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Little Cooking Saint – 0163 – Cold Serve Rabbit (f)

Chapter 163 Cold Serve Rabbit (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Whenever he thought of Xiao Shu, he was reminded of the humiliation suffered under the hands of that interfering girl.

He had always garnered positive attention wherever he went. Girls would flutter their eyes at him, peers would revere him. Even the teachers at the College have nothing but praises for him. To the point that even Shen Lingfei believed that he must be the best talent to ever exist in the Ninth Realm.

The only thorn in his life, [1] the thing that irritated his throat whenever he swallowed was one truth. Again and again, he would be reminded that everything he had achieved till this day was because of Shi Yuanshu.

The thought that he owed anything to that silly woman irritated him as though he had [1] insects burrowing under his skin. It was both hateful and annoying.

Whatever, as long as he could enter Eastern Martial Empire’s Imperial College, he could thoroughly wash this shame away. He will prove to the world that he could stand on his own feet and achieve strength without the help of any woman.

As for the Shi Clan…

“Don’t bring up the Shi Clan anymore. They would soon vanish from Dawn City,” once the Shi Clan disappears, no one would dare look down on Shen Lingfei.

All ears pricked up at this provocative statement.


“What’s going on?”

“Do you know something?”

“Come on, tell us. Has the Shi clan stumbled over some sort of disaster?” someone gloated.

At everyone’s encouraging tone, Shen Lingfei smirked. He enjoyed the sensation of being in the centre of attention.

“You could say that,” Shen Lingfei thought back to the matter he had overheard and the corners of his lips lifted even higher. “The precious thing that Shi Yuanshu wanted to give me turned out to be Jade Spirit Essence.” He leaned forward and said in a low voice, “You might not know this, but that’s something that is coveted even by Divine Transformation powerhouses.”

As he spoke, a trace of regret flashed through his heart. If he had known that Shi Yuanshu was giving him something this precious, he could have used it to gain favour from a Divine Transformation powerhouse once he reached the Eastern Empire.

Such a pity. If that fool had not tried to give him that precious thing in front of so many people, he would never have lost this precious opportunity. Clearly, that stupid woman can’t do anything right.

When the others heard that it was something coveted by even Divine Transformation masters, their eyes flashed with greed. Just what kind of precious thing is that?

“Such a pity. The Shi Clan is clearly too unlucky, ah!”

“Haha! Perhaps it’s retribution for all their bad deeds, eh?” the person guffawed with laughter, but then a silver light flashed past him and blood began to flow from a cut on his face.

“Ugh!” he howled in pain.

The others at the table all stood up and glanced around, trying to look for the culprit.

Shiyu slowly turned to look at them. She was wiping a spoon handle as she smiled, “Speaking of retribution. Some people get their comeuppance sooner than others.”

“It’s you!” Shen Lingfei was immediately wary.

“Don’t let me hear you talk about how Shi Clan will disappear. Otherwise, it won’t be something as simple as a stab in the cheek next time.” Shiyu studied her spoon handle admiringly. “I wonder, should I try cutting your tongue out with this little toy next?”

Everyone paled.

They all cast slightly accusing eyes at Shen Lingfei. Of all the people you could provoke, why this demoness? Moreover, she’s someone you’ve already lost a fight with.

“I need to dress my wound. I’ll be leaving first,” the injured person dredged up a smile for Shiyu before scuttling away.

“Wait! Let me accompany you.”

“And me! I’ll go too.”

In a flash, all the hangers-on disappeared. They were opportunists with a sharp nose for knowing where the wind is blowing. They could see that Shen Lingfei could do nothing against the demoness. If they stand on his side, they could offend the wrong person and suffer for it. Moreover, that Shen Lingfei would not hesitate to smack the dust off his bottom and leave them in the dirt once he leaves Dawn City.

Therefore, it’s best to keep their distance from Shen Lingfei, for now.

Shen Lingfei gritted his teeth at the empty table. [2] Those punks actually abandoned him without hesitation! However, there was nowhere for him to vent his anger, especially not against the more powerful bitch. In the end, he could only gather his tattered dignity and left the teahouse.

Shiyu did not care about that scum man. She had interrupted their little gathering because her ears were hurting from some unpleasant talk. Now that the group was gone, she continued entertaining these Panda Brothers with food.

Nearly an hour later, all three youths leaned back in their chairs and burped contentedly. The teahouse workers were both pleased and helpless.

It’s rare to have customers come and eat their food with such pleasure, which made them happy. However, these customers also demolished most of the day’s dishes, which meant they could not serve other customers. This made their regulars unhappy… ah, but it can’t be helped, right?

Shiyu had to fork out a lot of money for the Panda Brothers’ breakfast. She knew that bears were omnivores, but she had no idea they were such gluttons, ah!

Unknowingly, these Panda Brothers now saw her as their keeper. Precious keeper with lots of money to feed them nice things, ahh!

[3] Who would have thought that being kept like this would feel so nice? Back in their hometown, they would not have the opportunity to eat such delicious food.

[3] Here, life as pets to this human was even more satisfying!

[3] Mistress, we are happy to be your pets!


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[4] When Shiyu stepped into the Shi Estate with the Panda Gang, she could feel an odd atmosphere within the compound. The servants, who had been staring at her with accusing eyes earlier were now pale and harried as they rushed about with bowed heads.

[4] Curious, Shiyu turned to the gatekeeper and asked, “Did a visitor come for Madam Shi?”

[4] The gatekeeper looked sullen. Clearly one of Xiao Shu’s faction and looking to make trouble for the one who had allegedly made Madam Shi angry enough to kick her own daughter out. Shiyu was about to apply some pressure when a [5] young boy peeped out from behind the gatekeeper and said, “Two very bad men came in [7] with lots of other people.”

