Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0039 – Cooking

Chapter 39: Cooking

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)

Translated by Gumihou


Personally, this is what Gumi imagine a ‘Wild Tomato’ looks like.


One could say that their eyes were opened today. That’s because while watching Ye Fei’s live cooking online, they could smell the rich eggy fragrance from his scrambled eggs. This was practically a supernatural event, ah!

However, these people could hardly care about details like that. They were all super excited over the alluring fragrance of the eggs, which was more powerful than ordinary eggs.

What surprised them even more was the appearance of Ye Fei’s scrambled eggs. Not only were they a bright golden yellow, but they also looked very tender. Anytime the plate moved even a little, the eggs would tremble slightly.

“Fresh and tender, fragrant and alluring, golden bright… f*ck, Deity Ye, I’ll have 10 plates of this please!” Tasting Everything Under Heaven roared after sending 2 luxury cruise ships out.

Others soon followed:

“Gimme 20 plates!”

“30 plates!”

“50 plates!”

“Won’t you die from eating 50 plates?”

“I’m perfectly happy to die for these eggs,”

“So lowly,”

“Can’t eat good eggs if you’re not lowly,”

The channel was very lively, everyone laughed and chattered cheerfully as they watched Ye Fei’s next step. Frying the tomatoes.

The wild tomatoes from the Golden River Plains were the best among the best of tomatoes. Not only were they large and bright, they were also very plump and juicy.

When Ye Fei cut the tomatoes open earlier, everyone already caught sight of this tomato’s special feature. They were all looking forward to this step.

Ye Fei did not make them wait long, he quickly tidied up the wok and swirled some Rose Oil in. When the oil reached its ideal state, he picked up the bowl of tomatoes and poured them in.

There was a sizzling sound and Ye Fei saw a faint halo of red float above the wok before suddenly dispersing to all directions.

“Yi~~ This Ten Thousand Mile Fragrance skill is quite interesting, ah. Looks like it will take on the colour of the ingredients before dispersing.”

After sizzling on the wok for a while, the scent of the tomatoes wafted out.


Within the mansion, Tasting Everything Under Heaven’s body suddenly shuddered again. Then, the unmistakable fragrance of fried tomatoes surrounded him.

He might have passed off the smell of eggs as an illusion, but the scent of sizzling tomatoes? Just when Deity Ye is also coincidentally frying tomatoes on his live broadcast? But, how can this be possible?

“F*ck me, there must be something wrong with my nose. Why does it feel like I can smell Deity Ye’s cooking?” Tasting Everything Under Heaven muttered into the microphone.

It would probably have been better if he had not said anything. However, now that he had broached the subject, the first to comment on the chat section was big local tyrant I Am a Foodie.

“I felt the same. Here, I thought I had imagined everything. To think that you had experienced it too,”

Tao Tie put up a bitter smile emoji, “Me too, how strange. Have my brains been scrambled from my desire to devour this plate of Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes?”

8 Treasure Cuisine sent up a crying emoji, “I thought I was the only one suffering from hallucinations, looks like it’s actually true, ah. To think that Deity Ye is a true Deity. How could this happen, ah? My saliva, my 8 Treasure Saliva, ah, is flowing out like it doesn’t cost money.”

Nobody had expected 8 Treasure Cuisine to have such a cute side to him. They all laughed and followed up the chat by saying that they too could smell the fragrance of frying tomatoes.

As the person who stands before the wok, Ye Fei experiences the fragrance most obviously. Not only was his heart shaken, but really, the taste of these tomatoes was beyond those of ordinary tomatoes.

It has a slight acidity unique to tomatoes, but there was also a sweetness to it, which was further enhanced by the fragrance of the Rose Oil. When the two combined, they created a unique fragrance that permeated the air. The scent was so strong that one could almost taste it. Just smelling it was enough to stimulate the appetite.

“Ingredients have a big influence on cooking. Back then, when a Xichuan Chef on TV was going on and on about using Xichuan peppers and Xichuan peppercorns to make authentic Xichuan dishes. I had thought that guy was just being fussy and hypocritical, but it turned out to be true.”

“En? These tomatoes… are kind of interesting, ah.”

As he fried the tomatoes, Ye Fei discovered that, while most ordinary tomatoes would have started to dissolve by now, the wild tomatoes of the Golden River Plains were different. Although the juices have flowed out, staining the inside of the wok red, the cut tomatoes were still intact, although their size had shrunk a little. [1]

The invisible cameras tracked Ye Fei’s every movement. The AI or whatever behind this device was really incredible. It will take long-shots or close-ups as needed.

