Tondemo Skill – 294 – Something for Ugor & Elland

Tondemo Skill – 294 – Something for Ugor & Elland

Chapter 294: Something for Ugor-san & Elland-san


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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Dawn next morning, Fer and Co. were full of energy as usual. [1] All three were pestering me about eating dragon meat again but I dare not serve something so luxurious so early in the day. Moreover, the dragon meat we have is rather limited and would disappear very soon if we eat it indiscriminately like this.

Finally, I had to promise I’ll make something with dragon meat for lunch to get them off my back and ended up serving everyone Omelette Dogs. [6] What’s an omelette dog you ask? [9] It’s hot dog buns stuffed with a rolled-up omelette instead of a sausage. Also, before my familiars could complain about the lack of meat in omelette dogs, I poured some pre-made soboro mince sauce in lieu of mustard sauce and topped everything with a squiggly line of ketchup.

The tomato ketchup matched quite well with both the minced meat and omelette, so everyone ate their Omelette Dogs.

[4] “Oi, there’s not enough meat in this,” Fer complained.

[4] “Please bear with this, we’ll have dragon meat for lunch so hang in there.”

[6] “Muu,” grumbled Fer. “Since I can’t have dragon meat now. Let’s go to the dungeon.”

[10] ““Yay, dungeon!””

[10] ““Yay~~””

[10] I was horrified. “No, no, no dungeon! We just cleared one the other day so no!”

[10] “Umu, why not?”

[10] “Because I’m tired. I want a rest. Also, there’s a place I want to go,”

[10] ““Tch!””

[10] ““No dungeon…?””

[10] “Not for now. How about we go do some hunting in the forest instead?”

[10] “Nuuu,”

[10] There were more complaints but I refused to compromise. At least, not today.

Somehow, I won the argument and we spent a leisurely time after breakfast and had dragon meat for lunch as promised.

Today’s dragon menu is a luxurious Dragon Steak Sandwich. 

I lightly toasted some bread, covered one slice with butter and the other with grain mustard. I also prepared some shredded cabbage too. To assemble, place the grain mustard covered bread down first, top it with shredded cabbage, slices of Red Dragon Steak, a dash of garlic flavoured steak sauce and finally the buttered bread.

The steak looked really appetizing even before I smelled the delicious scent of the steak and garlic sauce. I had to swallow a few times while I assembled more sandwiches.

Fer, Dora-chan and Sui were quite happy with the dragon meat lunch. Also, Fer demanded no-cabbage on his ‘seconds’.

After lunch, I decided to drop by the Adventurer’s Guild.

I needed to go there anyway and even brought a gift for Ugor-san who must be tired from having to work and supervise Elland-san. There’s one for Elland-san too because he’ll just fuss and cause trouble otherwise. [5]


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The staff at the Adventurer’s Guild was more than used to my face by now.

As soon as I appeared, they guided me to the second floor even without my asking. I knocked and entered to see Ugor-san and Elland-san silently struggling with their mountains of paperwork.

It was Ugor-san who noticed me first, “Oh, Mukouda-san, do come in.”

As I entered, he continued, “Please wait a moment while I finish with this. Is there something you need?”

“Not at all. Sorry for disturbing you at work. I actually brought something for you,” I took out the basket containing a Dragon Steak Sandwich from my [Item Box] and placed it before Ugor-san. I went with the sandwich as a gift since they are easy to eat, even for people busy with paperwork.

“This is…” [4] Ugor-san eyed the basket curiously.

“Red Dragon Steak Sandwich,”

Ugor-san’s eyes widened. “D-dragon…”

“Yes, it’s not much but please have it and do your best at work,”

“Dragon meat, that mysterious ingredient where even a king of a nation might never get to taste…”

Eeh? Is that so? I mean, I just made a bunch of sandwiches for my familiars… suddenly, I wondered if dragon meat was overkill for sandwiches. Come to think of it, isn’t it a bit blasphemous to use luxury meat like this?

I should have used Red Boar or Cockatrice… but…

“Anyway, since I’ve brought it here, please try it.”

Gulp… a-are you really sure…?”

