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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0007 – A Good Beginning

Chapter 7 – A Good Beginning

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by

Retranslated by Gumihou


Even in his dreams, Ye Fei never imagined that he would one day incur the wrath of the common people just by frying potato threads. This was not the result he wanted, ah. He wanted to borrow the strength of these people to step up to heaven, but these people turned up yelling for his blood.

No, he must explain things properly to them. Otherwise, he could just kiss his new career goodbye. His occupation as a broadcaster had barely taken off the ground, so how could he just let it end so abruptly?

Ye Fei was about to explain himself when he suddenly stopped. That’s because, for some inexplicable reason, an electric car suddenly zoomed across his screen. It was one of the reward tokens from the QQ Platform. Someone had just gifted him with a reward.

“This…” Just what is going on?

Ye Fei could not wrap his head around what he was seeing. Just now you were all calling for my blood and next you’re rewarding me. What should I do now, ah?

He was not the only one shocked silly by what they were seeing. Tasting Everything Under Heaven and Tao Tie were also shocked silly.

“F*ck, who was that? What the f*ck are you doing? We are now in a holy war against Ye Fei, who the f*ck just rewarded him?” as the instigator of this ‘holy war’, Tasting Everything Under Heaven was incredibly angry at the dissenters in his army.

“… … … …” for a moment, Tao Tie could only let out a long line of ellipsis. “… brother, you trying to make trouble?”

Just then, someone called Fancies Delicacies sent up a message, “Tasting Heaven, Tao Tie, I’m the one who sent the reward. I cannot resist the temptation of that plate of fried potato threads anymore. I admit, I was a little selfish but my goal remains with everyone. My electric car is not meant for the broadcaster but for that gorgeous plate of shimmering potato threads. Everyone, please don’t misunderstand.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven snorted, “Fancies Delicacies. Each matter should be dealt with accordingly. To be honest, that plate of potato threads really does look perfect. How about this, anyone who wishes to pay homage to this plate of potato threads by rewarding it may do so. However, we must not waver in our conviction. Our main objective is to mount a crusade against Ye Fei. Right now, I shall give everyone 1 minute. 1 minute later, we shall return to the main objective.”

The moment Tasting Everything Under Heaven said this, everyone within this entire broadcasting channel was struck dumb.

Ye Fei, seated in front of his laptop, had dropped his mouth so wide open that he could have easily stuffed two eggs into it.

That’s because, in a sudden blink of an eye, his whole screen was suddenly covered with countless reward tokens: Clapping hands representing applause, flowers, bicycles, and electric cars kept appearing non-stop.

It lasted barely a minute, but to Ye Fei, it felt like an endless lifetime. He had completely submerged into a never before experienced happiness and his eyes had transformed into crescent moons.

“No, no, no don’t stop,” Ye Fei quietly begged.

“Stop, everyone f*cking stop it, ah. Enough, the minute is up,” Tasting Everything Under Heaven had to say this three times before everyone stopped tossing rewards at Ye Fei.

Tao Tie sent up a wiping sweat emoji followed by a bitter smile emoji. He said, “I say, everyone. Our crusade seemed to have collapsed. Why don’t everyone report on what they had just gifted?”

“I’ve gifted 30 applause,”

“50 flowers,”

“20 flowers, 40 applause,”

“A mountain bike,”

“An electric car,”


The report went on and on, everyone was very excited as they ‘confessed’ their crimes to the instigators of this ‘holy war’.

Of course, the one who was most excited about this had to be Ye Fei. Once the reward had stopped crossing his screen, he quickly clicked on the reward data board. He scrolled past the items received and headed straight for the total amount.

It said: [Broadcaster Ye Fei received a total of HX¥532 today.]


Seeing this number, Ye Fei’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

As a rough work male employee, the most Ye Fei had ever earned in a day was ¥200, even then, he had to work from morning until midnight.

Now, however, in a single minute, he already collected HX¥532. According to the contract signed with QQ, he would receive 70% of whatever reward he received. Ye Fei quickly did the calculations and, and the actual money earned would be HX¥ 372.40!

The money earned broke past 300! If Tasting Everything Under Heaven had not stopped them, he’d probably earn over HX¥400 today. That’s already twice what he could earn on his own, ah.

“I seem to have struck it,”

As Ye Fei continued to stare at the figures on the data board, he felt kind of floaty, as though he was prancing among the clouds.

While he was busy being mesmerized by the numbers before his eyes, something zoomed passed his screen. Ye Fei trembled, nearly falling off his chair.”

“F*ck! A Ferrari!” Ye Fei screeched disbelievingly.

He was not the only one. Tasting Everything Under Heaven, Tao Tie and the rest of their followers were also roaring.

“Balls! A wild local tyrant!”

“A Ferrari appeared! Dang, Bro, that’s too gangster!”

“Fine Food Bro, you’re too wild.”

“Fine Food Bro is the true local tyrant, ah.”

