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Little Cooking Saint – 0164 – Cold Serve Rabbit (g)

Chapter 164 Cold Serve Rabbit (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“How can that be?”

“Our College will ever accept such a person!”

The two Deans echoed each other.

“I wondered about this too. After all, Dawn College is supposed to be the best Cultivation school in Dawn City. So, why did such a scummy person exist there? However, after meeting their Deans, I finally realised why.”

The Deans were immediately angered by Shiyu’s casual remark.

Undaunted, Shiyu continued, “The saying that shameless and hypocritical teachers will produce impudent students is true. I think, for the good of the College you had better retire early to avoid leading your students down a crooked path.”

“Wretched girl! How dare you play tricks with us!” the Vice Dean extended his palm towards Shiyu and rushed forward.

In response, Shiyu lightly leapt back, her lips curled in a sneer, “Is this what they call ‘Rage that Stems from Shame?”

“Hand over the Jade Spirit Essence now and we’ll let you walk away with your life. Otherwise, we will not hesitate to kill you, even in front of the Madam.”

“Tch, what a sanctimonious old dog. Well, the item is in my hand, take it, if you can.” With that, she confidently flashed forward and appeared right next to Madam Shi. Shiyu sat in a chair by the madam, nearly scaring the maid out of her wits. “You there, pour me a cup of tea.”

Madam Shi and the maid appeared very anxious. They were desperately thinking of a way to distract the two Deans and allow Shiyu to get away when two youths rushed in from the shadows. The next thing they knew, the youths had snagged the Deans by the hair and threw them out of the Hall.

More cries of pain soon followed as the [2] guards brought over by the Deans were being kicked out too.

Madam Shi, “… …”

Maid, “… …”

Madam Shi blinked and stared at the youths. They were no older than Xiao Yu with their fresh faces and cheeky grins.

Wait, no, how did these fresh face youths manage to throw two Deans of Cultivation academy out like a pair of squawking chickens? Those men were Core Condensations masters, ah!

These… these people… how…

“Beautifully done!” Shiyu gave Bei Bei a big thumbs up. “You can have an extra chicken leg for lunch.”

“Chicken leg!” the three of them began to salivate. Large, adoring eyes stared at Shiyu, “Can we eat until we’re full like this morning?”

“Er…” Shiyu gestured vaguely at Madam Shi, “You’ll have to ask the Madam.”

Three pairs of eyes switched directions to stare imploringly at Madam Shi.

How could Madam Shi stand the assault of these pitiful and gorgeous eyes? Her heart softened and she said, “Of course, of course,”

Aww, which clan family produce these lovely youths? How are they so adorable?

“Thank you, Madam!” three voices chorus prettily together as they cupped their hands in salute.

Madam Shi turned to Shiyu, “These youths are…”

“Oh, they’re my distant cousins. They’re on their way to visit family and happened to stop by. So, I asked them to help us out a little. With them around, Madam Shi could rest easy.” What kind of joke was she making? With three Divine Transformation Beasts to guard the house, which greedy parasite dare to attack them?

So what if they dare to attack? There’s still Great Lord Wen as the ultimate last boss behind them, ah!

Well, to be fair Wen Heng was still an unknown quantity who likes to act on his own and dislikes food in general and spicy things in particular. If only he’s as cute and helpful as Lin Fan, how nice would that be?

Speaking of Lin Fan, she wondered what happened to him and Feng Luo…


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Within the terrible [1] Spicy Mala Oil world, Lin Fan and Feng Luo were beyond tired and dirty. Their clothes were basically strips of dirty cloth now and both were covered in injuries.

In just a few days, they have thinned down a lot. However, their five senses had grown even more acute. Even more obvious was the change in their general disposition.

In this kill or be killed world where the very air was infused with the aura of death. There was no quiet meditation or harmony of being one with the world. There was only death and killing. These two young men were being slowly sharpened and polished like swords.

The day where they would be unsheathed as brilliant weapons edged ever closer.


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After the two Deans and [2] their guards were chased out like a bunch of chickens from the Shi Estate, shame and anger broiled in their hearts. However, another sensation had formed beside these two emotions.


As 4th and 8th Level Core Condensation masters, they formed the spear tip of Dawn City’s most powerful masters. This had been the source of their pride and arrogance in addition to the prestige of being the Elders of a Cultivation academy.

However, they had been tossed out like a couple of naughty children. Just what kind of monsters were those youths? As for that girl, they could not sense her limits at all!

“Could she be stronger than those youths?” muttered the Vice Dean

“Isn’t that obvious?” snapped the Dean.

“Why don’t we call the elder?” now that things had come to this point, they might lose out on this valuable opportunity.

“En, we can only do this,” killing intent flashed in his eyes. “We cannot let matters go like this.”

The Shi Clan had caused the Deans of Dawn College to lose too much face. If they do not teach this impudent clan a lesson, how would the people of Dawn City view their school in the future?

They had reached the College and were making their gloomy way to see the elder when they spotted Shen Lingfei waiting for them.

“Greetings to the Deans,” Shen Lingfei cupped his hands and bowed respectfully to the Deans. Ever since he encountered that Demoness, he had decided that Dawn City was no longer liveable. While his reputation was still good, it’s better to get out of this place as soon as he could. Otherwise, what should he do if that Demoness suddenly decides she wants his little life?

There was no way he could live if she wants him dead.

He had reasoned it all very well to himself. However, until the end, he did not acknowledge the fact that he was running away.

He was about to take his leave when the Deans exchange a glance. Together, they approached Shen Lingfei and smiled warmly at him, “Heheh, Lingfei, you’re here. We just happen to have an errand for you. By the way, we heard that you are very close to the Eldest Young Miss of the Shi Clan. So close that she wanted to gift you something very precious, is that right?”

Shen Lingfei’s face flushed with shame, “This student has no intention of getting involved with her. However, for some reason, she insisted on sticking to me. In the end, this student could only fob her off a little while, but she refuses to give up. This student is ashamed to say that she is part of the reason why this student wishes to leave this city. This student could not bear the rumours that would arise if I continue to associate with her.”

“I see, well, it cannot be helped. How about this, invite the Eldest Young Miss over, we shall speak to her about this matter. You are the pride of our College who is about to leave for the Eastern Empire, how could we let such shameful rumours float about unchecked? It would not be good for our College either. Once we’ve spoken to her, we will immediately expedite your letter of recommendation to the Imperial College.”

A smile spread across Shen Lingfei’s face, “Thank you! This student is most grateful to the Deans of this College! This student shall go right away!”

“Good, good. Now go!” the Deans happily sent him off.

In the end, that girl is the flesh and blood of that hard-headed woman. No matter what, she would not simply brush aside this connection, right?

As soon as Shen Lingfei left the offices of the Deans, his face lost its former excitement. He could roughly guess what the Deans were thinking of when they sent him on this little errand.

That item within Shi Clan had attracted too much attention.

As he made his way down the streets of Dawn City, he began calculating how to best make use of this information to his advantage.


[Gumihou: Somehow I don’t really hate Shen Lingfei?]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9


[1] Added Detail for Comedic Purpose: I might as well continue the Spicy Hotpot World joke here.

[2] USMiC: Author-san completely forgot about the guards blocking Shi Clan’s servants from entering the Hall. Everything is all ‘the two Deans’, ‘the two Deans’, so might as well get rid of them collectively.


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