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Tondemo Skill – 427 – Everyone Levelled Up!

Chapter 427: Everyone Levelled Up!


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: Tristan is actually a very interesting character. He’s closer to a pushy merchant than an actual Guild Master. While the original text is a bit lacking in presence and drama, it is pretty informative.

Redid the dialogues to better reflect Tristan’s projected characteristics.


After we left the dungeon, I made my way to the Adventurer’s Guild.

I was on my way to line up and ask the information desk person if I could meet with Tristan-san when the Guild Master spotted us. He caught sight of us nearly immediately and hustled us into the Guild Master’s room.

Fer and the rest followed. [5] 

Once the door closed, Tristan-san turned towards me and rubbed his hands, “Welcome back to the surface! Have you cleared the whole dungeon?”

“What? No, no, there’s no way! I mean, we reached the 40th floor and found a teleportation stone, so we came to the surface for a breather.”

Fumu, fumu, I see, so teleportation stones could be found even beyond the 30th Floor. Also, 40th Floor is a new record! Thus far, we only have people reported reaching the 37th Floor. As expected of an S Ranker!”

“Ah, well, I guess, haha.”

It’s all really thanks to Fer, Sui and Dora-chan…

“Also, um,” I took out the weapons we picked up from the 37th Floor Boss Room. “I found these…”

“These are… I recognise them, especially this sword! I see…” Tristan-san’s shoulder dropped. “Ah, they are our top earners. It’s just too bad, too bad… I shall have to put up a notice…”

“Um, what should I do about the weapons?”

“Hm? Well, they are ownerless now, as the person who found them, Mukouda-san could keep them.”

“Keep them? I… don’t really want to…”

“Being an Adventurer is tough, and a lot of the really sharp ones sometimes think they are invincible. Even so, when danger strikes…”

“I, I see…”

“Well, enough about that, let’s talk about something more cheerful. Now,” Tristan-san smiled and rubbed his hands again. “Tell me all you can about the 40th Floor, no, no, let’s start with the 37th Floor first!”

“Uh…” I can’t say that 37th Floor was basically a meat-gathering floor for our party, right?

“Oh, you don’t have to tell me anything too detailed. Just the type of monsters, topography and any details just off the top of your head that might be useful for other Adventurers.” He must have noticed my hesitation and was quick to reassure me.

“Yes, well, we did not fully explore every corner, so, um, in summary…”

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“…so, there are Gigantic Minotaurs on the 37th Floor. Hmm, I think I heard about those creatures before.” Tristan-san pulled out a picture book of monsters and showed me one of the pages. “This one?”

“Yes, it is twice the size of a normal Minotaur.”

“Hmm, according to the book, this monster is known for its delicious meat. It is also valued for skin and horns for the finest armour making…”

Huh, I had been wondering how Guild Masters keep track of all the various monsters in this world. Looks like they have something like a directory for it. I guess a monster picture book would be very useful under these circumstances.

“38th Floor also has Gigantic Minotaurs, but there are a lot more of them there.”

“I see, I see, those who could clear these floors would gain us a lot of Minotaur meat, skin and horns,” said Tristan-san with glittering eyes.

Well, he had better not be aiming for my meat stock because my familiars will get mad at me!

“Ahem, the 39th Floor is a forest.”

“Oh? We have a field dungeon here? Well, well, this is all very excellent information,” exclaimed Tristan-san as he scribbled notes on a piece of paper.

“Yes, there are a lot of low-level insects there, but they tended to swarm and attack in groups, so, still very dangerous.”

“Low-level insects? That’s not very interesting…”

“The Boss of that level is a Four Arms Bear.”

Tristan-san’s chair rattled, “A Four Arms Bear?!”


[4] “Oho, ohohohohoho~ oh my, the Drops? What are they~?”

“Well, fur, meat and liver…”

“Liver too! Ohohoho~” he suddenly beamed at me. “Speaking of which, Mukouda-san, I would really appreciate it if you could keep this detail between us.”

“Uh, okay?”

“Hmm, hmm, Four Arms Bear, eh? Well, well, the fur is quite popular among nobles. As for the liver…” his smile grew a little odd. “It serves as an important ingredient for elderly nobles aiming to, ahem, experience energies of youth,”

“I, I see,” I really don’t want to see, but…

“Well, well, I do hope that Mukouda-san would be open to selling these items to us. In fact, why don’t we have a look at what you’d like to sell now?”

This… this… Tristan is too into this…

No! I must not let him push me!

“Ahem, I do have quite a few things. I shall catalogue everything first and show you a list.”

Hah! Stalled him with the classic ‘apologies, but we need to verify some matters’ move.

“Hm, hm, you don’t have anything I can purchase right away?”

Ugh, even if you look at me like that, I won’t be moved. Puppy eyes don’t suit you at all!

“Apologies, but that is not possible.”

“Kuuh, I see. Very well, we shall do things your way.”

I’m glad that Tristan-san finally backed away. I’m not sure what I would have done if he had persisted.

“Ahem, to continue, the 40th Floor is also a field-type floor with a similar forested environment. However, it is close to twice as large as the 39th Floor and populated by all kinds of beast-type monsters ranging from D to S rank. The Boss is a large golden deer called the Zlatorog-”

“Hold it, Zlatorog? Could it be the rare Goldenhorn?”


However, he was already flipping frantically through his picture book. Finally, he showed me a page.

“Is it this one?”

I looked at the slightly stylised drawing of a golden deer.

“Looks like it, it’s very large with golden horns and fur.”

“Amazing! So this is the Boss of the 40th Floor… fufufufu, mwahahahaha!”