Tasting Everything Under Heaven roared, “Tasty Fine Food, what the heck are you doing? Are you breaking away from the group? Huh?!”

Tasty Fine Food sent up a smiley emoji, “Everyone, don’t you think we’re being a little overboard? So what if the broadcaster fried potato strips with Rose Oil? Is that wrong? Absolutely not! Not only that, but a smart broadcaster is also one who regards us as viewers as true friends. Just think, we’ve been roaming the Fine Food Section of QQ Broadcasting for how long now? How many broadcasters are willing to risk so much for us viewers? Because of this, I feel that just a single Ferrari is not enough to express my appreciation for this broadcaster!”

Suddenly, another sports car zoomed across the screen. It was Tasty Fine Food again.

The entire channel was silent as everyone watched the sports car nyoomed away. A blink and suddenly, the entire screen exploded with gifts.

Clapping hands, flowers, bicycles, electric cars, and yes, even sports cars filled Ye Fei’s screen.

Ye Fei was speechless. His eyes were glued to the screen as numbers continued to jump. 





“… …”

Finally, the numbers stopped at 20,000.

The numbers stopped jumping but Ye Fei’s heart continued to thump wildly in his chest.

“M*therf*cker, that’s 20,000, ah. That means, 14,000 goes into my pocket, ah! Ah! Ah!”

Ye Fei was so elated that he nearly jumped out of his rickety chair. He never imagined that his first broadcast would garner so much reward. This was just too outrageous

“To get 14,000 in just one day. If I want to reach one million, I only need about… 70 days!!??”

If he did not make the calculation, he would not have known. After calculating, he could not help but jump in surprise.

When he thought about how he could make one million in just over two months, Ye Fei was as excited as someone who had just received a huge shot of chicken blood [1].

Looking at the few dozen people in his channel, Ye Fei suddenly giggled, “Everyone, I understand that most of you feel that my using Rose Oil to fry potato strips was a waste of resources. However, Fine Food Bro is right. As a broadcaster, we should not play with our viewers’ feelings. Rose Oil might be expensive, however, in my heart, its value cannot be compared to making my viewers happy. If I were to make the Golden Potato Threads again, I will still choose to use Rose Oil.”

Human beings are emotional creatures. In other words, they tend to be amenable to coaxing but resist coercion.

The people who had been howling to beat up Ye Fei for being a wastrel for wasting resources immediately switched their tune when Ye Fei claimed to have ‘done this for their sake’. One after another, they hurled themselves into the pit trap like a bunch of lemmings.

“The broadcaster is benevolent and righteous, ah.”

“F*ck, this is a truly wonderful broadcaster, ah. He’s the real thing!”

“Right? Right? Nothing like that Devourer of Rivers & Peaks. He said that he would challenge his record by eating burgers, and chicken fillets but nearly half of his broadcast had been edited away. What a fake.”

“I like this broadcaster. For the sake of the viewers, he went all out. This is a truly conscientious broadcaster.”

“From now on, I will keep an eye on your live broadcast. Do your best, ah.”

Ye Fei’s ability to touch the viewer’s emotion was quite good. Nearly 20 to 30 people became instant fans. Naturally, he also managed to gather quite a lot of rewards.

Without a certain economic foundation, one could not be a true ‘foodie’. There were in fact, quite a lot of rich people in this group. They barely blinked an eye as they tossed several tens of yuans as rewards.

Seeing that more and more people had changed their stance, Ye Fei felt that he should work hard to maintain their favour.

Smiling at the screen, Ye Fei said, “I am overwhelmed by everyone’s favour. It would be a waste to just let this plate of Golden Potato Threads just sit here. Next, I shall eat this entire plate of Golden Potato Threads. Everyone, please watch closely.”


[Gumihou: I have a feeling they are going to curse you again, lol!] 


[1] ‘A shot of chicken blood’

This saying came from the chicken-blood therapy that was popular in China back in the Cultural Revolution. It was mainly practised by village doctors in the 1960s. 

The therapy consisted mainly of simply drawing blood from a rooster and injecting it into patients. Claimed benefits included making patient highly aggressive and strong.

It’s pseudo-science, do not attempt.

By the way, if you think this ‘therapy’ is a relic of the past, please read the article below.

Also, Pill Bug’s reaction when Gumi told him about this ‘special therapy’.


Pill Bug:

Chicken blood INJECTION!?!?!?


That’s just asking for a super blood clot or a super inflammation response due to foreign stuff in the body

Oh, I found an actual scientific study on it! :


[The medical research of “chicken blood therapy”] – PubMed

In 1952, inspired by the “tissue therapy” which was being carried out nationwide at that time, Yu Changshi, a folk science enthusiast, proposed “chicken blood therapy” . In 1959, it was supported as an important achievement in technological innovation and technological revolution movement.

“However, the expert meeting in 1965 gave it a basically negative conclusion on the basis of insecurity and poor long-term effect.”


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