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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0040 – Million Yuan Broadcaster

Chapter 40: Million Yuan Broadcaster

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)

Translated by Gumihou


After seeing the numbers on his reward bar, Ye Fei was so excited that he nearly fainted. He knew that with the help of the Ten Thousand Mile Fragrance skill, he would make more than the HX¥200,000 of yesterday. Nevertheless, he did not expect to earn this much!

“So this is the real reward, ah.” Ye Fei was feeling very emotional now.


While Ye Fei was busy feeling emotional. Something shocking was happening to the other parts of the QQ Platform.

“Did you make a mistake? Has Drama King really broken through?”

“Isn’t this result a bit too exaggerated? He’s 20,000 fans away from Silver Star Rank 2, you know? How did he achieve it?”

“That guy’s skills are the real thing, ah. His jokes are incredible, especially the one about the patient seeing the doctor. I can’t help laughing out loud several times. Moreover, he also alluded to the issues related to today’s medical system, it was both amusing and meaningful.”

“That’s right, ah. If this kind of person cannot reach Silver Star Rank 2, who can, ah?”

“Congratulations to our Storytelling Section for producing another Silver Star Rank 2 great deity again, haha.”

Just then, a person in charge of the Storytelling Section said, “Let me give you another piece of good news, Drama King is not only broke into Rank 2, but he also broke his previous records of rewards collected. His reward amount has reached HX¥350,000. Another HX¥50,000 and he would have broken the newcomer record for Silver Star Rank 2 maintained by Silver Tongue [1]”

“F*ck, only HX¥50,000 more? Too rad! You’re saying that Silver Tongue’s newcomer record was HX¥400,000 back then? Aren’t your people too rad, Storytelling Section?”

“Hahaha, only ¥50,000, ah. With the way the numbers keep rising, I expect he’ll reach it soon enough.”

“I’m a little overwhelmed by these numbers. Drama King will be ending his broadcast soon, the rewards have slowed down too,”

“Anyway, our Storytelling Section will definitely achieve number 1 today,”

“We the Song & Dance Section concede today to you. Our goal is to fight for second place. Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance and Natural Voice are both performing at peak level today. Right now, Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance’s reward has reached HX¥130,000, which was more than yesterday. Natural Voice’s condition is completely different today. Yesterday, they did not even achieve HX¥100,000, but today, they had gone past HX¥150,000. This is the type of reward a Bronze Star level great deity should have. King of Pop has also broken past HX¥120,000. Looks like the second place is within our grasp.”

“From what I can see, Song & Dance and Storytelling are still the most powerful sections in the platform, ah. I have to concede this much, after all, they are packed with many talented people and have a nearly endless number of great deities.”

“Our Outdoor Sports Section did quite well today. Little Beckham is truly worthy of being called a great deity, ah. Today’s live broadcast took place in the swamps and the challenge was particularly tough and thrilling, especially the part where he ate earthworms. 5 luxury planes were given as a reward. That’s a true great deity, ah.”

“Our Fitness Section’s Little India also performed very well today. Her second set of yoga exercises was very enchanting, sultry and complex. Several local tyrants gave her over 10 luxury planes, that’s about 5 to 6 thousand Hua Xia Yuans, ah.”

“Looks like all the sectors did very well today,”

“Yi~~ what happened to Fine Food Section? Why haven’t we heard anything from those guys?”

“Haha, I say, you had better stop it. What do you mean by ‘haven’t heard from them’? As though you see them here all the time.”

“Today’s Fine Food Section, ah. Ahem, ahem, I won’t say much, everyone should know, hei-hei,”

“They have Ye Fei, you know? They aren’t afraid of you, they have a super powerful god, ah.”

“You say that cook Ye Fei? Pfft~~ A phase, he’s just a fake, ah.”


While the people in the forum started their usual routine of stepping on the Fine Food Section, the people from that section were all stunned silly by what they were seeing and too shocked to even look at the forum.

Liu Ping, the guy in charge of monitoring Ye Fei’s reward statistics, had not stopped screaming since the first set of rewards came pouring in. His every scream was higher pitched than the last until he was starting to sound hoarse.

“Ah, ah, ah, a cruise ship! Another cruise ship has been sighted!”

“God in heaven, ah, these fans have really gone insane. It’s all luxury cruise ships today, how many have there been?”

“How would I know, ah? I haven’t keep track, but, it should be the 25th?”

“Are all of Ye Fei’s fans all local tyrants? About 20 to 30 cruise ships. Is he about to ascend [2]?”