“Of course, I brought it especially for you. Please don’t hold back and enjoy it.”

“W-well, if you insist…”

“Wait a minute! M-Mukouda-san, what about me? Isn’t there anything for me?!” tears were pouring out of Elland-san’s beautiful eyes. However, the effect was more disgusting than touching.

“I brought your share as well, here you go,” I handed a basket containing a Dragon Steak Sandwich to Elland-san as well.

“Yay! It’s Red Dragon meat, Red Dragon! I get to eat Red Dragon meat right after Earth Dragon meat. This is why people should have friends, right? Right? Mukouda-san is my one and only bestest friend forever!”

This guy…

He was literally in tears earlier but right now he’s nearly sparkling with happiness as he stared at the Dragon Steak Sandwich.

“Oh, I brought this as well,” I handed a basket of pound cakes to Elland-san. My standard thank you gift for Guild Masters. “Since you like sweets, I brought these for you too.”

“Woah, thank you so much~~” Elland-san looked delighted with his gift.

I handed an identical basket to Ugor-san, “Ahem, here’s yours, Ugor-san.” Then, I lowered my voice, “There are some Red Dragon meat there for you to share with your family,”

[8] Ugor-san stiffened for one second but quickly recovered to say, “Is that alright?”

“I’m sure you and your family suffer the most from what happened before. Please take this as compensation.”

“Thank you very much. I’m sure Mukouda-san has suffered too but is it really alright not to give him any?”

“Even if I give him any, do you think he can cook it?”

“It will never happen,” Ugor-san hissed back with finality.

“What’s going on?” Elland-san bounded towards us with a big smile on his face. [5] Suddenly, he frowned.

[7] The hairs on the back of my neck rose, “Elland-san, is there something wrong?”

[7] Elland-san’s sharp eyes bore into me, then zipped towards Ugor-san before back towards me again. “Mukouda-san,” he said gravely. “I believe Ugor-kun’s Red Dragon Steak Sandwich is thicker than mine…”

[7] … I have no idea what to feel. However, I still have to answer this idiot elf.

“It’s all in your imagination.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, yes, it’s all just your imagination.” [5] I assured him.

[6] However, Elland-san still narrowed his eyes and began to approach Ugor-san’s sandwich. [7] So, I decided to play my trump card. “More importantly, have you had your lunch yet? Why don’t you take a bite of your sandwich?” 

“Hah? That’s right, I should take a bite of this…” 

[6] I managed to successfully transfer Elland-san’s attention back to his own sandwich. Which he took a huge bite out of and immediately began to praise, “I-it’s so delicious~~ Earth Dragon is very delicious but this Red Dragon is also really, really delicious~~ I’m, so, so happy~”

Oi, oi, please don’t eat and cry at the same time.

“Haah… anyway, leave the Idiot Master alone. I should eat this first before going back to work…” [2] Ugor-san took a tentative bite of his sandwich. Suddenly, his eyes, which had been filled with scorn for a certain Guild Master, were now brimming with emotions. “This is very, very excellent. I never thought I’d ever get to experience this taste…” 

“… …” even though I’ve already eaten quite a bit of dragon meat these past couple of days, I suddenly feel like I want some dragon meat now!

“Ahem, I shall take my leave. Please do your best at work!” I called out before escaping the Guild Master’s room with Fer and Dora-chan.

Yawn… is it over now?” [5]

““Phew, I’m glad to see the last of that guy!”” Dora-chan had kept himself hidden behind Fer all this time after he found out he couldn’t squeeze into my shoulder bag with Sui.

“Well, now that that’s done. Let’s head over to the forest!”


““Let’s go!””


[Gumihou: Ahaha, I’m surprised Elland-san can’t cook.]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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[8] Creative Licence Taken

[9] Omelette Dog – Added explanation into the text

Woah, looks exaggerated and delish. It’s probably a 3 egg omelette at least. Putting meat sauce and ketchup on top will be overkill.

[10] Changed ‘Actually everyone wanted to go to the dungeon, but I had to go hunting in the forest this afternoon because I had gone through it before and I wanted to go a little in the daytime’ into dialogue because it’s more interesting that way.


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