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Little Cooking Saint – 0199 – Grilled Buttered Corn (g)

Chapter 199 Grilled Buttered Corn (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Wen Xian gasped at the sight of blood staining Gan Ping’s chest and face. He ran over to crouch beside the man, his hands fluttering about, unsure where to touch, “Uncle Gan, where are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” Gan Ping forced himself to say. When he saw that Wen Xian looked uninjured, he tried to push the young man away. “Hurry, you must find a place to hide. I’m not hurt, it’s just a couple of mouthfuls of blood.”

Just then, Wen Heng stepped into the little kitchen. When Uncle Gan saw him, he could not help but shrink back, “Y-you are…”

“He’s my brother. Brother, you must help Uncle Gan. He looks like he’s badly injured,” said Wen Xian anxiously. Ever since he came to this College, Uncle Gan and Little Sister Shi were the nicest people to him. How could he bear seeing them hurt, ah?

“He’ll be fine,” said Wen Heng. A cloud of chaotic energy formed over his hand as he came closer to Gan Ping.

[1] Gan Ping was wary and frightened, of course. Wen Xian’s brother? This is Wen Xian’s brother? No offence to the young man he took under his wing, but, how could someone like Wen Xian have a brother like this!!?

[1] When this majestic looking person approached him with that scary looking energy on his hand, Gan Ping tried to scoot away, but the pressure from this person was too strong! He was pressed down to the point where he could not even move. Not even when that chaotic energy was placed on his head.

[1] Wen Boy, he thought as he desperately made eye contact with Wen Xian, you should run away ah!!

[1] Instead of running away, this foolish child smiled encouragingly at him, “It’ll be alright, Uncle Gan.” [1] He even gave a thumbs up.

[1] This child!

[1] However, he soon became too preoccupied to worry about the boy. His body, which had always felt heavy and sluggish, suddenly felt very light. In fact, there was actual light flowing from his body! As Gan Ping stared at his own arms in fascination, the light, which had been a little dusty grey, suddenly flashed into a brilliant white ball around him.

It felt… very good.

A short while later, the heroic-looking man took his hand away from Gan Ping’s head and said, “I’ve gotten rid of the impurities in his body. He now has the potential to reach Divine Transformation. Whether he could or not, is up to him.”

[1] Everything was addressed to Wen Xian, Gan Ping might as well be a piece of equipment he had just fixed for this noisy brother of his. However, Gan Ping could not bring himself to be offended. He- he now has the potential to reach Divine Transformation?

[1] Tears pooled in his eyes as he stared at his hands, he could now… Cultivate even further?

“Isn’t it great?” Wen Xian gushed at Uncle Gan before frowning at his brother, “Why is Uncle Gan still in that ball of light?”

Instead of answering, Wen Heng Grabbed his brother’s hand and they stepped through the void again.

[1] Uncle Gan was left alone on his kitchen floor.

[1] What just happened?

Suddenly, the ball of light surrounding Gan Ping’s body cracked and a foul smell radiated across the entire cafeteria…


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The brothers stepped out of the void and into the clearing where Shiyu and the rest were still hanging around. Ignoring the rest, Wen Heng said, “There’s still that person who brought you into this College. You can repay them yourself when the time comes. It’s time for us to go.”

Finally, we can leave.

Later, if he found that person… he could just toss his brother to them and save himself some headache.

The blissfully oblivious Wen Xian had no idea what his brother was thinking. He was busily staring at the people before him, [2] Sister Shi, Brother Lin Fan, Brother Feng Luo and all the rest of the people who had accepted him…

He waved at them, “Once my Cultivation is higher, I’ll be back! Brother Lin Fan, you had better not fall behind, ah!”

“Good, you take care too,” said Lin Fan.

“Send my regards to Shi Jin and Xiao Qi. I’m only leaving temporarily. I’ll definitely come back and see them. Remind them that we’re the great trio!”

“No problem,”

“Then, I’m leaving now,” Wen Xian was very reluctant.

These people were his first true friends. The people who had accepted him for who he was and helped him. [2] To part with them now…

Shiyu and the rest were the same. They knew that Wen Xian had to leave, who knows when they’ll meet next?

However, no matter how reluctant everyone was, Wen Heng had already opened up the void. Still waving at everyone, Wen Xian was finally dragged away by his brother into the void.

Shiyu sighed and murmured, “Parting is for the sake of a better meeting.”

Therefore, everyone must continue to work hard to meet each other on equal grounds again.

The future is long. Especially for Cultivators.

Hopefully, when they next meet, she would no longer be this weak.


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When the Wen brothers disappeared into the void, the elders’ eyes widened in shock.

That young man had… tore open the void as easily as tearing paper.

Not even a Nascent Formation expert could do that! Just who were these brothers? There’s also this Heaven Switching Array…

[3] …

[3] Ah well, who knows how those really powerful people think?

You know what? This has absolutely nothing to do with him or the College. Let’s not think about it anymore!

“Alright!” the Dean clapped his hands once. “Now that the people who need to leave are gone, let’s all go our separate ways…” when his eyes fell on the flattened College grounds, thanks to a certain green-clad girl, he nearly started cursing.

His precious students! His beautiful College! His landscaping!

Unfortunately, that girl had run away before he could extract his pound of flesh from her. Hissing, he turned malevolent eyes towards the next best thing. That’s right, this old enabler who supported that bitch of a mistress could pay on her behalf!

