

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Gumihou


As one of Ye Fei’s first fans, 3Dragon had rushed over to his house with great excitement and anticipation.

However, when he saw Ye Fei’s kitchen with its many antique utensils and other kitchen paraphernalia worth tens of millions, or even over hundreds of millions of yuans each, his world view immediately collapsed. He felt as though his entire body was in a turmoil, you know?

Ye Fei ignored 3Dragon who was still crouching in a corner, white with shock. Well, it was really inevitable, he was the same when he first saw this kitchen. How many times had he fainted on his feet back then?

Therefore, he did not bother 3Dragon who was still shivering in a corner, but continued to busy himself with his own thing.

Right now, Ye Fei was busy mixing the starch in one of the blue and white porcelain bowls. He had just turned off the fire and taken the pot off the stove.

When he took off the lid, a puff of steam rose up along with a powerful aroma. Just before the cooker hood sucked this vapour away, an alluring aroma had already spread through the entire kitchen.

“Ssss~~~” the shocked 3Dragon sucked in a breath. He inadvertently inhale the fragrance and his brain was immediately scrambled by the smell. He quickly ran over to Ye Fei’s side, just in time to see Ye Fei picking out the stewed Bull Pizzle with a pair of ivory chopsticks.

The Bull Pizzle had been stewing for so long in the liquid that it had changed from cylindrical shapes to semi-circle meat pieces.

Ye Fei carefully plated these curved meat pieces on a plate, then carefully put them to the side.

Gulp~~” someone was gulping beside him.

Ye Fei turned to look at 3Dragon. This fellow was stretching out his neck and swallowing all the time. Occasionally, a tongue would stuck out and lick his lips. He knew it, this fellow could not resist the alluring fragrance of Bull Pizzle.

However, he can’t blame 3Dragon for this. If this guy was not here, he might be in even worse position. The Bull Pizzle half circles that just came out of the pot was just too fragrant. No one in their right mind would be able to resist it.

“Don’t be hasty, it’s not ready yet. I’ll treat you when it’s done,” said Ye Fei with a smile.

3Dragon nodded. Then he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Deity Ye, I really admire you, ah. Not only are your cooking tools amazing, the delicacies you made are really irresistible, ah. No other accompanying dishes are needed, just these little rolls of meat alone is beautiful and tempting enough to be presented on their own.

“Heheh, it’s still early to say that. In a little while, you will find yourself in the presences of an even more tempting looking dish.”

With that, Ye Fei took out a frying pan and placed it on the stove. He turned on the fire and, once the pan was hot, place a piece of the special Rose Oil on it.

This was the first time 3Dragon saw the Rose Oil in person. His eyes widened and he kept staring at the melting piece of oil.

“Deity Ye, this is the special Rose Oil? It’s really fragrant, ah.”

Ye Fei said, “This is just the beginning.”

As the temperature of the pan rose, the oil continue to liquidise. The more it melted, the more powerful its fragrance.

Soon, a thick scent of the oil along with the charming fragrance of rose mingled in the air, causing 3Dragon to nearly float in the air.

Ye Fei waited until the oil had fully melted and at an ideal temperature. Then, he poured in an appropriate amount of cooking wine, followed by onion, ginger and garlic onto the pan. After stir-frying for a bit, he placed the slightly cooled beef rolls in. After tossing them about for a bit, he covered the pan.

“It’s time to grill the Bull Pizzle a bit. The fire should not be too strong at this time. If the fire is too strong, the Bull Pizzle would not have time to fully absorb the umami from the other ingredients, which would reduce its taste and aroma. It should be grilled slowly for the next 10 minutes.”

3Dragon nodded fiercely. Though to be honest, he had no real understanding of what Ye Fei was talking about, be had complete faith in Ye Fei’s skills. That’s because he had, not just once or twice, but every single time Ye Fei broadcasted, he had produced amazingly alluring dishes that just whets his appetite and make him dream of them.

10 minutes went by very quickly. While they waited, they chatted casually.

Once the time was up, Ye Fei lifted the pot lid. Once again, 3Dragon suffered a great shock.

That’s because the aroma that rushed out from the pot was even more domineering than the stewed Bull Pizzle just now.

“Fragrant, this is too fragrant. It’s not the type of fragrant that one would get tired of after smelling it for too long. It is just a fragrance that uplifts the spirit and makes one’s taste buds dance in explosive delight. Deity Ye, your skills are too godly. Even without tasting it, [2] I can tell that this is a rare and precious delicacy.

