Fine Food Broadcaster – 0014 – Great Deity, When is Your Next Broadcast?

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0014 – Great Deity, When is Your Next Broadcast?

Fine Food Broadcaster – Chapter 014 – Great Deity, When is Your Next Broadcast?

Ye Fei ended the chat with Tang Xiao Min, and clicked on Feng Tian Lai’s bouncing icon. Immediately, n number of messages filled his screen.

[Great Deity Ye Fei, good day, I am QQ Broadcasting, Fine Food Section’s person in charge, Feng Tian Lai.] [Great Deity Ye Fei, we’re very happy that you have chosen our QQ Broadcasting as your preferred platform for your broadcasting needs. It’s our honour to have you.] [Deity Ye? Are you there?] [Deity Ye, I’d like to know when your next broadcasting would be, tomorrow? Could you give us a hint?] [Looks like Deity Ye is really busy, no time to greet me.] [Deity Ye, I have only one question, it won’t take a lot of your time. For the next broadcasting time, please let me know a little earlier, all right? I wish to personally witness Deity Ye’s glory with my own eyes.]

Feng Tian Lai was acting like a persistent little fan, sending tens of messages in one go. In reality, Ye Fei could not have replied the deluge of messages.

It was at this point that Ye Fei was able to put in an answer.


That’s right, just that one word.

Just this one word was enough to send Feng Tian Lai into a frenzy, he immediately sat up and made serious clacking sounds at his keyboard.

[Deity Ye, you’re done with your business? So happy to know you. Let me once again introduce myself, I-] [You’re Feng Tian Lai? Supervisor of the Fine Food Broadcasting?]

Feng Tian Lai have not yet finished typing when Ye Fei’s message popped up.

Feng Tian Lai hurriedly deleted his unfinished message and sent an excited face: [It is I, Deity Ye, it’s so difficult to get in touch with you, ah. Looks like you’re a really busy person.]

Ye Fei made a he-he laugh: [I was just chatting with a beautiful girl, apologies.]

Feng Tian Lai: [… …]

The F, looks like this Great Deity also likes beauties, ah. Aaah, why am I not a beautiful maiden? Then the Great Deity would not have put my messages on hold for so long.

[Great Deity has great taste, ah. Oh yes, I realise that Great Deity’s time is valuable, so I won’t take up too much of your time. I would like to know when your next broadcasting time would be.] [Tomorrow, noon.]

Feng Tian Lai went into a frenzy again, with Ye Fei’s broadcasting schedule in had, he could now arrange the notification times properly.

[This is a good time, get off work time, lots of people, but Great Deity, I still have one thing I’d like to confirm.]

Ye Fei answer was short. [Speak.]

Though short, this word was like cherished gold, so Feng Tian Lai was not in the least angry. It’s Great Deity after all, how could a person without a personality be termed a Great Deity?

[As a broadcasting anchor, I have always found that the greatest number of people watching a broadcast is at night. Most broadcaster would also put their videos at that time in order to get the most number of people to watch their broadcast. Why did Great Deity not broadcast at night?]

Ye Fei sent a smiling face: [Your three meals a day, are they eaten at night?]

Feng Tian Lai: [… day time, of course day time.] [That’s right, though there are more people at night. We have to consider the type of broadcast these people are interested in. For the Song and Dance section as well as the Language section, this is definitely the best time for them. However, for the Fine Food section and Outdoors section, this timing is just so-so.]

Actually, this Ye Fei was just talking irresponsibly. When it came to the broadcasting business, he’s basically an idiot. All the words he had typed out were just something from his gut, in other words, he was just shitting around.