“Hohoho, Mukouda-san, this creature is very rare and its fur and horns are prized above gold and jewels. According to the records, the last time one was subjugated was in the Kingdom of Malbert about 100 years ago. It was done by an S Ranker Adventurer who presented the beast’s fur and horns to the king.”

“A… gift fit for royalty, you mean? Well, I can certainly see that.”

“Yes, and you have them?”

“I have two sets actually.”


“Well…” I told him about the incident with the purple fruits, and how the second deer just showed up out of nowhere.

“… you’re really no ordinary person, aren’t you?”

Well, I’m perfectly ordinary actually.

My familiars, on the other hand…

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After we left the Adventurer’s Guild, we made our way to the magnificent rented house which, unsurprisingly, was still available for rent at the Merchant’s Guild.

We had a quick dinner before trooping for our first proper bath in a while.

“Hahhh…. this is the life~”


“”It’s nice~~””

“I don’t feel good at all.”

Fer had been sprayed with warm water by Sui, courtesy of her very versatile tentacles. Once he’s thoroughly soaked, we soaped up Fer with the vet-approved hypoallergenic dog shampoo.

“Look how dirty you are,” I said, indicating the grey bubbles sliding off his fur.


“”Hehe, this smells really nice too,”” Dora-chan was currently scrubbing Fer’s head.

“Humph, if you’re going to scrub, do it harder.”

“Yes, yes,” I said as I dug my nails in and scrubbed harder. “Sui, time for a second rinse.”


Finally, when he was deemed ‘clean’, Fer shook his entire body, flinging water droplets and fur all over the place before leaving. Shaking the water off his paws even as he stepped out of the bathroom.

“Ugh, I need a scrub now,”

“”Me too.””

After properly cleaning ourselves, Dora-chan, Sui and I submerged ourselves in the hot water to properly soak away the tiredness accumulated from the dungeon challenge.

When we got out of the bath, we found Fer already nicely dry and fluffy and had flopped down on the living room carpet. Wind Magic sure is convenient.

“Wow, you look really amazing now. Look at that shiny fur!”

“Humph, my fur is always shiny.”


“”Aruji~ Sweet drink~?””

“Oh yes, the fruit milk. Do the rest of you want some too?”

“Of course.”

“”Well, obviously.””

After lazing around a bit, my familiars trotted off to the master bedroom on the second floor. [5f]

There was some grumbling about bathing from Fer, but I ignored him.

Right now, I am more interested in checking my Status and finding out more about the Tenant Shop situation. I’m not sure what would happen if I can’t present the drugstore to Kishar-sama…

Anyway, let’s check all of our statuses.


[Name] Fer 

[Age] 1014 

[Race] Fenrir 

[Level] 947 

[Health Points] 10151 

[Magic Power] 9778 

[Attack Power] 9442 

[Defense] 10172 

[Agility] 9974 


Wind Magic | Fire Magic | Water Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Lightning Magic | Sacred Magic | Barrier Magic | Claw Slash | Body Strengthening | Physical Damage Resistance | Magic Damage Resistance | Reduced Magic Cost | Appraisal | Battle Strengthen


Blessing of the Wind Goddess Ninril

Blessing of the War God Vahagn 



[Name] Dora-chan 

[Age] 116 

[Race] Pixie Dragon 

[Level] 202 

[Health Points] 1243 

[Magic Power] 3469 

[Attack Power] 3324 

[Defense] 1173 

[Agility] 4048 

[Skill] Fire Magic | Water Magic | Wind Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Lightning Magic | Recovery Magic | Bombardment Enhancement

[Blessing] Blessing of the War God Vahagn 



[Name] Sui 

[Age] 6 months 

[Race] Huge Slime 

[Level] 50 

[Health Point] 1756 

[Magic Power] 1709 

[Attack Power] 1714 

[Defense] 1734

[Agility] 1758 

[Skill] Acid Bullet | Recovery Potion Generation | Multiplication | Water Magic | Smithing | Super Gigantify


Blessing of the Water Goddess Rusalka

Blessing of the God of Smith Hephaestus


Fer’s starting level was already pretty high, so he only went up by one level. However, it was already pretty amazing that he could manage to level up. As expected of a legendary beast.

Dora-chan went up 3 levels even though he was already strong.

As for our battle-loving Slime, Sui, since she had fought pretty much every single thing in the dungeon, she went up 8 levels!

Ah, Sui-tan… you really don’t have to fight so much…

As for myself, well, I’m a little afraid to check since I already knew I went up by a lot earlier…

Anyway, “Status Check.”


[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda) 

[Age] 27 

[Race] Human For the time being 

[Job] Guy Caught Up in a Summoning Spell, Adventurer, Cook 

[Level] 90 

[Health Point] 508 

[Magic Power] 499

[Attack Power] 495 

[Defence] 480 

[Agility] 394 

[Skill] Appraisal | Item Box | Fire Magic | Earth Magic | Absolute Defence | Double Experience Points Earned

Contracted Beasts》 Fenrir | Huge Slime | Pixie Dragon 

[Unique Skill] Net Super (+1) 

<< Tenant >> Fujiya | Liquor Shop Tanaka 


Blessing of the Wind Goddess Ninril (small)                                                                                    

Blessing of the Fire Goddess Agni (small) 

Blessing of the Earth Goddess Kishar (small) 

Blessing of the God of Creation Demiurge (small)


Woah! Level 90!

Wait, wait, what did I… ah right, the smoke-type insecticide on the Forest Army Ant’s nest. I also levelled up by a lot killing all those Vampire Mosquitoes with mosquito coils, so…

Well, I don’t really mind levelling up so much, but the issue is the little +1.

“Yup, it’s time to sort out the Tenant issue.”


[Gumihou: Why is everyone so talky these past two chapters? Anyway, redid existing scenes so that they appear more natural.]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

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