“What do you know? Even before his broadcast begin, a few of his fans already announced the amount of money they were prepared to spend. One said HX¥100,000, another HX¥80,000, and yet another HX¥50,000. That’s already more than HX¥200,000. Also, a new local tyrant called 8 Treasure Cuisine has just joined the ranks and his first reward was a luxury cruise ship. The way these guys throw out the cruise ships, my goodness, did they pick up money from the ground or something?”

“I… I’m feeling a little faint. I have never seen such kind of reward on a live broadcast.”

“Yes, ah. This is my first time too, it still feels like a dream.”

“I hope to never wake up from this dream,”

Supervisor Feng Tianlai had other matters to deal with just now and did not have the time to monitor Ye Fei. Just then, he floated over silently to ask, “Liu Ping, how is Ye Fei’s performance?”

Liu Ping was very excited, “It’s crazy, Supervisor!”

Feng Tianlai, “… who’s crazy? You’re crazy. Let me ask you, what’s Ye Fei’s reward total now?”

All eyes suddenly turned to Feng Tianlai.

Feng Tianlai’s serene expression suddenly collapsed. With a bitter smile, he said, “I knew it. who would keep throwing out crazy rewards like that all the time? After all, a fan’s money doesn’t fall from the sky. They might have been caught up in yesterday’s madness but they can’t realistically sustain this kind of reckless spending. Well, it’s good for newcomers to experience a little setback.”

Even as he said this, Feng Tianlai felt very bitter in his heart. He had secretly imagined that Ye Fei would give Drama King a run for his money or put a little pressure on him at least, to think that he would actually fail… Looks like the viewers in Ye Fei’s channel were really there on a whim, ah. Once they got used to his broadcast, they eventually calmed down and did not throw money about recklessly anymore.

To be honest, there were all sorts of official cooking shows on TV, people have long been bored by such shows.

After Feng Tianlai’s little speech, everyone’s eyes doubled in intensity.

Feng Tianlai touched his face and asked confusedly, “What’s going on? What are you looking at? Do I have flowers on my face?”

Suddenly, Tang Xiaomin suddenly leapt up from her chair and screeched, “Supervisor! Supervisor! We’re about to ascend!”

Feng Tianlai looked away. Tang Xiaomin’s bobbing boobs made him uncomfortable. “Xiaomin, we are at work so you should pay attention to your image. What’s this about ascending? What’s going on?”

Nobody said anything. Liu Ping merely moved away from his monitor and said, “Supervisor, you had better prepare some fast-acting heart calming pill before you see this.”

He had adjusted the screen to show the total amount of Ye Fei’s rewards according to the type of rewards received so that it could be easily understood with just a glance.

Feng Tianlai pushed passed the crowd of onlookers and pause in front of the monitor. When his mind finally registered what his eyes were looking at, his entire being shuddered. Liu Ping, the source of the calamity, had to quickly support him.

“Supervisor, you must remain calm.”

Feng Tianlai gently but firmly pushed Liu Ping’s hand away. Then, he bent downwards and stretched his neck out, nearly pressing his face against the monitor as his right hand carefully stroked the numbers on the screen.

“Ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, a thousand… thousand?”

“A-a million?!!”

“It’s… one million three hundred eighty-nine thousand one hundred and forty-five yuans!”

“F*ck me, did I read that right?”

Feng Tianlai, who had just cautioned Tang Xiaomin about her image in the office started to spew swear words. He could not help it, this number was just too shocking, too stunning, too incredible, too exciting, ah.

Liu Ping kept nodding, his face flushed with excitement as he said, “Yes… 1,389,145! Supervisor, you read that right, ah. Hahah! We’ve won, we really won! No matter what kind of great deities the other sections have invited, not a single one of them could stand before True Deity Ye Fei. A Million Yuan Great Deity, ah!”

“A Million Yuan Broadcaster? Ye Fei is a Million Yuan Broadcaster?” Feng Tianlai kept repeating the words to himself, still not quite believing it.

The pockmarks on Pockmark’s face were all shining brightly as he said, “That’s right, Supervisor. Ye Fei has become a Million Yuan Broadcaster. The first rookie Million Yuan Broadcaster!”


[Gumihou: …I’m curious, how will the author top this?]


[1] 巧舌如簧 = Literally ‘Tongue like a reed’ which means flexible and quick with his mouth. Silver Tongue is more mainstream English though

[2] Xianxia language – Ascend to heaven when you reach the pinnacle of your Cultivation


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