Right now, the camera was showing a very clear close-up of the tomatoes in the wok. When the viewers on the channel saw the fried tomatoes they hollered in surprise.

“Wait, why haven’t these tomatoes broken up?

“That can’t be right, the tomato juices have all flowed out, so why is it still in whole pieces?”

“Aiyo, this kind of tomatoes make the best kind of Scrambled Egg with Tomatoes. Unlike the ones made by Chef Wang from next door, f*ck, I can’t even find a tomato in it. It’s all just an orange slurry.”

“Us too, we personally saw the chef put two tomatoes into the dish, but when they served it up, there was not a single piece of tomato in it. It was basically Scrambled Eggs in Reddish Soup. Just looking at it made me lose my appetite.”

“Deity Ye, once again, we request your address.”

“Same request.”

“Same request +1.”

“Same request +2.”

… …

Even as they chatted or joked with each other, their hands were not idle. Wave after wave of reward flowed across the monitor like a tsunami of madness.

Local tyrants were called local tyrants for a reason. I Am a Foodie as well as 8 Treasure Cuisine’s actions were as reckless and domineering as tyrants. In fact, these two appeared to be in a competition against each other.

“Aiyoyo, you two are really going to hit us out of the park, ah. A single cruise ship costs HX¥10,000 in real money, ah. Why are they treating these ships like lollipops?”

“I kneel to the godly tyrants.”

“Godly tyrant, I strongly request us to be friends. I am a girl and very beautiful. Mother praised me every day for my beauty.”

“Pfft~~ Upstairs, have you ever seen parents who called their children ugly? I think your mother is just comforting you, she’s afraid that you’ll lost the will to live if you know the truth.”

“F*ck you, I am very good-looking. Godly tyrants, let’s get along.”

The entire channel chatted and joked with each other as they watch Ye Fei cook. It was very lively.

Right now, Ye Fei was pouring the scrambled eggs into the wok. The bright golden eggs quickly absorbed the tomato juices and dyed a bright red colour which made the whole dish even more attractive.

Ye Fei let the eggs sit in the juice and absorb the flavour for a while. After a few more swipes of his wok spoon, Ye Fei picked up the wok and, similar to the time he dealt with the Cola Tofu, dumped the content onto a plate. The entire group of viewers nearly leapt to their feet at the rough treatment.

“Again! Why this again! Deity Ye, I beg you to treat these cuisines more gently in the future!”

“That’s right, each time I see food being so roughly treated, I want to take your m*therf*cking life,”

“I have already resigned myself to Deity Ye’s rather unique way of treating his food.”

“Deity Ye, let me send you an address. You can drop off the wok for me, but don’t clean it. Make sure not to clean it.”

“Hey, Upstairs, why would you want an empty wok for? The food is already out?”

“Are you stupid? Can you get your hands on the actual food? I just want to lick the wok. En, that’s right. I just want to have a little lick.”

“… …”

“F*ck, there are all kinds of foodie freaks in this channel, ah!”

By now, Ye Fei had finished plating his food and was ferrying it over to place it in front of the laptop.

Seeing the liveliness of his channel made Ye Fei happy too.

He clicked on the reward bar, just to have a peek at how much reward he had accumulated. What was the purpose of working hard? To make money, ah. That’s why the reward is the most important.

However, when Ye Fei clicked on the reward bar and saw the amount noted, his entire body trembled and he nearly fell to the ground.

“F*ck, is there something wrong with the platform system?”


Gumihou: … well, for anyone who’s interested, Chef Wang Gang has 6 different ways of making Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes. 

4th technique yields a result similar to what Ye Fei is going for.

6th technique is more like fried eggs with tomatoes


[1] At this point, Gumi is more comfortable referring to them as ‘fake tomatoes’ rather than ‘wild tomatoes’. Also, staining the wok red? Haha… only artificial colouring could do that. Not even beetroot, that notorious hand staining root vegetable, could do that.


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    If he cooled his tomatoes before slicing, they hold together better. Then, he would soak the diced tomatoes in a calcium chloride solution. That makes each piece firmer and it won’t fall apart into a red slurry in the wok. Calcium chloride is the same trick used with canned vegetables and canned diced tomatoes to ensure the watery tomato flesh doesn’t fall apart into a slurry inside the can.

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      Incidentally, when frying minced beef, to get the mince into a browned crispy finish and prevent it from becoming a meat slurry when made into a sauce, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over it while cooking. Crispy minced is quickly achieved.

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