Even though this Stewed Bull Pizzle with Broccoli & Wolfberry was still not completed, 3Dragon was not at all reserved with his praise. That’s because he had truly been seduced by this dish and have now been captivated by it.

Ye Fei merely smiled and thought: I am also holding back, ah. Brother, if you’re not here, I’d have already snatched up a piece to ‘taste test’. Aiyo, suffering is really hard, ah.

While doing his best to control his appetite, Ye Fei picked up his ivory chopsticks and delicately poked one of the pieces of Bull Pizzle. The chopsticks went straight through the meat and he nodded to himself. Now that the Bull Pizzle was done, the next step was to prepare the Broccoli and Wolfberry.

The combination of the broccoli and wolfberry is very unique. It is best to put the wolfberry in first and simmer them for a while before adding the broccoli.

That’s because broccoli is best when it is not fully cooked and still in its al dante state. More importantly, by partially cooking the broccoli, most of the nutrients would be maintained.

If you fry the broccoli until it is fully cooked, they would collapse the moment you picked them up with chopsticks, most of its nutrients would be transferred to the soup instead, or lost to the cooking process and disappeared without a trace.

Ye Fei looked at the pot of soup. After taking out the wolfberry from where it had been soaking, he sprinkled them evenly inside the pot. [2] After throwing in the Bull Pizzle as well, he covered the lit to let the whole thing simmer slowly.

Three or four minutes later, Ye Fei uncovered the lid and 3Dragon could smell that the fragrance had changed. The aroma of Bull Pizzle’s meaty smell and the sweet scent of rose had mingled with the aroma of Wolfberry. This smell nearly unravelled the finaly bits of 3Dragon’s self-control.

Somehow, this fellow’s hand stretched forward on its own. Just as he was about to grab one of the rolls of Bull Pizzle from the pot Ye Fei smacked his rogue hand with the chopsticks.

3Dragon jumped. He clutched his hand embarrassedly, “I…” What the heck? I did not even think about stealing food, but why did my hand just extend itself, ah?

This fellow was bewildered.

Ye Fei said, “We need one more ingredient. Once we add the Broccoli in, the dish would be complete. If you eat it now, you’ll just regret it. Are you going to wait or not?”

3Dragon straightened his neck. He heroically said, “Wait, I’ll wait. Do I look like some uncontrollable glutton to you?”

Ye Fei was privately amused. He thought: If you’re not such a person, who was the one who tried to grab food from the pot with his bare hands, ah?

However, he also understood that this was not something that he could say to 3Dragon. Moreover, he also understood 3Dragon’s dilemma. His brain must have been hijacked by his guts and his stomach must be screaming with hunger by now.

En, that’s right. Ye Fei understood him because he was also in the same state.

Even so, Ye Fei was doing his best to bear it. He must endure until the most perfect form of Bull Pizzle with Broccoli and Wolfberry had been achieved. Otherwise, as he had told 3Dragon just now, he would definitely regret it.

After adding the wolfberries, the soup had become thicker and the taste even more irresistible.

Now, Ye Fei poured in the freshly cleaned and trimmed broccoli in.

The moment the broccoli enter the pot, Ye Fei saw a faint green light flash into existence and shot out in all directions from the pot. At the same time, a brown and wolfberry red light swirled out and intertwined together.

Ah choo!”

3Dragon suddenly sneezed. The water in his mouth flowed out. Indeed, rather than a simple trickle from the corner of his mouth, water gushed out like a little stream.

The fellow quickly closed his mouth and swallowed. “Deity Ye, I think I am on the verge of losing control. How much time left? Could you hurry it up?”

Right now, 3Dragon’s mind have no thoughts of antiques or porcelains. There is only one thing in his mind, he must destroy this Bull Pizzle.


[Gumihou: I gagged when the Rose Oil made its appearance…] [1] Some small adjustments to improve the text

[2] Even without tasting it, I can tell that this is a rare and precious delicacy.

Gumihou: … just so everyone knows, ‘rare and precious’ delicacies generally don’t have a strong smell. That’s because they want to preserve the ‘natural’ taste of expensive ingredients and spices. B class gourmet, like fast food, often have a strong smell because they have to compete with the other smells around them to attract customers. So… this is kind of weird and very inaccurate.

[3] Added the Bull Pizzle back, because it was still sitting on the plate when 3Dragon reached for one inside the pot and Gumi was like ??? has a new Membership System!!

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