Tondemo Skill – 224 – The Invincible Trio

Chapter 224: The Invincible Trio


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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The moment we reached home, our bellies groaned in an oddly synchronised chorus.

I, too, was hungry and tired. So dinner was the Breaded Fried Food Medley I had made that afternoon. Naturally, it was served with plenty of Homemade Tartar Sauce. [5]

Umu. It’s delicious. This one here is especially delicious,” Fer threw a whole Ebi Furai to the air with his wind magic and catching it with his mouth.

“I love this white stuff, it makes these fried stuff even more delish! Yum!” Dora-chan’s lips were white with Tartar Sauce.

“So, yummy~ Sui could eat this again and again and again all day ~” Ahh, our Sui is a big fan of the incredible Furai.

Right, instead of just watching them eat, I should have some too. I made myself a Furai Set with rice and instant miso soup. Hoho, let’s go with the Mega Size Aji Furai Set today. Naturally, we want lots of tartar sauce with it.


Ooof! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The oily sensation in my mouth was refreshed by the tartar sauce. Hmm, speaking of sauces, should I try eating the fried fish with Worcestershire sauce? While tartar sauce is the undisputed king of sauces for fried seafood, it feels nice to try it with something different sometimes.

So, I withdrew a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce from my [Item Box] and pour a small dollop onto the fish. Crunch! Hmm, hmm, yes, this one is delicious too.

Nuu, what’s that brown thing?” [5] [6] Fer’s nose was suddenly just right next to my ear!

[6] Luckily I was pretty used to it. [3] “This? This is called Worcestershire Sauce. It’s pretty delicious with fried food, but if I had to choose I’d go with Tartar Sauce, of course. Still, it’s nice to have something different for a change. You want some, Fer?”

Umu, I’ll have some. Put that on my seconds.”

Ahaha, of course, Fer has already eaten everything. I put Fer’s Furai Set together and splash on the Worcestershire Sauce.

Mu mu, this sauce is not bad. I believe it goes especially well with the fried fish and shellfish.”

Oho? Looks like Fer has developed a rather discerning palate.

“No way! That’s unfair! I want some of that brown thing too!”

“Sui wants to eat that too ~” [5]

Yes, yes, since you all want it, I’ll serve it to you.

“Oooh, this is awesome! O, but the white one is awesome too!” Dora-chan seems to have some difficulty deciding which one he likes best.

“This is yummy, but Sui thinks the white one is yummier~”

Ah, as expected of Sui to be in the Tartar Sauce group with me~

Since they all skipped lunch, everyone ate pretty heartily. [1] However, it caused me a bit of a problem since they kept asking for either the brown one or the white one to put on their Furai Set. Fer wanted only certain things covered in white or brown sauce really gave me a headache.

Finally, everyone slowed down after a while and I could eat my own dinner. [1] We had a brief rest with some cold tea and cola after that Furai Feast.

Only, the large amount of breaded fried food I made during the day went down by quite a bit. I guess I have to prepare some more for the next trip.

After a sip of cold tea, I asked, [3] “So, how did you guys take down the Red Dragon?”


“At first, we were just out there hunting normally, but then…” Fer began, “then I felt the presence of a powerful monster. So, we decided to take a look. When we saw that it was a Red Dragon, we just have to take it down.”

What do you mean by ‘have to’…

Dora-chan was nodding seriously on the side, “Red Dragons consider themselves above other dragons. Humph! I’ve hated those arrogant show offs for a long time now.”

Umu, however, not even we could hunt a large flying creature like a Red Dragon on our own,” admitted Fer.

“Therefore we worked together to take down that pompous red lizard! I, the only flyer, take the lead, of course!” Dora-chan was very smug. “Heheh, that big dragon couldn’t stand to be insulted. So I insulted and insulted him and lured him to where the two are hidden-”

“Sui pew pew the big lizard!”

“Yes, yes, and you did a good job putting holes in the wings to make him fall,” Fer sounded like a proud teacher. Please don’t teach lovely Sui these kinds of things.

Dora-chan was so excited that his wings were quivering, “Except dragons don’t just fly with their wings, so he’s still airborne. But without wings to steer or control speed and balance, that fool is basically a pie in the sky!”

“A dragon with broken wings had to land soon, when he did, he’s our prey.”

“As soon as the snooty dude hit the ground, Fer blast him with lightning magic,” Dora-chan finished triumphantly.

Ah, I see. So that’s how this trio managed to kill a dragon. Dora-chan lured the poor thing, Sui broke his wings and Fer executed the finishing blow.

Aren’t these familiars of mine too invincible?

Speaking of which…

“That’s right, if you happen to see a dragon next time, please leave it alone.”


“I mean, leave it alone if it doesn’t attack you,” I tried to reason. “Surely you can do that?”

Nu, but dragon meat is delicious.”

This is true, but- “You can hunt down dragons, but can you dismantle it?” I hugged myself and said, “You do realise who we have to ask to butcher a dragon, remember? There’s only one guy, and that’s the weird elf- I mean, Elland-san of Doran. You really want to see that guy all the time?”

There were other reasons, of course, but I doubt my familiars would be too sympathetic about me having too much valuable materials from various dragon parts. I already had too many things inside my [Item Box] that could never see the light of the day.


“In other words, it’s best not to hunt down any dragons from now on.”


“Well, it’s not like you guys run into dragons every other day. Also, I’m not asking you not to hunt any dragons. Just don’t go hunting for them. You can take them down if they attack first.”

“Humph, I guess we have to settle with that,” [3] Fer was still clearly unhappy with this, but at least he still promised.

“Dora-chan, Sui, what about you two?”

“Tsch, alright, alright!”


“Well, don’t be so depressed. Either way, we’re going to Avering next. So we’ll have plenty of monsters to fight.”

Nu, that’s right, the plan is to go to the dungeon after this seafood city.”

“Ooh! That’s true!”

“Dungeon, dungeon! So fun~”

I wonder what kind of place Avering would be…

Well, since I’m going to put in my best effort in the dungeons, might as well collect some information about the place first.


[Gumihou: I cut off a lot of unnecessary repetitive stuff again. The text between [8] and [8] underwent significant changes. Hopefully it came out smooth and readable.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Adjusted the writing style for smoother and more interesting story



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