Tondemo Skill – 336 – 100 Dorayaki

Chapter 336: 100 Dorayaki


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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After breakfast, [8] I told everyone that we won’t be going out.


“Why not?” Fer snapped

“Because I’m too tired,” I told him. “Someone forced me to battle with a lot of Orcs yesterday without even helping me.”


“I’m sure you understand,”

Nuu, fine, whatever.” Fer slunk off to the living room and belly-flopped onto the fluffy rug there.

Dora-chan and Sui looked at each other once.

““I’m gonna go fly around the garden.””

““Sui too! Sui wants to play in the garden~~””

So, off went my smaller familiars to gambol about in the garden.

Having secured a nice ‘off day’, I leaned back in my chair, black coffee dripping on the side as I perused [Net Super] for the offerings I promised the pantheon yesterday.

As the coffee slowly dripped from its bag into my mug, the unique aroma of coffee filled the room.

“Hmmm, what a wonderful fragrance.” [5]

As I sipped my coffee, I scrolled through [Net Super] slowly.

“First, let’s deal with Ninril-sama’s order. It has to be Fujiya, of course, I wonder what I should get…”

Since her order was for dorayaki and cakes, [2] and considering her greedy nature, I figured she probably won’t be able to live on a ration of one dorayaki a day. Thinking of this, I went to the dorayaki section and spent 1 gold coin on 50 dorayaki stuffed with chunky red bean paste and another 50 with smooth red bean paste.

“If that goddess paces herself, she could have at least three dorayaki a day. If she paces herself. Hahaha…”

For the rest of her budget, hmm, since there’s a Cheesecake Fair going on, I bought a selection of limited edition Creamy Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake, Camembert Cheese Cheesecake and a Cheese Mont Blanc. [1] On top of that, I also bought a bunch of different sliced cakes and several jumbo packets of sweets.

At the end of the day, Ninril-sama’s offering came up to 3 cardboard boxes.

“Woah, that’s a lot of stuff. Well, that’s Ninril-sama’s part done. Next is Kishar-sama.”

First, let’s get hold of that special toner and cream that Kishar-sama had been wailing about endlessly. [2] If I don’t get them, I’m sure I’ll regret it. Woah, those are some expensive stuff. Just these two items already ate up half her budget.

Next, let’s get some shampoo, hair treatment and body soap.

For a supermarket, [Net Super]’s products are really complete.

[8] Anyway, I went for products containing keywords like ‘penetrates dry hair’, ‘moisturises’, ‘glossy’, ‘softens skin’ etc. I also got refill packets on the shampoo, treatments and soaps. [5]

There was still a bit of budget left, so I filled that with a nice facial foam wash, massage cream, facial mask from the same brand as the toner and cream, as well as some hair masks and bath salts before the budget was used up.

[6] Kishar-sama’s offering could all be contained in one (medium size) box.

“Right, next up is Agni-sama. I guess it’s all beer, beer, beer.”

I guess I could just buy her beer by the case.

Naturally, I should include Agni-sama’s favourite premium beer from Company S and Y-bis. The black label Company S beer is a pretty standard beer but Agni-sama had always liked it.

“As for the rest… oh, this one looks good.”

Although it was a little expensive, this beer from Y-bis [9] is said to be a product that was the result of their research to create the best beer. I haven’t tried it either and should really give it a taste when I have the time.

“Hmm, there’s still some budget left. Let’s have a look at Tanaka’s Liquor Shop. Hm? They have tasting sets for beers too? Nice.”

Apparently, craft beers were becoming quite popular nowadays. In fact, some people even prefer them to beers from famous manufacturers. I purchased a set that has beer selections from all over the world. Whatever remaining budget was spent on random 6-pack beers.

“Next is Ruka-sama. Since all she could talk about was cake and ice-cream last time, I guess it’s a trip to Fujiya once again.”

Since Ruka-sama seemed to enjoy different flavours of cakes and ice-creams, I got her lots of cup ice-creams in different flavours as well as a couple of large tubs of chocolate and vanilla flavoured ones since she mentioned that she likes those best.