However, when Feng Tian Lai saw this, his eyes sparkled. He actually started clapping his hands in front of the computer. He happily answered: [Bravo, Great Deity is really a Great Deity, why have I never thought of this? Fine Food must of course be broadcasted during the day time in order to get the best effect. That’s when everyone would be eating, when they say delicious food, even if they can’t eat it, it will increase their appetite. As for outdoors section, naturally these people would be the most active during the day. Putting up outdoor broadcast during the night just means some pointless struggling. Your words have really opened the eyes of this dreamer, ah!] [The master’s words have won against my ten years of studying broadcasting, ah! Great Deity is too awesome, this one has benefited from your instructions.] Feng Tian Lai was generous with his flattery.

Ye Fei made a he-he laugh and asked: [Ask you one thing, did I not achieve over $30,000.00 reward yesterday? According to your terms, I should get two thirds, now how do I get this money?]

The smile of Feng Tian Lai’s face froze. He re-read Ye Fei’s message without understanding. He thought, you just used rose oil to deep fry finely julienne potatoes, why would you even bother with a mere $20,000.000?

However, since the Great Deity mentioned it, he had to answer.

[This is simple. I will send Great Deity a form, once it is filled, I will do the rest, how about it?]

Ye Fei was shocked: [Still need to fill in a form?]

Feng Tian Lai sent an awkward face: [This is our platform’s policy, every broadcaster who wishes to withdraw money must fill in a form. We also to keep a copy of the withdrawal request. Additionally, each leader has a limit on how much they could approve, for myself, my limit is $50,000.00. Any more we’ll have to look for the Director.]

Ye Fei made an ‘oh’ sound to himself: [That’s fine, please send me the form, I’ll fill it right now.]

Feng Tian Lai was quite efficient, in a short time a form was sent over: [This is the withdrawal form. At the top part of the form is the list of all the items gifted to you by your fans as well as their monetary reward. Just fill in whatever needs to be filled.]

Ye Fei gave the form a quick glance, and blanked out for a moment. He had not realised this before, but when the items and rewards were laid out nicely in front of him, the numbers were actually quite shocking. Several thousands of flowers, a few thousand claps, over a thousand candies, a few hundred bikes, over three hundred electric cars. The most prominent items were the sports cars, a total of fourteen cars, each sports car represents $1,000.00, so that’s all ready $14,000.00 in cash, ah.

After allowing himself some time to get excited, Ye Fei filled in all the necessary bits in the form and sent it back to Feng Tian Lai.

[This should be all right, ba?]

It was a long time before Feng Tian Lai answered: [It’s fine, please leave the rest to me.]

Ye Fei sent a smiley face. [I’ve troubled you.]

In his heart, however, he felt puzzled. This kind of minor jobs shouldn’t be handled by the statistics department, right? Why was Feng Tian Lai, the head of the statistics department doing all this?

How could he have known that Feng Tian Lai was not only the supervisor for the Fine Food Broadcasting Department, but was also the Director for the entire Fine Food Broadcasting Section. Regardless whether it’s operation, statistics or any other aspects of the business, they were all under his control. Otherwise, he would not have been able to recommend Ye Fei to Manager Zhao Sen.

Feng Tian Lai answered, [No trouble, being able to serve you is my pleasure. You may leave this to me if you’re busy.]

Having said this, Feng Tian Lai signed out.

When he thought about the $20,000.00 he was about to received, an indescribable feeling overcame Ye Fei. Last night, he was chased around by that Old Ma, the rent lady, now in a blink of an eye, he had made over $20,000.00. This kind of getting set on fire and plunging into ice bath day was just too exciting.

It did not take long before his phone chirped a message. When he opened it, there was a message from the bank, informing him that there was a transfer of $22,400.00 into his account.

Ye Fei pumped his fist excitedly, “I’m rich!”

The smile on his face had yet to disappear when someone knocked on his door.

Surprised, Ye Fei asked, “Who is it?”

The voice of Ma Cuihua came through the door, “What’s with all that noise you’re making? Rich? If you’re rich now quickly pay your rent to this old lady!”

Ye Fei, “… … f***, the moment I picked up some mutton a wolf arrived.”


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