[4] The gatekeeper hushed the boy, but could not take the words back. Shiyu looked at the gatekeeper steadily. Finally, the man said, “The Deans of Dawn College came to visit.”

[4] “Oho? Are they still here?” Shiyu was immediately interested.

[4] “Yes, they are at the Receiving Hall.”

[4] “Good, are they with Madam Shi now?”

[4] A rather anxious, “Yes,” answered her.

[4] “I see,” Shiyu nodded at the gatekeeper. Unperturbed, she made her way to the Hall with the Pandas in tow.

[4] The Receiving Hall was in one of the centre most building closest to the main entrance. Shiyu had officially met with the whole family there a few days ago, so she had no trouble finding the place. However, even if she had been the type to get lost easily, it was not at all easy to miss the number of unfamiliar guards standing around the building that housed the Receiving Hall.

The guards were fierce and with stony looking faces. [7] However, Shiyu easily passed these guards through the combined usage of her mental powers and Chasing Clouds & Moon. Naturally, the three Pandas slipped in easily behind her.

The atmosphere within the Receiving Hall was very tensed. The people were so focussed on facing off each other that it made it simple for Shiyu’s party to enter the Hall quietly.

“The Deans of Dawn College are here when my husband is absent. Have you come to ‘Loot a Burning House’ [8]?” Madam Shi’s voice was very calm and cold. “The item is no longer here. I have only one life. If it pleases these two honourable guests, you may take it.”

“Madam Shi is upright and honourable. However, principles cannot keep trouble at bay. We have no intention of snatching anything. We merely wish to look after a certain item for you. Surely Madam should understand that our establishment has a better chance of protecting the precious item compared to a single small clan?”

“I have said it already, it has been given away,” said Madam Shi.

“Given away? To whom? Surely this is not the time to give such useless excuses?”

“Oho? Are you two looking for this?” Shiyu made her dramatic entrance with the Jade Spirit Essence in hand. “How unlucky, it’s already been gifted to me. I think you two had better just go back with empty hands.”

At the sight of the Jade Spirit Essence, a brilliant gleam appeared in the Deans’ eyes.

Human lives are limited. It’s best to prepare early, how fortunate were they to meet with a Jade Spirit Essence at their age, ah?

“Heheh, little friend. You are certainly lucky! If you hand over that Jade Spirit Essence to us, we shall let you enter Dawn College immediately,” though he could not pinpoint this little girl’s Cultivation stage, how good could it be? Surely she would jump at the opportunity to enter a prestigious Cultivation school?

“Furthermore, we will also write recommendation letters for you to enter Eastern Empire’s Imperial College,” said the Vice Dean. “There are plenty of good teachers and talented people there. This is a wonderful opportunity for you. If you miss it, I’m afraid you such an opportunity. it won’t come again any time soon.”

Shiyu nodded, “Sounds good, only… I heard that Dawn College also accepts scummy people into your school. I dare not enter a place where scum men are encouraged to cheat innocent girls and pranced around pretending to be a good person. It’s especially despicable to see him spreading like a hypocrite with money cheated from innocent girls.”


[Gumihou: It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a society to make Shen Lingfei’s attitude socially acceptable. Changed Shiyu’s last dialogue to reflect that, because we are NOT pinning society’s issue on one person.]



Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification* Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay* Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity* Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal* Stage 9


[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: I don’t like that Shen Lingfei was hateful for the sake of being hateful. So, let’s blow up his inferiority complex with hateful imageries.

[2] Added Details for Character Development: USMiC (Union in Support of Minor Characters) dictate that although Shen Lingfei is a scum character, Gumihou would give deeper insight to his character so that he’s not too 2D.

[3] Added Details for Character Development: As per USMiC, develop a single line to something a little more substantial to explain why three Divine Transformation Pandas would follow Shiyu around beyond ‘afraid of Wen Heng’ and ‘Yummy food, yay!’.

[4] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Original text: …back at the Shi Estate, Shiyu could hear voices as soon as she entered the door…

Author-san, Gumihou has questions:

  1. How big is the Shi Estate again?
  2. Whose house you enter?
  3. When did a whole estate that could house three family branches plus separate courtyards for grandmother and main line granddaughter turn into a single standing manor house with limited space?

Because this place has to have at least 5 or 6 courtyards, each of which should have at least 2 to 4 houses per courtyard and 4 to 6 rooms not counting the gardens, ponds, servants quarters, main kitchen, storerooms for grains, furniture, winter wear and treasures. So again, don’t change a whole estate into a single house as you please.

You want Shiyu to know the Deans are here? Watch how Gumihou does it.

[5] Added Character for Logistic Reason: Because it was Gatekeeper and then followed by ‘Door Boy’… Gumihou decided to split this character into two and extend the ‘We hate you for driving young miss out’ thingy. Because 2 people with contrasting attitudes are more logical than a single seesaw man who sways like a slender tree in the wind.

[6] Added Detail for Logistic Reason: Because Madam Shi should not receive people in her private courtyard. It’s not impossible, but the text says Shiyu met the people at the 會客廳 which translates to ‘receiving hall’. Since the Madam should be in the Inner Court where outsiders should not have easy access, the meeting ground should therefore be at the ‘Receiving Hall’. Which should be the largest and grandest (not to mention emptiest) room to receive people. Especially unwelcomed outsiders.

This, of course, assumes that the Shi Clan lives on an estate and not a Shi Bungalow that it had suddenly turned into in this chapter.

[7] Added Details for Character Development: Expended the line “The guards could not stop Shiyu nor the three bears” which kind of indicate she forced her way through, but then “Shiyu’s arrival did not attract attention…

Author-san, how???!!!

[8] Loot a Burning House – Taking advantage of calamity to make a profit.


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