I also included various cakes from the Cheesecake Fair, different types of sliced cakes and gift set sweets.


[6] Just looking at the number of desserts and sweets in front of me nearly gave me diabetes. Would she get sick from eating this much sugar-filled stuff? Well, since they are goddesses, it should be fine, right? [5]

“Finally, we have Hephaestus-sama and Vahagn-sama. I’ll just combine their budget and get everything in twos.”

First, their standard ‘Best Whiskey in the World’.

Next, I looked up the Top 5 Whiskey from the Daily Ranking List.


No. 1 happened to be a Scotch whiskey that appeared in some famous novelist’s book. It has the reputation of being easy to drink.

No. 2 was a distilled liquor from the only distillery [10] from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. This particular whiskey is said to have a strong aroma of peat and is quite addictive. [5]

No. 3 was a bourbon whiskey popular with bourbon enthusiasts due to its profound aroma and flavour. Although the alcohol percentage is quite high, it is praised for its deliciousness. It’s recommended to serve this bourbon on the rocks.

No. 4 was named after its founder. A man known as the [1] Father of Japanese Whiskey. There were a lot of raving reports about how delicious it was from the comments section so I bought that one too.

No. 5 was a Canadian whiskey that started out as a [12] tribute to the King of England in a beautifully cut bottle and a logo of a crown. Looks like it was popular not only due to its taste but also for its beautiful bottle and its illustrious history.


I managed to get two of each, with budget left over, which I spent getting two of whatever reasonably priced whiskey from the weekly and monthly ranking list. [6] Fortunately for the whiskey-loving duo, price does not determine popularity and there were some pretty high ranking drinks at fairly reasonable prices.

Since the offering only happens once a month now, I figured they would appreciate having as many bottles of whiskey as they could to tide them over the coming weeks. [5]

“Hmm, since I’m already here, should I get something for Demiurgos-sama too?”

[6] After checking out the goods for the duo, I switched the tab over to the saké section.

A set of three sake representing Niigata Prefecture caught my eye. The bottles bore the name of a brewery whose saké I had already once offered to Demiurgos-sama. It was a set of Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo and Special Honjo. This time, it was a tasting set of different sake from the same brewery.

Thinking that it would be interesting, I decided to go with that. Naturally, I also bought premium snacks that Demiurgos-sama seems to like.

“This should be good enough. Speaking of which…” I turned around and stared at the pile of boxes in my room.

“I guess, it’s probably better to hand over the offerings without opening the boxes. Maa, they would probably enjoy it even more. It will be like opening presents, right?”

Thinking of this, I switched over to the stationery section of [Net Super] and bought myself a permanent marker pen. It would not do to mix up the boxes now, right?

“Alright, this should be good enough.”

Time to put everything away and-

“Oi, I’m hungry.”

[6] “Hmm?” I turned around and there was Fer, sprawling in a disgruntled heap on the carpet. “Is it time for lunch already?”

Wow, looks like I had spent the entire morning just ordering stuff for the gods and goddesses.

Well, there were just too many things available on [Net Super] so I sometimes found myself getting distracted by thoughts like ‘Oh, they have stuff like this too’.

Anyway, I’m glad I told the pantheon that I would be making the offering the next day.


Guess I should make something for Fer before his stomach starts growling at me too.

Right, if it’s speed we want, let’s just go for some premade food.

Today is another rice bowl day.


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Adjusted the flow of text. Because it’s just… weird…

[9] Special Y-bis beer

It’s probably the Premium Yebisu Meister

They have experts from Germany giving their opinion on this beer in video, lol. Go check it out.

This one is a blog:

[10] Only distillery from the Isle of Skye – The Talisker Distillery

[11] Father of Japanese Whiskey – Masataka Taketsuru

The first Japanese who mastered whiskey making in Scotland and brought this expertise back to Japan.

The Taketsuru is named after him.

[12] The Crown Royal was introduced back in 1939 by Samuel Bronfman as a tribute to the 1930 royal tour of Canada by King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth.

A couple of experts reviewing a Crown Royal whiskey



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