He will not rest until he had extracted full recompense for his ruined buildings and dead students!

Uncle Wang, who had lost most of his mind, still has enough to feel goosebumps rising all over his body…

“Alright, we’ll return to the Villa first,” said Shiyu on behalf of her companions. It’s not like they could do much to help fix the college or anything. It’s better to just obey the Dean.

“Hold on a bit,” Elder Gu stopped them. “Do any of you know about the Forge Transformation Pills?”

“Forge Transformation Pills?” they all glanced at each other before shaking their heads. “Never heard of it.”

Elder Gu picked up the little jade bottle from the Dean’s hand and held it up. “The purpose of a Forge Transformation Pills is simple. Once a Cultivator has reached Great Perfection Level of the Core Condensation stage, this pill could increase the chances of crossing over to Divine Transformation realm!”


“Is this true?”

“Would I lie to you?” Elder Gu stroked his beard thoughtfully. “This pill could not be found in the Ninth Realm and are very rare in the Eight Realm. Even then, all of it came from the Seventh Realm, because most of the precious herbs needed to make this pill could not be found on the Eight Realm.”

The aura at the Eight Realm may be richer and more potent than the Ninth Realm. However, certain medicinal herbs needed to absorb a lot of Spiritual power to grow. Something that could not be found on the Ninth Realm may not necessarily be available at the Eight Realm.

When Shiyu heard this, her heart trembled.

Everyone knew just how difficult it was to crossover from Great Perfection, Core Condensation stage to Divine Transformation stage. Dozens or even hundreds of years could be wasted trying to gather enough Spiritual energy to make the transfer. Even then, whether one crosses over or not, depends largely on luck.

With this pill, though they are not completely free of the probability of failing, the likelihood of success was greater than ordinary Cultivators.

“What a bunch of lucky little brats,” the elders sighed. If this pill was available to them in their youths, they might not have to waste those decades in pursuit of their goal.

“Don’t be too happy yet,” Elder Gu admonished. “You have to earn these pills through your own strength. Remember, these pills are the final prize for that tournament. Only winners get to lay their hands on these pills. If your performance is bad… well, you only have yourself to blame.”

Shiyu blinked, didn’t Wen Heng said the same thing?

Very well, nothing was free in this world.

“We understand,”

It’s better to have the opportunity to win those items than to lose them altogether. What’s more, how could they willingly let what was supposed to be theirs fall into the hands of others?

This boosted up their motivation to work even harder than before.

For now, the matter could be said to have reached its end. As for Uncle Wang, Shiyu handed custody over to the Dean for now. The one who could put this old man to better use was the Dean, so she was happy to let him have her ‘servant’.

It was only after she had returned to the Villa that Shiyu finally recalled an important thing. To be honest, she only recalled it after her tired eyes fell upon Xuan Yin, who was laying in a dead faint in Dong-Fang Zhen’s arms.

Wen Heng never did encounter Xuan Yin, ah, ah, ah!!! [4]

Moreover, today was most likely Wen Heng’s last appearance in a long time. Who knows when they’ll meet him again, ah?!

Had they just… passed each other by?

[5] What will happen now?!

[5] Shiyu was still pondering over this matter when Dong-Fang Zhen looked up, “Oh, you’re back,” before returning to his vigil.

[5] “Er,” said Shiyu. “Yes, we’re back.” Another paused. “That woman is gone,”

[5] “Good,”

[5] Shiyu waited, but there was no follow up questions. Finally, she took a closer look at the couple and saw the tender expression on Dong-Fang Zhen’s face.

Perhaps, it’s better those two never meet.


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As they traversed through the void, Wen Xian suddenly recalled something.

“Brother, why did you let that girl in green go? She did such a bad thing, you should at least beat her up a few times before letting her go!” just thinking of what that woman did to the College and his fellow schoolmates made him clenched his fist.

[6] Wen Xian was a friendly person and would befriend even a dog if it would let him. So, he knew a lot of the regular students by name. Later, when he was accepted into Shiyu’s group of friends, even more people had befriended him.

[6] Although some of these people had disdained or ignored his existence before, Wen Xian’s easy nature let bygones be bygones and befriended them sincerely. Too many people he knew died under that wretched girl’s careless attack.

His brother hummed.

Just when Wen Xian thought he was not going to answer, Wen Heng said, “A good whetstone has presented itself to us. It would be a pity to damage it before got our money’s worth.


[Gumihou: Uh, scary? Also, we know Girl in Green’s role now]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] USMiC – Gan Ping: Use his POV to see Wen Heng’s actions. Which could be interpreted as pretty frightening for people who’re not used to him.

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Let’s have a slightly longer goodbye, yeah?

[3] Pragmatism for the Win: Shiyu is not the only one who has the ‘it has nothing to do with me, lalalala’ attitude, lol

[4] Reduction of Sentence for Dramatic Reasons: It was originally ‘When XY was here, WH was not, when WH was in xxx XY was in yyy’…

Considering how Shiyu had just exhausted herself, it’s fine to not go into complicated thinking

[5] USMiC – Dong-Fang Zhen: Give our Crown Prince some love!

[6] USMiC – Wen Xian: Small background for this lovely guy. Make him more than just ‘Shiyu’s friend’ or, ‘Wen Heng’s brother’


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