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Tondemo Skill – 217 – Gossip

Chapter 217: Gossip


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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“Good morning Adrian, sorry for asking you to meet me so early in the morning.”

“Oh, no, no. That’s no problem. It’s all part of my job. Here’s the payment, please confirm it.”

1, 2, 3… there were a total of 118 large gold coins and 5 regular gold coins.

“Yes, I have received 1,185 gold from you.”

“Very well, I should leave for Carelina as soon as possible.”

“Do be careful on your way. Oh, and please give my regards to Lambert-san.”

Adrian-san nodded and left with his escort Adventurers for Carelina. [6] He had scheduled a stop here before leaving the town right away, what an efficient person.

“Fuh, I’m glad that’s over with. Thankfully, I managed to make it in time.”

Yesterday, I worked all night transferring the soap and shampoo products into local crates, boxes and jars. [2] The soaps were easy, all I had to do was peel them out of their packages and pack them into a large crate, but I have to pour the contents of the rinse-in shampoo and hair treatment into jars.

It’s not hard work, but the problem was, the order quantity was very high. [2] Nevertheless, the job this time was much easier than before since the refills come in super-large packets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in the [Net Super] before, but the number of products in [Net Super] may have increased with my level.

That said, it’s still more of the same supermarket products and would only be useful when I have to do something like this again. Thanks to these super-large packets I managed to avoid staying up all night.

That said…

“Fua~ sleepy…” I’m still a little short of sleep. I need some good strong coffee and get started with the day!

After feeding everyone, I set out for the Adventurer’s Guild with my companions.


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The moment I stepped through the entrance of the Guild, I was led to the Guild Master’s room. I guess they all know my face by now.

“Please have a seat first, I shall be with you shortly,” [3] said Marks-san, he was busy going through a hemp bag of something with a couple of his staff.

I settled down to wait. [5]

“Sorry for the wait, I was just checking to make sure the payment is all in order, na…” he handed me a piece of paper. This was what’s written on it [8]:

Dungeon Items:

31 x Orc Testicles = 24g8s

15 x Minotaur Iron Axe = 30g

1 x Orc King Testicles = 1g

1 x Red Ogre Magic Stone (medium) = 13g

38 x Giant Killer Mantis Sickles = 76g

21 x Murder Grizzly Fur = 52g5s

3 x Giant Centipede Shells = 246g

286 x Killer Hornet’s Poison Needles = 143g

1 x Mimic Treasure Chest (small) = 188g

Total = 853 gold 3 silver coins

Hooh, it looks like things from the dungeons are really pricey, naa.

“As for the Earth Dragon blood. Since it’s a fairly rare item, I shall be glad to pay 180 gold per vial. So that’s 360 gold in total. I hope that’s alright?”

Woah, that’s more than what I got for them back at Doran!

“Thus, the total for everything is 1,213 gold and 3 silver coins.” [5]

I gratefully collected the money from Marks-san. After checking and putting the money away in my [Item Box], I brought up my business regarding the Merchant’s Guild. [5]

“… I expect the Merchant’s Guild would like to purchase the jewellery and other similar items from me, but I’m not familiar with the market price. It was thanks to Ugor-san that I got a fair price for my goods.” [5]

“I see, I see, well, one can’t expect an Adventurer to know about these things. Still, that Ugor is an exception. He has a good eye for jewellery.”

“Oh, do you know Ugor-san well?”

“Only his reputation. It is said that the only reason Doran’s Adventurer’s Guild is still standing is due to the hard work of its Vice-Guild Master.”

I nodded in agreement.

“The Guild Master is a former S Ranker, but rumour has it that guy is only interested in things he likes. In short, he’s a total weirdo.” [5]

[6] I nodded more fervently. “That guy is obsessed with dragons, hahaha.” When that guy saw the Earth Dragon, he stuck himself against the dragon’s side and rubbed his cheeks against the scales.

That kind of LOVE is rather off-putting…

Let’s not talk about him anymore.

“Anyway, I’d like someone familiar with market prices of jewellery to come with me and verify the Merchant’s Guild assessment. Naturally, I will pay a consultation fee.”

“I see, I suppose the person most familiar with jewellery here would be Carlotte. Come, let me introduce you to her.”

Carlotte-san turned out to be a woman in her 40s. She looked like a clear veteran with a very enthusiastic attitude.

“How may I help you, Guild Master?”

“Ah, Mukouda-san here needs some consultation…” [3] he explained the situation to Carlotte-san who looked very interested.

“Oho? How very fascinating. We don’t really get to handle much jewellery here. Huhuhu, I can’t wait to show those people what we can do~” [3] For some reason, Carlotte-san appeared su~per enthusiastic.

After some discussion, it was decided that I will stop by at the Adventurer’s Guild first before heading towards the Merchant’s Guild with my consultant tomorrow afternoon. [5] 

“I’ll be waiting~ Let’s have lots of fun tomorrow, wa~”

Marks-san and Carlotte-san sent me off.

[6] To be honest, Carlotte-san’s smile was a bit…

[6] Never mind, let’s not think about it too much.




Total money to date: 42,200 gold coins


[Gumihou: Carlotte-san sounds like quite the character, lol!]


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