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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0037 – Divine Heroic Appearance

Chapter 37: Divine Heroic Appearance

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)

Translated by Gumihou


Since Ye Fei had asked him to introduce Red-tail Chicken Eggs from the Foothills of Changshan Mountain, Tasting Everything Under Heaven felt very excited and a little proud of himself. He puffed up and thought: Look, look, did you see? This brother is no less important than my local tyrant Foodie Bro, ah.

After coughing twice to clear his throat, Tasting Everything Under Heaven said, “Surely many foodies here are familiar with the Changshan Region. For those who are unfamiliar, you might as ‘Why is it so special?’ Well, that’s because the Changshan Region enjoys mild weather all year round with high humidity levels and full sunshine. This is especially true at the foot of Mt. Changsan. That is also the best location for a special shrub called Silver Chicken Shrub to grow. You can tell from its name alone that this shrub is naturally meant for chickens.

The shrub itself is short and tough with silvery-white leaves. More importantly, the shrub bears silvery-white fruits the size of a corn kernel called the Silver Chicken Berry which makes the best organic chicken feed. I heard that chicken fed on this fruit would develop firm and tender flesh. Moreover, the fruit itself has a unique fragrance that would also be transferred to the eggs

In fact, this fruit is the reason for the egg’s thin but hard shell. Eggs laid by these chickens are said to be 10 times more fragrant than regular eggs and could be steamed or made into delicious egg drop soup that is both flavorful and aromatic. In short, it is considered the best kind of chicken egg in the world.

However, the egg production level of these chickens is very low. Not many are produced each year, which meant that ordinary people would not get to eat them. A few years ago, I heard that Marco Baron [1], the guy listed as the 20th richest man in the world on the Fox Index, once managed to get his hands on a few of these eggs. After tasting these special eggs, it is said that Marco Baron is no longer interested in ordinary eggs. Many people thought that Marco Baron disliked chicken eggs but the fact of the matter is, that he disdained ordinary chicken eggs. If anyone happened to offer him these special Red-tailed Chicken Eggs from the southern part of Changsan Mountain, I dare say he would eat as many as you can give him.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven happened to be a very eloquent person and introduced the Red-tailed Chicken eggs most beautifully over the mike.

After hearing him wax on about these eggs, the viewers were stunned.

“Surely not? Aren’t they just eggs? To think they have such a profound backing.”

“Changshan Mountain Base Red-tailed Chickens? How come I never heard of them?”

“That place is not far from where I live. All I know is that the mountain is pretty steep, but I had never heard of any red-tail chicken, ah.”

“Hey, Upstairs, just because you’ve never seen something doesn’t mean it does not exist. Didn’t you hear what Tasting Everything Under Heaven said? There’s a reason why there are so few of these eggs, there are probably not many of these special chickens, ah.

“True, but there’s something to be said about the environment. As locals, we know that place well. Aiya, after this broadcast I should go and take a look at that place, ah. See if I can catch myself a Red-tailed Chicken.”

“Haha, if you do catch one, remember to it sell me. Let you name the price.”

Just then, Tao Tie sent up a message, “In other words, Deity Ye is using top-grade ingredients again?”

Local big tyrant, I Am a Foodie sent up a smiley face, “What did I say? Deity Ye’s ingredients have never been ordinary. Golden River Plain Tomatoes and now Changshan Mountain Base Red-tailed Chicken Eggs. The food had yet to be cooked but already we have feasted our eyes on legendary ingredients that could easily trump those so-called treasures of the mountains and seas. Each time I watch Deity Ye’s broadcast, I get to have an eye-opening experience. Wonderful, how wonderful, ah. Deity Ye. Here are three planes for you, please accept my tribute.”

How could ordinary people understand the thoughts of a local tyrant? When I Am a Foodie is happy, he would fling planes into the sky. This time, he threw three planes in one go.

When others saw this, their mouths twitched. My eggs, ah, you’re too reckless. You haven’t even seen Deity Ye do anything to the ingredients yet but 4 planes have already flown across the screen. That’s HX¥20,000 in real money, ah.

However, before the people could recover from this reckless action, a huge and stately cruise ship sailed across the screen.

At the sight of the ship, most of the people went ballistic.

“Th- th- this… this…”

“A ship? A luxury cruise ship?”

“Your mom, what did I just see? A luxury cruise ship! Someone actually sent out a luxury cruise ship!?”

“Heaven, ah! Do you think our deity will once again ascend to heaven?”

“8 Treasure Cuisine? F*ck, the name alone is so tyrannical, ah.”

Everyone was going crazy once again. They all know the value of the reward items in the QQ Platform. They also know that, for the sake of making money, the Platform had launched several special ‘luxury items’ such as luxury cruise ships, each of which cost HX¥10,000.

Knowing was one thing, but many had never seen one being deployed. That’s because it was just too expensive, ah. A single 2D boat on the screen cost HX¥10,000, ordinary migrant workers can’t even earn that much in two or three months. Who on earth would be willing to give such a reward, ah?

Anyone who would be willing to purchase this reward had to have god-level wealth!.


[Gumihou: …if only such a wealthy person would reward Gumi, lol]


[1] Fictional rich man


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